Posters that make an impact

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  • Scully


    That's a cool licence plate you made for Mouthy. But please be careful, people might start thinking you're an inmate at the penitentiary!

    Love, Scully

  • TresHappy

    I have been in mouthy's car before but I never looked at her plates. I will be more attentive. Hey mouthy, looking forward to seeing you in October!

  • JH

    And one for Scully

    Drive carefully now Scully.

  • avishai

    I would seriously like to thank all the trolls & jw apologists, like swordofjah, calvinist, etc. (please forgive me if I miss anyone, there are lot's of you, for helping us keep our minds sharp & helping remind us why we're not in that godawful cult. This forum would be far less entertaining w/ out your constant circular reasoning, cognitive dissonance & outright bull$hit. Thank you. Seriously

    P.s, Congrats to Realness for coming to the light side of the force.

  • mouthy

    Oh aint I daft!!! See tell me anything I believe it.( To long in the borg ) Hey but I like my licence plate .Thanks JH

    Treshappy!!!!! Yes I am looking forward to it. Have you got a room booked??? A couple of Canadians ( who thought our country should have gone to war) tell me I should be ashamed to go to PA if I didnt think we should join in the war... . I hope I will still be welcomed there !! lost some friends over my veiw. but thats life. I guess. You lose some & gain some..

  • TresHappy

    Yes mouthy, treshappy is booked for a room there. I hope to have Darlene as a roommate there. I will make my airplane reservations later this year. I wanted to have a room. Didn't want to be without one like in 1994...remember when you and Pam let me bunk with you guys? It was great fun - hard to believe that's been almost 9 years ago. That fellow from NY that always hangs out with you, will he be there?

  • kelpie

    Everyone makes an impact in their own right.

    Every body has something to add, that is why we are all here....

    I dont think you can determine who has the most impact because every body's personailty is different so will affect different people in different ways.

    Everyone has helped me at one time or another.. Just because someone posts the most doesnt mean they have the most impact... they are just chatterboxes with too much time on their hands LOL

    Kelps (where is the kelpie picture?? )

  • unclebruce

    Well said yelpy ;)


    I think the title to this thread is quite misleading - we all impact on each other in here (such is the nature of message boards) but if we start talking about those who made a real and substantial difference to ex-watchtower thought or folk who impacted on the WBTS itself - we are talking about the likes of:

    Carl Olaf Johnson (the only apostate i'd ever heard of while i was a drone seeking a way to freedom)

    Kent Steinhaug - who's exploits incude - causing a worldwide sensation by publishing the secret watchtower books (Elders Manual and Branch Overseers manual) and having the Brooklyn Watchtrower thugs threaten his web provider unless he remove them. (which he did for a time but the internet cat had already escaped :)

    AlanF - mind like a trap - has produced a huge body of well reseached work on most aspects of watchtower thought manipulation.

    this list could go on a bit but my point is made .. there are many others who've done wonderful work providing web sites and message boards like this one.

    Kent Steinhaug - Watchtower Obserber

    Randy Watters - Watchers of the Watchtower World.

    Gary Bussman - Armagedon Okies

    Farkel - Clear minded thinker and writer (not afraid to call a moron an idiot :)

    others provide inside information and wine tips -

    Ozziepost - man amoung men (now that he's left pussyville :)

    you're mostly cool people as far as i'm conserned but impact? That takes extra effort come on people - put your time in!

    cheers unclebruce

  • Farkel

    Ok. Kudus and back-slaps are over. Let's cut through the crap and get down to the facts, shall we?

    EVERYONE makes an impact and EVERYONE can and does make a positive difference in our lives.

    We all can learn from every single, living human being on this planet. Anyone who doesn't believe that should check out of life now.

    EVERY human is the teacher. EVERY human is also the student.

    When you get that part, you will grow. If you are unwilling to get that part, you are an idiot, and until you get that part you will die an idiot who learns nothing.

    I get that part. I have much to learn, and many fine people to teach me, and I embrace that. I will give back what I can.

    Thank you all for your kind words, folks, but I swim in the same soup of life as you, and I confront the same obstacles of life as you. I welcome all of you in my life, as equals and people I embrace. (As long as you don't lie to me. I do not tolerate liars!)


  • Englishman

    For being honest and cheerful in the face of considerable opposition that many can't imagine, I have to mention MATTY!


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