Posters that make an impact

by JH 180 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mac

    I bump into things alot......that's an impact, right?


  • JH

    Who would you have liked to be with in a book study, out of all of us posting here?

  • xjw_b12

    Fred Hall, was always a fav of mine. Now there's entertainment !

  • berylblue

    Everyone here means a lot to me, but those for whom I have special affection are Sheila, Minimus, Big Tex, Francois, James Thomas and Dansk.

    But absolutely everyone is great...each in her or his own way.


  • xenawarrior
    Who would have liked to be with in a book study, out of all of us posting here?

    Well, it can't be Valis cuz he'd prolly hit me with the book or have some porn magazine hidden in the pages I guess I'll pick mac- cuz then he can teach me how to read and it would probably be the funniest book study ever !! XW of the "hooked on phonics" class

  • Solace

    (Bumps into mac)

    So many here have made an impact on me, some more than others, but it seems almost every post I read affects me in some way.

  • teejay

    Too many good people here with impactedness to name ‘em all. And even if I could remember ‘em all without forgettin’ none, a good many of ‘em have never put their picture up, so... they wuddn’t go in your little picture album. Let’s just say that I got a lot of favorites here.

  • teejay

    Why, Lordy be! There I am underneath Heaven. Could there be a finer place?

  • ballistic

    Well, I can't believe it I made it into the family album...

    But I would like to make an important point...

    I can only speak for myself, but sometimes a comment from some newbie or occasional poster really stikes a chord. Whether you recieve many replies or not doesn't matter. Sometimes nothing needs to be said, or added. We read your posts; they make an impact. I can state categorically that all posts here make some kind of impact (especially minimus' LOL).

    I for one, DO NOT reply to every post I read (I read most posts), but I do take them in. And it is something truly amazing what we have going on here.

  • minimus

    FARKEL is probably one of the posters we would never want to lose. Love him or hate him, he's a poster that you won't forget. He's smart. He's sensitive and he's controversial. I also enjoy most of JT's experiences and insight. I truly wish that the Great MAXIMUS could post again. He was my favorite. The truth is, if we ALL didn't contribute to this board, we would not have any impact at all. I am hopeful that this board helps any lurker to learn the truth about the "truth". That is the main reason that I post here. I hope that we all, collectively can make a positive difference in people's lives.....Once again, all thanks goes to Simon for making this all happen.

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