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  • Jesika


    I know you don't mean to have anyone feel left out, but I think human nature makes you look to see if your avitar/pic made the frount page, ya know?

    I know I looked, and felt a bit disappointed mine wasn't there (no that isn't a hint!!).

    I know you have the best intentions and probably just curious as to what others think, but all in all feelings get hurt, and that's why I personally chose not to name anyone. I am sure I have in the past, but I know of some who got hurt that I forgot their name, or they weren't recognized in this kind of way.

    That's way I said what I did.

    Love you all,


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It has been my experience that I learn a bit from everyone. Even those that I don't agree with and drive me nuts I can learn from. I love to think and a lot of people make me think. I also am greatly touched by those who make me feel

    Thanks to all who share what they know.

  • ScoobySnax

    Jes, Mattnoel, Rayzor, Scully,Valis, and Brummie coz he makes me laugh. you're all good people. Scott xx

  • JH

    All in all, this thread is about people who have made an impact on this forum. I think it has been fun, and that no one should feel left out.

    I know that I am far down the list, but I am happy to see others in the spot light. I recognize their experience and knowledge in what they post.

    I don't think I could have posted 1000 pictues. Anyways it was a book study! How many people can you fit in a book study?

  • Jesika
    I don't think I could have posted 1000 pictues. Anyways it was a book study! How many people can you fit in a book study?


  • Mulan

    Mulan, would you let her know that I have been thinking about her lately? She impacted me too. I miss her lots.

    Slip...........I emailed to Esmerelda, with your message. Thanks!

    To all who posted about me, I was to say a big THANK YOU. I had no idea I was held in such high regard. You made my day. These are some of the comments. You give me a swelled head!!

    Mulan - she seems the all american mum type, and just lovely ! Mulan seems to often see 'the other side' when someone is pissed off, or in other words takes the side of the underdog. I admire Mulan's class and straight-forwardness

    We have been doing some major remodeling, and lots of babysitting grandkids, so I am not here as much as I used to be. We are done now, so maybe that will change again.

    My favorites are Princess, Venice, AlanF, Trauma_Hound (a truly nice, gentle guy) Ozzie, Simon and wifey, Brummie, Minimus, Tatiana, Joannadandy, Scootergirl, Mouthy, Farkel, and lots of others. I am sure I will think of others I should have put here.

  • Mulan
    I am sure I will think of others I should have put here.

    I knew it!! I LOVE Englishman, Joy2bfree, and Jst2laws. Can't believe I didn't put them first. And Dansk...........our new many new ones, I haven't met yet too. I truly like everyone.

  • mouthy

    Well that was interesting reading.Thanks to the Honerable mentions of my name ( angelic ???lol,Wise???rotfl, ) I have to say TRUTHFULLY!!!!! Everyone on the list & board those that have left & those still visiting & posting. I truthfully do love you all. The way I have been forgiven if I have "stepped out of line" with my thoughts...I worry about Logical.... I ached for Blondie ( during her ordeal) but I had better stop with the impact each & every one of you have on my life. Razorblade even called me. I didnt have anything like this to help when I was "ousted" But I believe it is a Godsend. & Just to end on a note that will "tick" some of you off------- I pray for you every night ALL of you....( that is not fluff.XXXXX


  • nowisee

    thank you mouthy/grace. i for one am grateful for your prayers. i do believe you are adorable and that is NOT idiotic fluff!

    much love to you, nowisee

  • manon


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