Here is My DA Letter, maybe be too long??? October 27, 2002 Dear Frank, Do you recall a certain conversation we had during one of my bible studies? My wife and son do recall this but I wonder if you do. It was at a point in my study where I was planning on getting baptized and you mentioned that I should write a letter to the Catholic Church and Jill should write a letter to the Mormon Church disassociating ourselves. At that point I sort of jokingly asked if at some point in time down the road I wanted to quit being a JW would there be any problem? You told us that it would not be a problem as at that time you were secretary of the congregation and it’s simply a piece of paper that needs to be filled out, no big deal. Of course you failed to mention that I would be shunned didn’t you? Did you omit that detail on purpose or was it just an oversight? Maybe you were afraid it would have killed the study? Now with a recent KM article encouraging members to shun their own family members and the recent pulling of an article on the JW media website that claimed that JW’s never break up families, I have to believe that I made a very serious mistake believing you or the society. Imagine that, just a few years ago I’m sitting in the comfort of my living room with my loving family and friends studying the bible, and now I could be in danger of losing the affection of my son? Do you ever consider that while studying with people? That instead of bringing them closer to Jehovah God you might instead be setting in motion the tools for tearing them apart? I’m curious if you even care or wonder about why I’m writing this letter. But no matter, many things have brought this about. Obviously one of them is the caution Christ gave his followers when he said that you can identify his followers by the love shown among the brothers. Almost laughable when you think about that isn’t it Frank. Instead of love being shared it’s usually gossip. When those pioneer sisters in your hall openly gossiped about me it simply chased my wife away too. But this letter is about me, not my wife. Then of course we have to look at servant and elder appointments in your hall Frank. I will not name anyone but you know how I feel about some of them as I’m sure you’ll recall my walking out of the kingdom hall during one of the announcements. Again you certainly have to question exactly which spirit is guiding this sort of thing. Frank another concern of mine are the failed prophecies of the society. It would seem that to be a prophet you should get at least one prophecy correct. I recall talking to you about 1914 and the best you could come up with was “well at least something big happened that year”. Well those writing fake horoscopes can fare just as well can’t they? The society claimed to be a prophet, then they had to change the meaning of prophet to teacher because it became laughable when they got them all wrong. They screwed up as recently as when I was attending too. I recall an article about changing the meaning of the word generation. But in the article it continued with “certainly the end will come before the end of this century“. Oops. A teacher teaches, a prophet prophesizes. They aren’t the same. One false prophecy makes you a false prophet every time. 100% failed prophecies, well you get the idea. Rutherford claimed that millions how living would never die back in 1925. Of course those people all died. Then in the May 1, 1999 Watchtower it was written Yes, it is true, as the apostle Paul says, that “all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now”-but not for much longer. Millions now living will see the “restoration of all things of which God spoke through the mouth of his holy prophets of old time,” including a restoration of peace, freedom, and justice to the whole human family The society doesn’t learn from it’s mistakes does it Frank. The same old prophecies over and over. Of course newly baptized ones won’t know about this until it’s too late and they’ve taken the plunge. Almost like me when I asked you about if it’s easy to quit being a JW. I find out the real truth after it’s too late. Very clever indeed. But I recall Christ’s warning in Matthew 24 where he spoke of false prophets in the last days deceiving many. In John 14:6 Jesus never said to follow an organization but “I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Then we have recent events on television about all those child molesters in the society. We know they exist as we’ve had them in Shady Cove. My concern isn’t their existence but the fact that it’s only reported in states where it’s required to be reported. This information came from JR Brown himself. That is very very dangerous. Listening to the society’s phone conversation to the elder on Dateline was very much an eye opener. Perhaps you might understand why I would rather follow the bible myself without the help of an organization that protects pedophiles. So Frank I’m quitting, officially. No big deal right? You said so when I was studying, it’s no big deal, just a piece of paper. But Frank, if my son is ever given an ounce of crap for speaking to me after you receiving this letter I am going to drag you into court. Count on that. Not the society, not the congregation, not Jehovah God, YOU. I hold my relationship with my son to be very important. Any loss of affection resulting from this will be costly to you. If a judicial committee is formed I will include them in separate lawsuits if I lose the affection of my son. I will not live a lie any longer. I want this mistake I’ve made to be over. I do not want visits and I demand that no witnesses come here any longer, other than my son. I will not accept phone calls or any other form of communication other than the written word. My mailing address is at the top of the first page. I have no ill will towards you Frank. You only do what you’ve been trained to do. I send best wishes to you and your family.