Do You Think Trump Bares Any Responsibility For The Mass Shootings Occuring?

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  • LV101

    Since you have "xenophobic" on the brain you must be like Obama -- the most prejudiced (against whites) and anti-Semitic president in the history of the country. He sure hung around antis -- seems to be your side of the fence. How about ole Louis Farrakhan - living proof. How about his church in downtown Chicago -- now that's because of their love for this country and G__ D___ America and the chickens have come home to roost. Wow - now there's a leader in training.

  • Simon

    Still no evidence Humphry - it's been over and hour, how come you can't come up with the evidence, quotes of any of the multiple examples of racism that you claim exist?

    It's almost like it's a lie isn't it, that you've been conned by fake news and maybe now realize when you need to find it, that it just isn't there.

  • Humphry

    Not much a historian about Obama sad to say but he seemed like a pretty nice fellow I'm sure he had his fault and weaknesses just like most men, and I don't think he was near as xenophobic as our currant Prez. and in that I thought he set a pretty good example for the nation.

  • Simon

    Racism in American increased under Obama and he's the most banana-republic president the US has ever had.

    He was a good orator, but words are cheap.

  • Humphry
    Still no evidence Humphry - it's been over and hour, how come you can't come up with the evidence, quotes of any of the multiple examples of racism that you claim exist?

    What so you can delete my post if you consider the source fake new? Why would I want to post it, when subjected to those terms? so I refrain, but seriously Simon don't you think you be just a little bit over the top in defending Trump's racist statements as recorded and broadcast by fake news and all over the internet?

  • Simon

    I'm not defending anything, there's nothing to defend - you haven't been able to point to any racist statement so how can I defend something that doesn't exist?

    That's the last time you post fake news, you've had a chance to back up your claims and obviously cannot but are now making lame claims that I'm stopping you. All you are doing is trying to claim that the edited fake news clips are proof, but they have been thoroughly debunked as I've already posted evidence of.

    Sorry, we're not here to allow you to deliberately publish known lies. People like you who think the label can be thrown around like confetti do real harm to those who have to face genuine racism.

  • recluse

    Trump condemned the shootings. Every day that goes by with no mass shootings, make sure you thank trump..if he is responsible for when they happen, then he is responsible for when they don't.

  • LoveUniHateExams


    If Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric because of the El Paso shooter, then does Alex Cortez need to tone down her rhetoric about US 'concentration camps' after the attempted ICE fire bombing?

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander ...

  • peacefulpete

    And Simon, Democrats, despite what you keep erroneously repeating, ARE for legal immigration and good effective yet compassionate border security. The issues are whether we agree that building a crazy expensive wall will accomplish anything or is it just political grandstanding with taxpayer money. The wall also has a symbolic nature, for some it means "keep out" and "not welcome" and that is not how many of us feel. And the issue is how to treat those seeking refuge regardless how they arrived. As humans with feelings and needs or as enemies. And it is just nonsense to say 'no one wants to keep Mexicans out'. That is the heart and soul of this issue. There is a large nativist current in the Republican party of today. It exists in the Democrats as well but not nearly as prevalent. And to the extent is exists within either party it should be pointed out and condemned.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Pete. If dems want the border secured why do they want open borders. Cant have both. As for compassionate, the funding for detention is not adequate, lots of citizens are separated from kids when they go to army, jail. You name it.

    The wall may be ineffective but ALL nations have walls, sometimes to keep people in.

    Obama may well be a charming speaker, but to me he is a snake oil salesman, Trump is more a blunt doctor who speaks his mind.

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