I'm Done With This Site

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  • LB

    Back when I joined the site I had lots of concerns and I was given some great advice by some special people here. I'll miss you. But the time has come for me to move on. I've had it with the current topic line and since I see some things done here that upset me I guess I don't need to hang around any longer.

    So this is my DA letter I guess.



    Hey LB,Your leaving?..Yeah Right,LOL!..Your a dub my friend,and a good guy to have on the board..You probably just need a break,I take them every once in a while myself..Enjoy your vacation,we`ll be here when you get back...OUTLAW

  • pr_capone

    You will be missed. I love reading each and everyone of your posts... I know that what most people say but it really is true. Stop by on occasion and drop us a line to let us know how you are doing, k?

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • xjw_b12

    Hey LB. Sorry to hear you feel that way. I've always enjoyed your posts and viewpoints, whether it's the battles in Iraq, or the ones on the basketball court. Hope you'll reconsider. Besides we need people here who have that wry sense of humour. Can't count on the Brit's for it ALL the time !

  • moreisbetter

    Dear LB,

    We have only chatted or posted once and that was a few days ago. I do however enjoy your posts. You come across to me as a gentleman with integrity. I can no longer read some of the lengthy posts either because it just leaves me in a very negative state. As outlaw said, i do hope this will be a break, and you come back. You will be missed.



  • Dansk


    You can’t go! Why? Because as you said, you’ve received so much good, sincere counselling on this forum.

    Now here’s the truth. Some of your posts have literally helped me. So stick around – PLEASE – buddy!


    Dansk and Family

  • Angharad


    I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I think emotions are running high for everyone at the moment with everything that is happening, and things have got a bit mad around here lately.

    I hope as Outlaw says that this is more of a break for you and you come back and say hi every once in a while.

    Take care, you will be missed


  • Satanus

    I know we are on opposite sides in the present issue. But i remember when you first came here. It was interesting to see you pick up on the 'trolls' and things really quickly. I believe that the sides that people are choosing isn't necessarily an indicator of the quality of the people. Good luck in your endeavors. Hope you make it to hawaii.


  • outoftheorg

    LB I really hate to see you leave.

    If you and other rational caring people all leave, we will be stuck with only the intolerant wierdos.

    Take a break and let all this crap settle down and then try us out again. OK??


  • Mulan

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. Just take a break. It helps.

    Please don't go away.

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