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  • Angharad
    This isn't even about supporting the war. This is about supporting the troops. Do you not care that there are some of your countries troops over there. Are you so stubborn and against the war that you are not willing to support the troops that are there fighting for you? Willing to give their life for you?
    Then I see that Simon inexplicably doesn't want this kind of thing

    The yellow ribbon is about support, wanting our kids to come back home, nothing else. Denying anyone the posting of a yellow ribbon is narrow minded and silly.

    Have you even read Simon's comments in this thread?

    To quote a few:

    When have I said it isn't allowed to be discussed? As long as things are done in a respectful way, as you say, then people are free to discuss things.
    please show me where I have denied people the opportunity of expressing their support of their country or their troops
    You seem to be implying that me not wanting to have the board degenerate into some pro & anti battleground somehow means that I am unsupportive of the troops?

    I did put up a topic saying that I thought it was possible to support the troops while opposing the war ... and kinda got shot down.

    I presume then that people do equate the two and this would lead to the kind of thing I'm trying to avoid. I just don't think it's the right place and would lead to more trouble and unpleasantness and people falling out which is what I don't want to see happen.

    I'm sorry, I do understand the point you are making and they are fair points but I just think it would be impossible if I 'allowed' this to ever draw the line on anything else. Where would it stop? What would I have to allow from others to be fair? Would I allow people to put things saying they didn't support the troops? Would this upset people? Would some want to start putting political statements on every post etc ... I can just see the whole thing becoming a nightmare.

    As an example, suppose instead of having the link on each post that I decided to put the ribbon on the site (at the top of the pages). Should I then put one next to it saying that we shouldn't support the troops? Woudln't this be rediculous and meaningless? The point is, it would only mean something if I allowed one and not the other which would mean being unfair and biased and causing more accusations of being one-sided.

    I hope you can see the difficulty and why I don't think it's a good idea. Not because I am against people expressing support for the troops as I myself do, but because of the problems it would cause compared to the good it would do. If people really want to send expressions of support then there are much better and more direct ways to do it (which have already been posted "Message to the troops" or something similar).

    Simon does support the troops and has been saying it over and over again, he just does not support the govenments and the way this war came about, It is possible to do this, all he is saying in regards to this ribbon idea is that he can see the potential for things to get even more unpleasent, because if he allows this he has to allow anyone against the war to do it, as I have highlighted in red.
  • Angharad
    You let Robdar's anti-war post go 13 pages. There were things said on that thread that were just plain mean and uncalled for

    Yes that thread did get out off hand for a while, but when Simon came back online he posted to it and warned TH about his comments. Believe it or not we dont spend every waking minute watching the board.

  • Simon

    Thank you people, for your incredible ability to ignore what I posted and just see what you want to see. It's nice to know there are such reasonable people around who will misrepresent everything you say.

    I'll put it very plainly so that you can understand:

    • I am against the war, I think it is a "bad thing" and was engineered
    • I support the troops and hope they make it home safely

    How this is difficult to comprehend is beyond me. However, as it appears that people cannot comprehend this then by your own reasoning "supporting the troops" is intimately linked with supporting the war so do not try to tell me that this is not a pro-war show and at the same time say people cannot be supporting the troops if they are against the war.

    Now, I've told you why this is a bad idea - when someone puts something up that offends YOU or is against tha war, do not come running to me. You seem to want to me able to make pro-war posts but not allow anyone to say anything against tha war ... don't you think this is more than a little biased and one-sided?

  • Simon

    BTW: Email ... is it your site that you have put the image on? I notice you haven't put the yellow ribbon on there ... why not?

  • Simon

    Well, some sites seem to think that a yellow ribbon signifies a lot more than supporting the troops and wanting their safe return:

    By placing this ribbon on your website you pledge total support to our troops and thier chain of command.

    And you pledge total support of our troops deployed or stationed in our home land.

    You stand for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and PATRIOTISM!!!!

    You place ribbons are your jackets and candles in windows to show your respect to those serving. You support any action the United States Military is involved in and directed to encounter.

    You support President Bush and his leadership and policies

  • Trauma_Hound

    Support the troops, down with the war!

  • DakotaRed

    Support our men and women in uniform and away once again, fighting for some thankless people.

    May they all return to their loved one safe and sound (sentiments extended also to those from the UK and Australia)

  • Simon
  • Simon
    ... fighting for some thankless people.

    Can't you post without being insulting?

  • Englishman

    My own feelings are that this yellow ribbon thing is somewhat an "In your face" logo. I'm pro the war as you know, but this is IMHO anyway, somewhat OTT.


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