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  • Yerusalyim

    What the HECK is a DRBPCS? I've been in the Army for 13 years and never heard of such nonsense.

  • D8TA

    Div. Reg. Bat. Company Platoon and Squad and his rank. Did I ask for yours ground pounder? When I address you with a question I'll either quote or include your name. As far as "nonsense", you're filled with it drone-boy.

  • Yerusalyim

    Roger that SIR! Pardon me if I ignore the order about responding only when you address me personally your pompous highness. You were an officer weren't ya, no NCO is that FREAKING ANAL!

  • rmayer32
    Your D.R.B.C.P.S. please?

    And your rank.

    Very cute. Sine you don't bother to answer my question, I won't waste my time with your stupid, irrelevant question. Now keep working on trying to be cute, not that it will really work.


  • Realist


    so where is the promised link to 911? made up bullshit.

  • Abaddon

    xena, don't straw man me! If I've done it to you I'm sorry! I don't see what cultural diversity has to do with patriotism per se, by the way.

    I do think we have common ground here, your answer was;;

    Is there a difference between patriotism in Europe and American? Most likely...there are a lot of differences between Europe and America. But how can you use stats to PROVE what people feel?

    I'm happy to agree with your statement 'most likely'. It seemed to me you were trying to fight over any major difference. Most likely is just fine. The answer to your question is, yes, they can 'PROVE' feelings as well as they can 'PROVE' voting intentions. As Expatbrit points out, it's hard to measure decently unless you have a very carefully constructed poll. And even then... but I suppose despite the fact they might be off here and there, they're better than nothing.

    Here's a few things I dug up that might be interesting to you;

    This paragraph especially was interesting;

    For example, 80 percent said they disapproved of those who won't stand up during the national anthem. Nearly 90 percent said the United States should keep the motto "In God We Trust" on its currency. And more than 70 percent said they knew all the words to "The Star Spangled Banner."

    In the UK we very seldomly even PLAY the National Anthem. Haven't done for thirty years. We've got less patriotic . As for pledges of alleigence or flag salutes, most Brits would be horrified at the idea. I think you'll find Europe is very similar in most instances.

    This was interesting too;

    Asked how they would react to a foreigner visiting the U.S. saying negative things about the country, 60 percent said the visitor "has every right to express his own opinion."

    That belief in free expression was shared by a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike, although 65 percent of Democrats held the view compared to 51 percent of Republicans.

    "This suggests that - even in the aftermath of Sept. 11 - there is a predisposition in favor of civil liberties and a refusal to take the easy way out in regard to noncitizens," Ferree says.

    This explains why it's noticabley the right wing American's getting pissy when America is commented on negatively. But even 35% of Democrats think visitors to America should put up or shut up.

    This is funny, as American tourists are notorious for complaining more than any other countries travellers. I've seen surveys of the catering and hospitality industry that give this more than anecdotal backing, but this was funny;

    You see it's not just patriotism that is relevent, some of it has to do with awareness of other cultures and thus the awareness that other points of view or ways of doing things can exist and not be automatically wrong.

    Here's another interesting article;

    This is a spread of opinions (although one must bear in mind the Guardian is a centre-left newspaper).

    But, if you need further proof of the difference... look at the board. American's take it personally when people make negative comments about the USA. This is less noticable with Brits and other Europeans.

    Put it to the test!

    Rmayer, so, even though you had false reasons justifying your opinion, you’re still right? And if the next set of reasons you give are false, I bet you’ll still say you are right. You are right because you think you are right, not because you have anything as unneccesary as 'facts' to get in the way.

    Unfortunately once a link to

    No link WAS ever shown, just assertions without evidence that would work in court. Lying to prove your point is worse than supporting your point with inaccuracies.

    Nobody has all out said they support Saddam, yet they don't really have to as it can't go both ways.

    I don’t support Saddam. Your simplistic parroting of the ‘with us or against us’ dogma of Bush is laughable as it’s a straw man argument.

    I do support International Law. The has set a dangerous precedent (and has a dangerous President, but that’s different) by invading for the reasons they did without UN backing. Next time has a village wiped out by cross border insurgents from , they can just follow ’s example. This would be a bad thing.

    Believing this (as many Europeans and quite a few Americans do) is NOT supporting Saddam.

  • Xena

    lol abaddon I am not "straw manning" you....I am not now nor have I ever been a "master debator"...I am a middle aged ex JW woman with a high school education and a bit of life experience..nothing more..nothing less...and when I discuss something I do it like I would over a cup of coffee or a beer and a joint...if the conversation ebbs and flows and gets off track a bit at times...that is just the way I converse...nothing "straw man" about it...just my way of conversing...

    how can you not link a persons culture with patriotism? I mean you are saying "Americans" as a culture are more patriotic...but within American there are a lot of sub-cultures so to speak...what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the can't say we as a culture are more patriotic and then not allow me to say that within the American culture there are other cultures that might not be as patriotic.

    You might be able to "prove" an inclination at the time of the poll...but feelings feelings toward my country changed when I left the JW' dads feelings toward his country changed when he left the military and became a point is it is to fluid to measure on a consistant basis.

    Thank you for the links

    on the first one it was a poll of

    State poll shows 'new patriotism' after 9-11

    one state? Wisconsin..hhhmmm how many states are there in the US????? You sure that the people of say California or Texas or Alaska all feel the same way? I live in Austin which is an extremly liberal city...who is to say they would feel the same way as the people of Wisconsin?

    The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks triggered a surge of patriotic sentiments nationwide, and those polled appear to have been caught up in the emotion.

    People do tend to get caught up in emotionalism when their country is attacked...gotta wonder how did these people feel BEFORE the do they feel NOW? Don't really know do we? But I guess we can ASSume to know

    Darn I am going to be late for work , let me finish up on this later as I didn't get a chance to read the 2nd link you had.

    I would like to say though I did find the thread regarding the flag interesting because it did show the differences in attititues that other countrys and America have in that aspect.

    Oh and as for appears to me that there is MORE criticism of the US then any other country on here.. when some people were sterotyping (is this the right word for you??? ) the French they got the smack down on that...guess you can only judge the US based on media coverage huh?

    Ok off to work...oh to earn money posting!

    Later dude

  • dolphman
    dolphman: believe what you want and mischaracterise what I said as you see fit. I haven't lost any "argument" as you put it and have nothing to try and "weasel out of". You should try and find some place where anyone has said they support Saddam.

    Angharad: You and others such as yourself have LOST ALL CREDIBILITY as well as the argument. By joining the ranks of the French, the UN, and by attacking the policies of George Bush on every level, you have implicitly implicated as a supporter of a Saddam regime. At every possible moment you and your friends in the UN and France made things hard if not impossible to bring liberation to the people of Iraq and rather indirectly made the life of Saddam so much more easier.

    Much more has happened besides a statue falling. We have destroyed the Iraqi army and Baath regime with minimal loss to civilian life. (Something many of you said would not happen without 100s of thousands dying). You said no terrorist connection existed. What about the terrorist training camps complete with disassembled airliners found in Iraq? WMD will be found in due time as well.

    It seems you are all desperate to try and find a way to weasel out of previous stands and statements. The fact is you were all WRONG. About EVERYTHING. Deal with it.

    Don't try and backpedal now.

  • ThiChi

    "Iraq under Saddam’s regime has become a land of hopelessness, sadness, and fear. A country where people are ethnically cleansed; prisoners are tortured in more than 300 prisons in Iraq. Rape is systematic . . . congenital malformation, birth defects, infertility, cancer, and various disorders are the results of Saddam’s gassing of his own people. . . the killing and torturing of husbands in front of their wives and children . . . Iraq under Saddam has become a hell and a museum of crimes."
    –Iraqi Safia Al Souhail, Advocacy Director of the International Alliance for Justice

  • Simon

    dolphman: I must warn you about your continued, insulting and aggressive attitude

    It seems you are all desperate to try and find a way to weasel out of previous stands and statements. The fact is you were all WRONG. About EVERYTHING. Deal with it.

    You obviously are not too good at reading or comprehending or else you would have seen that it was ME who posted what you replied to, not Angharad!

    You think I'm implicated as a supported of Saddam? Now you really are losing it pal. What you gonna do? Declare war on me next?

    The reality is that America and Britain have "won the war" ... so far. They have yet to win the peace and have a hell of a lot of patching up to do on the world stage.

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