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  • Simon

    re: the American travel / link about the American jokes:

    There was a live show on the radio a few weeks ago. The commedian asked if there were any Americans in the audience and some woman must have put her hand up.

    "Hey, we have one!" he declare.

    Even then, people in the audience were laughing. He was laughing. There was a puzzled "er ... yes, I'm American?" feint voice from the audience mic.

    "I can tell you have never been to a comedy show in the UK before have you? ... you put your hand up!"

    After 5 minutes I bet she wishes she hadn't.

    Now, what he said was funnny but probably went a bit too far and it was cruel to single someone out like that. It does illustrate the point though.

    Just as we have stereotypes of scousers being dishonest, brummies being thick and scots being alcoholics, many people have a stereotypical view of Americans as being loud, brash and uninformed. Maybe it's the ones you send over here? (just kidding)

    I don't think it's true or fair to make generalisations like that and don't believe it about any of the groups (well, I'm a a manc so I obviously dislike scousers) but you should be aware of how "the rest of the world" sometimes views you.

    I know, we all talk funny, have bad teeth and drink too much tea.

  • dolphman
    dolphman: I must warn you about your continued, insulting and aggressive attitude

    Well, sorry if you deem in insulting and aggressive, but personally, i think it affects people in your position mostly because it hits home and is the truth, and you can't deal with it, unfortunately.

    You obviously are not too good at reading or comprehending or else you would have seen that it was ME who posted what you replied to, not Angharad!

    Well you got me on that one. I guess that makes everything i say invalid.

    You think I'm implicated as a supported of Saddam? Now you really are losing it pal. What you gonna do? Declare war on me next?

    Absolutely. The fact is, if we'd listened to you and others and fell victim to the anti-war propaganda, Saddam might still have that cigar hanging out his mouth and firing his SKS assault rifle from the balcony of one of his presidential palaces. I won't declare war on you personaly, but i will declare on your and unwillingness to accept the fact that many of things people said would happen DID NOT HAPPEN and should be held accountable to those things.

    The reality is that America and Britain have "won the war" ... so far. They have yet to win the peace and have a hell of a lot of patching up to do on the world stage.

    True, except for the fact i don't feel they have anything to patch up. We did the right thing, we can't help it if everyone else had their head up their @$$, don't you think?

  • back2dafront
    In the UK we very seldomly even PLAY the National Anthem. Haven't done for thirty years. We've got less patriotic . As for pledges of alleigence or flag salutes, most Brits would be horrified at the idea. I think you'll find Europe is very similar in most instances."

    Europe rocks.

    Funny, i haven't been keeping up w/ this site lately, but it's funny how the same 'ol battles are still going on. Support the war, support the troops, liberate Iraq, blah blah...if you don't you love Sadaam...

    Whatever. True a lot of Iraqi's are very happy this is happening. Who knows how long that happiness will last. The families of the the civilians who were killed aren't very happy. The thirsty and starving peeps aren't that happy right now either. And when everyone starts getting cancer from here on out, I'm sure there will be lots of complaints as well. Too early to tell how this will all end. Iraq may become a free, democratic country months from now and everything will be all fine and dandy. Or not. Iraq could turn into the epicenter of terrorists acts against democracy. Who knows? All we can do is hope and pray for the best.

    Whatever happens, i hope our economy will make a turn around...this is getting ridiculous.

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