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  • avishai

    She's not on as much as she used to be, but I really like Venice_it's posts, Trauma_hound, love him or hate him, he makes an impact. LDH is always a fun one to read. Riz cracks me up, & Mr.Moe is a great self esteem boost for lots of people on here. Vivamus also rocks....Props for more to come.

    Also, i really used to enjoy jjrizzo's posts, seriously, 'til he got so obsessed w/ the jews.

  • Farkel

    Of course, JH is absolutely clueless. I say this because of the icons (pictures of posters) she/he posted about "who made an "impact."

    That is the wrong question. Hitler made a HUGE "impact." So did Saddam Hussein. If JH was talking about the person who most folks feel stirred up the most shit (without necessarily giving back anything in return), then don't read the rest of my comments. Fred Hall made a huge impact, and he's the Village Idiot. Prisca makes a huge "impact" and she's.........oh, nevermind.

    I will slightly change the subject of this topic now from "who made the most 'impact' to "who made the most "difference" in the quality of people's lives on this and other boards over many, many years.

    Without any question of doubt, it is AlanF. Period. End of conversation. Nothing more. All counter-arguments fall. It was AlanF who used his logic and persuation to get JanH out of the dubs! Yep! That's a fact! Don't believe me? Just ask JanH.

    Alan's "student", namely JanH got a whole bunch MORE people out of the WT Cult with his wit, logic and well-formed arguments.

    AlanF has been doing his work on the internet and providing his excellent essays and reserach for over TEN years now. I'm a baby. I've only been doing it for SIX years now. (Although I've been out for 33 years and Alan has been out for, um.....a dozen years or so.)

    Kent Steinhaug and Norm Hovland worked their butts off for a decade +, too. When it comes to kudus, don't leave these fine folks out of your next list.


  • SheilaM

    I think we have a good mix and I enjoy 99.9% of the posters on the boardbut you know that Thunder Rider is FINE LOL

  • Mac
    I guess I'll pick mac- cuz then he can teach me how to read and it would probably be the funniest book study ever

    Xenawarrior, I am honored! And remember......I am always available for private tutoring.


  • Mac
    Heaven bumps into Mac,


    That's the second bump tonight......I suppose I'd be pushing it if I asked if the grinds were soon to follow.

    mac, of the impacted class

  • Farkel

    Here is an example of "clueless":

    :the kindest people to me have been razorblade and big tex...oh, also stinkypantz

    Idiotic fluff.

    : the most adorable, mouthy

    Idiotic fluff.

    : having started only l month ago the person i miss is kat_newmas

    Idiotic fluff.

    : the most creative welcomes....james thomas - just so fun

    Idiotic fluff.

    :the most thought-provoking - minimus

    Utter stupidity. Minimus (don't take this personally) is the "Connie Chung" of

    : the most blunt and practical - francois


    : the most touching - jennie

    More fluff.

    : the most appreciated - simon

    Sucking up fluff.

    :the most amazing mind - aguest

    I happen to know her personally and consider her to to be my friend, so I will defer my comments. Do you know her personally? Have you met her and dined with her face-to-face as I have?

    All in all, a mindless post. No offense, or anything.


  • Mac


    Just put Farkel's avatar in the photo album and he'll stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Farkel.......fiend or foe?)

    mac:mindless fluff

  • joannadandy
    Who would you have liked to be with in a book study, out of all of us posting here?

    That's easy,

    • Naeblis
    • The_Bad_Seed
    • Cygnus
    • And that Slipnsomething guy

    OH MY GOD, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE HAVOC THOSE BOYS WOULD CAUSE?? The doodles in the margins of their publications alone would make me wet myself I am sure.

  • unclebruce
    Farkel: How could you not like him?

    see above.

    The guy gives reality checks with a 10 ton truck! lol

    inflated deflated reflated unclebruce.


    Brother Farkel, you mirror my thoughts exactly. Most of us here are truely lightweights at undermining the tower compared to Alan, Max, Kent, JH Focus and your good self. (or even our indefatigable ozziepost)

    That said, people here do like playing with themselves - Have pity on them sir - silly as these hobbits are, they're mostly good people and mean no harm! besides, one man's impact is another hobbits arse wipe.


  • minimus

    Farkel, if I'm the Connie Chung of JW.Com., You are Regis Philbin, Maury Povich and Phil Donahue rolled into offense, of course.

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