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  • Xena

    lol what exactly do you see as my opinion? Is there a difference between patriotism in Europe and American? Most likely...there are a lot of differences between Europe and America. But how can you use stats to PROVE what people feel? Tell you what give me some stats that SHOW that MANY of these people:

    Population of the United States by Race and Hispanic Origin, 2000 Census Results

    % of
    Total population281,421,906100.0%
    Black or African American34,658,19012.3
    American Indian and Alaska Native2,475,9560.9
    Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander398,8350.1%
    Some other race15,359,0735.5
    Two or more races6,826,2282.4
    Hispanic or Latino35,305,81812.5

    FEEL the way Simon said..... Course then you have to consider...have their feelings changed since your "stats" were taken??? My point was this is a gray area...and to make a dogmatic statement about the feelings and/or attitudes of MANY people is unrealistic. lol and I am more than aware that you don't care if your opinion annoys or upsets me. However I feel differently, I tend to view some of the people on this board anyway as friends and I, personally would like to know if I had offended them in some way, but people are American people, British people, Hispanic People, Asian People, Men and Woman..all different...all unique... not easily put into the round or square pegs we might like to put them into.

  • expatbrit


    Patriotism is a qualitative factor which makes it extremely difficult to measure quantitatively i.e. with data.

    Before discussing whether patriotism is different in the United States than Europe, you need to set some definitions e.g. what qualifies as patriotism; which nations and territories are to be accepted as "Europe" for the purposes of the discussion (I would hedge a bet that patriotism is different in the UK than in mainland Europe too).


  • ThiChi

    Remained in Power...Rubbish!

  • D8TA

    Awwwww, isn't that cute?

    Another child waving an Amercan flag in her own country, who will grow up completely unaware that her culture and traditions have been raped by the interests of free-markets and corporate interests of the U.S.A.

    Isn't just wonderful, that once you beat people in to a form of submission with your bullets and bombs, they begin to "think and act" like you do? Isn't grand that this is how "peace and freedom" is accomplished, by everyone in the world denying their cultural and traditional background so they may wave the Stars and Stripes?

    Isn't it ignorant of you to think that this is a way to accomplish peace? That you still sit there and wonder why people fly planes in to your skyscrapers? With the majority of the U.S. populace with their heads stuck in the the next 10 years when these opressed people begin to retaliate(more), I won't be the least bit suprised.

    I still wont be suprised when the majority of John/Jane Q. America will say, again, "what did we do? what did we do???".


  • dubla


    Isn't grand that this is how "peace and freedom" is accomplished, by everyone in the world denying their cultural and traditional background so they may wave the Stars and Stripes?

    i keep seeing this argument, about how we deny the iraqis (or whoever) their cultural background and force democracy upon them. so, is a murderous dictatorship their "cultural background"? are the people of iraq going to be better or worse off when they actually have a voice in how their country is run? i have a hard time understanding how theyd be worse off......but maybe it is simply because i do not know enough about their "tradition". im not trying to simply be a smartass here appreciate being enlightened on the subject.


  • Gerard

    And in Basra, Baathist militiamen with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on civilian vehicles on Sunday, wounding one man, in an attempt to force civilians to fight US and British troops, witnesses said.

    Report by: Al Jezeera

    There's a reason for this war. I just wish so many civilians were not dying...

  • COMF
    completely unaware that her culture and traditions have been raped by the interests of free-markets and corporate interests of the U.S.A.

    A future possibility versus a past reality.

    God, what a fkn idiot.

  • Trauma_Hound

    Please use Incident Code in correspondence about specific incidents - "Details..." immediately below the incident code links to personal information about those killed (when available). Date and Time refers to the incident, not the date it was reported, and may not always be exact. Spelling of Location can vary between media reports and will be corrected where possible - we suggest Encarta Online for reference. Targets are primarily as stated by military sources; Weapons refers to munitions and/or delivery vehicles. Full Discussion of Methodology and scope...

    The date and time at your location is: Tue Apr 08 19:19:17 2003.

    9611139Sources are all online (not print) versions; a list of sources consulted and a key to abbreviations used is below:
    Total of civilians reported killed
    MAXIMUMTotal of civilians reported killed <-- For detailed breakdown.

  • Trauma_Hound

    Farkel Wrote:

    At least Bush is not a liar.

    Wow missed that one, excuse me, because I'm cracking up laughing at the statement. Hahaha oh my god, that has to be one of the funniest things I've heard recently. Oh my god, Farkel, are you trying to be a comedian?

  • angelkins

    Farkel is soooo funny. Thanks for putting a bit of comic relief into this intense thread. I know you cannot possibly believe that Bush is not a liar. Ha.

    I just find it amusing that Bush (of course he is the compassionate conservative!) doesn't give a flying F*** about the atrocities perpetuated against our own civilians: people living below the poverty line, children starving, constantly cutting programs for the elderly, mentally ill,education...I could go on. Does he care more for the Iraqi children than our own?

    Those of you who have such blind hatred for anyone disagreeing with your gung-ho pro-war stance need to step back a moment. I live in one of the most ultra conservative counties in America--Orange County in Southern California. While my observations do not a scientific survey make, I can tell you that the flag-waving is almost blinding. Suddenly everyone has gotten religion. These rich Republicans are not interested in those who are down-trodden if it means they have to spend 1 red cent of their tax dollar for them. They just love George-W.-God wanted-me-to-be-President-Bush. But they love pushing people around. I guess that is why they love W.

    Makes me sick. Patriots, my foot.

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