Do You Think Trump Bares Any Responsibility For The Mass Shootings Occuring?

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  • Terry

    "There is no such thing as race."
    In 1950, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that "race" is not a biological reality but a myth.

    Logically then - there can be no such thing as "race - ism". Right?

    Well, hold on just a minute! Do any of us harbor doubts about either 'race' or 'racism'?
    I'd say probably not.
    Everybody seems to have a remarkably clear (in their own head) idea of what's what.

    It's impossible to discuss race and color and not catch your foot in an emotional trip-wire.
    Logic, Science, facts don't matter nearly enough because EMOTIONS prevail.

    If YOU are a person "of color" rather than just a person - it's too late to talk you out of it.
    If "race" is America's number 1 problem - I'd disagree because the language, the words, the emotions have poisoned the debate before one word is spoken.

    It's too late.
    If any person (especially in politics) speak up and speaks out in ignorant words and strong emotions - the landmines will explode and there will be violent upheavals.

    The President just can't keep his mouth shut.
    Even if he were the finest executive the world has ever known - he's a hot mess because he can't / won't shut his pie-hole.

    If all life is 'sacred' or at least precious, humanity is precious.

    LIFEFORCE has no color.

    Realistically, logically, and scientifically there's no such thing as a colored life
    or white life.
    That's a category error and fallacy.
    Black People matter
    but Black "Lives" matter is a misnomer.

    Yes, yes - I know inexact speech is a booby trap going forward.

    To talk of Color or Race is likely to be an UN-necessary trespass.

    It is "life" we revere because we can't replace it.
    Quality of life because of prejudice is the difficult problem created by trespass.

    Pre-judging people because they have a different culture, different religion, different political belief is stupid and upsetting, but almost ALL of us are guilty.

    Until we clean up our words, learn to frame our debates without color and without race - we are condemned to an unending death spiral.

    My opinion is unimportant.
    Yet, here I am sharing it.
    I'm not part of the solution either - just part of the same damned problem.

  • redvip2000
    There is no conflict in those statements. The issue is the way things are done. The majority of Americans were outraged by the handling of the situation.

    No, you are talking about something different. You are referring to what happens to illegal aliens after they are captured and how they are held. That is a completely different issue, though that needs to be reviewed as well.

    I'm referring to the position that the country should have on illegal immigration. Many democrats on the extreme left really are saying that we should just decriminalize illegal immigration. Moreover, when we had the "caravan" of illegal immigrants, again those same people were complaining about the position of this administration of not allowing them in without due process. Also constant cries about the concept of arresting and deporting of illegal aliens. Idiotic plans of giving them free education and free healthcare.

    However, not a single one of those people have said how they would handle it themselves if they were in charge. Would they arrest illegal aliens? If yes, where would they detain them? Should the children be detained with the parents? If not, where should you house them? Should the illegal aliens have due process and see a judge? if the judge determines they should be deported, would you deport them?

    Seems like a lot of complaining, and not enough solutions.

  • Bad_Wolf

    I like how liberals are very selective with statistics, raw numbers, and when they are legit or they are racist.

    For example, statistics on black people in the USA, lower population percentage but much higher crime numbers and based on population percentage = racist police who let white people commit the same crimes like murder and theft and get away with it.

    In mass shootings, whites still aren't doing them higher than population percentage. They just use raw numbers, "ooo more whites than anybody else did mass shootings so there is a problem with whites!" ignoring relative to population percentage, 72% of population doing 55% of mass shootings. Then they say, all the mass shootings of other races and such don't count, they are only talking about the few that were in the media, so they only talk about a select few, but then post (2019 mass shootings to date (over 200) and try to apply all of that to whitey again.

    Then go on islamic terrorism, liberals whenever terror attacks and statistics, all of that is racist, don't say it. A white person does something, post everything and try to spin it to support their narrative. Or if you say, "Another black person did this, or another muslim did this" that's racist, then they are posting, "another white man did this..."

    I love calling out libs on their BS.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    No, there is a proposal supported by a minority of Democrats to repeal Sect, 1325 of title 8 of US Code

    But it’s just a proposal, not a law. The United States is a Country governed by laws -Not Proposals. AOC wants to beak the Existing Laws without going through proper channels. What happens if every American decides to do whatever the hell they want without going through the proper channels and breaking existing laws?

    Utter Chaos and civil war. There is a very important reason we live by the existing laws and not proposals.

    Suppose 100 illegal immigrants break the door down of your house and welcome themselves to everything you own at the cost of your family, -is that OK with you and your family? Would it matter to you that they broke down the door and some of them were criminals and assaulted your family, would that be OK. What if the majority of them did have a proper excuse to flee the country for political reasons, but a few didn't and thus some murderers and rapists tagged along with the group, would that make it ok for this large group of Illegal immigrants to break into you house illegally just to seek asylum?

    Or is it better to follow the law and make sure those wanting to enter are vetted?

    No matter what the excuse, everyone has to follow the existing law and not go by proposals that aren't even law, or we will have a breakdown in our country and Civil war will break out and destroy everything we have worked so hard to get.

    We don’t go by proposals, we go by laws. As the Ice director told AOC, “You want to come into our country for whatever reason, you follow the law or you get deported”

  • peacefulpete

    No, you are talking about something different. You are referring to what happens to illegal aliens after they are captured and how they are held. That is a completely different issue, though that needs to be reviewed as well

    I wasn't clear I guess. The sending of ICE agents in military uniforms with weapons and handcuffs to arrest peaceful people who have lived here for years IS part of the issue. If these people had reason to believe they had a fair opportunity to become documented AND trusted the government to be true to their word, most I'm convinced, would take that opportunity. It could have been a peaceful process. For the past 8 years or so they have had hopes raised and dashed too many times, convincing them now will be more difficult. Everyone agrees if someone has been doing illegal activities here, then of course they should be arrested and processed/deported, however labeling all undocumented immigrants as "criminals" to be forcibly arrested and detained is seen as excessive and inhumane and has had a poor outcome. They hide, and grow desperate for opportunity. The wrong opportunities eventually start looking like the only choice.

    ICE today arrested 680 people working peacefully and paying taxes at food processing plants across Mississippi. Why, who were they harming? The plants will not be filling those positions with unemployment being 3.7%. The employers would like nothing more than to have these people given an opportunity to become documented.

    An applicable Proverb 6:30
    People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his hunger when he is starving.

  • stillin
  • Simon
    The sending of ICE agents in military uniforms with weapons and handcuffs to arrest peaceful people who have lived here for years IS part of the issue

    All police have uniforms and weapons and handcuffs because they don't know what they are going to encounter.

    Phrases like "military uniforms" are designed to imply it's some sort of gestapo, it's not.

    All illegal immigrants are by definition, criminals. Their option should be: hand yourself in and your immigration crime will be erased if you try to re-enter the country through the proper channels, by applying as a legal immigrant.

    That's the deal and the only deal that should be offered.

  • Simon
    And Simon, Democrats, despite what you keep erroneously repeating, ARE for legal immigration and good effective yet compassionate border security.

    Sorry, what planet are you on? They openly said they want to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants and have no border to stop them entering - that's on the debate stage.

    And their "compassionate" border security is about creating issues for this political goal. First building cages, then encouraging people to come, sometimes helping them to enter illegally, allowing women and children to be raped and trafficked, denying there is a problem and then refusing funding to fix the problem they created.

    The democrats don't give a rats ass about any of these people other than if they make a good photo op for them. They just want them imported into the shit riddled ghettos, downwind and away from their gated mansions, so they can count their votes.

    While the left have all been masturbating to the media stories of nazis and russian collusion, Trump has been restoring laws and having people enforce them, so the number of people arrested for trafficking children is already way higher than the entirely of Obamas entire presidency.

    Don't tell me anyone on the left cares about people. They are political currency to them, nothing more. The coyotes prey on them and then hand them to the dems. All part of the same abuse network.

  • stillin

    Simon, don't forget the child sex-trafficking pizza parlor. As long as we 're obfuscating.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    The democrats are bad, the republicans are good. I'm learning a great deal from this thread.

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