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  • cruzanheart

    Well, I've been thinking for five pages now about how to word this, so here goes: I am in awe of everyone on this forum, individually and as a whole. As a whole, we complement each other -- bounce ideas, have arguments and serious discussions, learn, think, feel, see other perspectives. I have learned so much from all of you and I love you dearly. Even the occasional troll is kind of fun because it gives us the opportunity to show our dragon-slaying skills and stand up for each other. As individuals, you are all beautiful and unique and I am proud to be your friend. I hope as the years go on to get to know more of you personally. The two Apostafests I've attended have been astoundingly wonderful, and I'm excited to be part of the Planning Committee for another Dallas Bash.

    AND THANKS GO TO: Simon and Angharad, you are wonderful for starting this forum, Englishman and others for moderating (and providing us with a sometimes queasy look at British cusine), Brummie is an angel, Valis (hey, phone husband!) a Knight in Shining Armor and a Genius of Apostafest Organizing, the Northern Girls ROCK for lots of reasons, Mulan, Mouthy, DEFINITELY Farkel and AlanF and Maximus and our darling Minimus, moreisbetter and berylblue for their gentle bravery in the face of personal demons, and every other person on here except Sword of Jah who annoys the crap out of me. And, of course, dear Francois and Old Hippie, so they don't feel left out! And to all others I did not mention by name (Big Tex and Jennie, of course, are always tops on my list, on and off the forum), know that I love you too for your bravery to come to this forum and expose your innermost feelings to all of us here. This is truly a healing experience.

    (*Sniffles as she walks off stage clutching her Oscar as the music swells in the background*)


  • minimus

    Nina, that was so eloquent that I got out my hanky. I agree with your comments. You and Big Tex are the nicest people.

  • Valis

    aw one pinched you? Well come over here little chickie..eheheh


    District Overbeer of the "Spirit Directed Pinches" class

  • tyydyy

    Impact? Is that anything like an .......impacted colon.


  • nowisee

    farkel, i'm still too new.....i have only run across your postings a couple of times....also alanf and some others who were mentioned. i look forward to learning more about everyone.

    im just a little bit puzzled about why you seemed to single me out for criticism.....but i am inexperienced and still trying to learn the ropes here.

    nevertheless, i will stand by what i said.

    as far as aguest, well i just WISH i could meet her and have dinner with her - that would be a great blessing to me - i am glad for you that you have had that opportunity. it might be difficult since i believe we are on opposite coasts, but i do enjoy my fellowship with her here.

    my best wishes to you. nowisee

  • joannadandy


    I forgot someone who needs to be added to my bookstudy group of Naughty Boys....

    Mister SYN....god you crack me up. Of course the commute would be a real pain in the neither regions, but think of it this our conventions you can come out in crutches with some sob story about how you had to travel 3,348 miles ONE WAY just to get to every bookstudy swimming through shark infested waters, without kneecaps, and facing persecution at home. Heh heh.

    Now, which women want to join my bookstudy? You have to admit, I got the stable of studs goin on! WOEM!!

  • Francois

    Stinky, that's way more like it. I feel certain if we could meet, say, at the Rose & Crown, by the time we closed them down, we'd be swearing eternal friendship and one more for the road.


  • Robdar

    Oh my, there are so many. Some have left this forum. To name only a few of the ones who remain--not that I always agree with them or particularly like all of them :

    Abaddon, Alan F, Amazing, Aztec, Ballistic, Beck, Berylblue, Blondie, Brummie, Comf, Czarofmischief, Dantheman, DJ, Dubla, Elsewhere, Englishman, Estee, Expatbrit Farkel, Francois, Greven, Heathen, Hillary Step, ISP, JH, JGnat, Joannadandy, Joy2Bfree, Jst2laws, Just Human, Minimus, Mr. Moe, Mrs. Shakita, Myself (not me, Myself) Nowisee, Obiwan, Onacruse, Pettygrudger, Pleasure Dome, Prisca, Rayzorblade, Realist, Rocketman, Safe4, Saint Satan, Scully, Simon, Spannerintheworks, Stinkypantz, Syn, TH, TyyDyy, Uzzah, Venice, Wednesday, William Penwell, Xandria, Xena, 6of 9,

    I will have to think on this longer and add to my list.


    More names came to me while I was in the shower. I knew I would have to add more names.

    I think that I should add rocketman's name. I thought about him many times while I was in the shower.

  • bikerchic

    (((((((((((((group hug)))))))))))))

    Next to onacruse I couldn't even begin to make a list of who impacted me the most here. If you posted, I read, it impacted! You guys/gals all rock!

    The honors go to Simon and Angharad for allowing us to come here in the first place, many thanks to them!

    Katie (of the shamelessly married my favorite poster class)

  • minimus

    Unclebruce, You make the most sense of any poster here. you are the most intelligent, witty, person that exists. I really mean this. You are so smart, it's sickening. Your defense of Farkel is understandable. You both are so damn brilliant. He obviously needs your unparalled wit to get him thru some of my observations. Regarding, those persons that you know not of, there is a reason. The words were addressed to Brother Farkel, not you. But since you are so sharp, I know that you comprehend all of this, Brother Bruce. God Bless You, you are the best, just like your idol, Brother Farkel.

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