Posters that make an impact

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  • mattnoel

    where do I start, If I miss names please forgive me

    Ignored_one - for being one of my best out of forum pals !

    Chevysntats - for being my sister replacement and a great friend

    Rayzorlade - a friend in making, great bloke, great to chat to and I can see a great friend

    The Knightwarriors - Lovely couple and so bolshy too ! they seem great

    Mouthy - The online Grandma, would love to know her in real life

    Prisca - Not sure what to make of this one, from her posts a lovely person but something very interesting also about her

    Cruzanheart - Her letter moved me so much ! I love her posts

    Unclebruce - for his Aussie humour

    Mulan - she seems the all american mum type, and just lovely !

    And many many more !

  • rocketman

    Robyn, I hope my name was one of those you thought of while you were in the shower....unclothed...water cascading down your bod.....oops! I'd better be careful here!!

  • JH

    We should make an annual Emmy Awards for JWD.

    Yup, who wants to start that thread?

  • Gamaliel

    I can't believe someone would make a book study group and leave out MR BOOK STUDY, refiners_fire.

    Prisca. I appreciate your comment about him.


  • RubyTuesday


  • JH

    Ruby, I put your picture next to Slipnslidemaster

  • SheilaM

    Nina: You did a great acceptance speech

  • anti-absolutist

    My list:

    Francois - I respect greatly his straightforwardness and honesty.

    Valis - I respect his humour and candor.

    onacruse - I respect his perceptiveness.

    To all others, and I have read some from everyone, I think, all have definitely made an impact. Keep it up.


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Also wanted to mention SYN and Random Task. I always look forward to what new comment they're going to pull out of their hats.

    And Pleasuredome's Bio Pic certainly has left an impact on me. Coo Cooey

  • reubenfine

    I used to think that my posts had an impact on myself but now I think they were mostly stupid. I did appreciate everyone's support when the elders wanted a letter from my unbaptized 26-year old daughter as to her private sex life. That was choice. I miss jjrizo. I hope he sees the light again some day. Seemed like a nice fellow for awhile.

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