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  • cruzanheart

    See, I KNEW if I started mentioning names I'd forget someone REALLY IMPORTANT!!!! Kind of like Julia Roberts did when she accepted her Oscar for "Erin Brockovitch" and forgot to thank Erin Brockovitch. I LOVE YOU, JESIKA!!!!

    Nina (of the Want-A-Do-Over class)

  • LyinEyes

    Mouthy thank you for your prayers, it makes you feel so grateful that someone thinks to pray for you. I know I need all the help I can get, and on my search for truth and spirituality I sometimes, many times, feel soooooooooo lost.

    One day I hope to be at the place you are Mouthy, I really do.........hugs Dede

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    On 'ya Bruce!!!

    Here I was thinking about posting a popularity contest for the best, most impactful and all round super-poster with a low volume of posts (say, about 115 – 120 or so) over a long period of time (say since late 2001 – perhaps no later that November?) and who’s got a name that suggests maximal divergence from the WTS or similar….

    When **BANG**KABOOM** you, the Most Honourable Uncle Sir Dr Bruce QC OBE KBE OA PhD EtC ETal, A-Z, the finest poster of all time (you are now confirmed in this position for all time) pops up with yours truly's moniker amongst the uber class of all time posters (well, they are now anyway )….

    Most of us here are truely lightweights at undermining the tower compared to Alan, Max, Kent, JH Focus and your good self. (or even our indefatigable ozziepost)

    Well… how’s that, eh?

    But in the very next sentence you bring me back to earth with the sad reality….

    That said, people here do like playing with themselves

    So, up goes the fly again

    It’s chicken pizza for me with cheese, jalapeño and green peppers with pineapple (tinned, not fresh).


    Max E. Divergent

  • Farkel

    Whew! What a long thread to read! Minimus is the master at evoking comments from his threads. I can't even come close to that kind of talent. I spent 70 hours preparing my Beth Sarim essay and didn't get 1/4 the traffic that Minimus gets with a good title, and a few sentences and no substance (IMHO, anyway). Imagine that. I spent over 8 MONTHS learning and polishing the "Danse Macabre" to share that mere 11 minutes of music with the folks. I just do what I do. Minimus does what minimus does, and Minimus gets a whole bunch of reaction.. The populace reacts as they do. What we do doesn't matter. Antonio Salieri and Amadeus W. Mozart. If you knowing folks get my drift.

    Now to the comments from the good folks:

    : Sinky Panz,

    : and Farkel because he's a huge smartass (I mean that in a good way).

    True, and I take that as a supreme compliment!


    : also like StinkyPantz and Farkel - SP becos she's got spirit, and won't be intimidated by arrogant men, and Farkel because he reminds me of what can happen to you if you don't get over your bitterness 30 years after leaving the WTS.

    No one can say "" better than you can say "" without actually saying "", Prisca. For your talent in that area, I salute you.


    : im just a little bit puzzled about why you seemed to single me out for criticism.....but i am inexperienced and still trying to learn the ropes here.

    : nevertheless, i will stand by what i said.

    : as far as aguest, well i just WISH i could meet her and have dinner with her - that would be a great blessing to me - i am glad for you that you have had that opportunity. it might be difficult since i believe we are on opposite coasts, but i do enjoy my fellowship with her here.

    AGuest is one of the most loving, caring and generous people a human could ever meet. I know. I've met her and spent time with her. I don't buy her version of things, but surprisingly enough, we probably agree about more stuff than we disagree about stuff. She's my "little Sistah," and that's it about that.


    :Prisca, as Farkmeister knows, has had massive impact in her own way.I know the lady personally and shes a warm and cuddly person in the flesh.

    I could only help but agree with you, RF. We are so two-dimensional in this little world of cyberspace. I would venture that Priscilla and I would get along GREAT if we just sat down face-to-face and swapped spit with each other.


  • anti-absolutist

    I, in my JW days, used to resent people that tooted their own horn. I used to feel that way, all the way back to my grade 5 experience of being the best runner in the school and yet getting 1/10th the recognition of a self-confident nobody that I defeated!!!!! I eventually realized that the self-confident person was NOT a nobody and that me being resentful was MY fault, not their's.

    Whew, that was a long-awaited load off my chest....... now as to how it relates here....... I had stated earlier that a few certain people have made more of an impact than others...... I stand by those comments.

    I also would like to suggest that, from my experience as a youth, that our impact on each other is quite often not recognized until later. Therefore, I would like to thank all who have posted, without recognition. It seems to be human nature that, where recognition is given, the few who are not given recognition may actually believe that they contribute less. This is a FALSEHOOD.!!!

    My children would get no say in this forum, yet they have taught me more than anyone on this forum!!!!!!!! On the other hand, I have learned great things from people on this forum.

    To suggest that either my kids, or all of you kind-hearted people here are not deserving of respect would be ludicrous. So, for my part, I love the fact that the question was asked. I learned from the responses, positive or negative, and have become a better person for it. May there be many more posts like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Maverick

    Unless I missed it I had to go five pages to see Blondies name mentioned. I think she is great and look forward to her weekly WatchTower commentary. And thanks Ruby, your sweet! Maverick

  • SpannerintheWorks


    I had to go five pages to see Blondies name mentioned.

    Let's not exaggerate now. I mentioned her on page 4! And I agree, I love her "translations"!


  • xjw_b12

    LOL at JH.

    Like what you did with Slippy's body and Ruby's face HAHAHAHAH Did you get Slippy's permission for that ?

  • JH


    Is that your licence plate number?

  • xjw_b12


    Actually I had 2 ideas for personal licence plates. XJW B12 and XJW RU2. MY wife calamityjane, didn't think either one was appropiate at the time, as we were just fading, and she thought it would incite some over zealous elder, to DF us.

    But as it turns out were completely shunned anyways, so maybe it is time to revisit the idea. However I noticed on the Ontario licencing web page, that plates cannot carry a religious theme, so I'll have to see if we can sneak that one by somehow !

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