YELLOW RIBBON : Show your support!

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  • Pleasuredome

    i definately had nothing to do with it!


    I just came across this thread and I can't belive all the fuss and RESTRICTIONS that are being placed on posts concerning support for OUR troops in Iraq. This is absolutely ridiculous!! I also wonder how differently you; who are NOT from the US or Britain, would feel if this were YOUR country at war. I doubt very seriously that you would feel the same or be using these lame excuses; for why posting a yellow ribbon is not appropriate. There is NOTHING wrong with what E-mail suggested. Showing our support and HOPES that they all return home SAFELY: THAT is WRONG and we aren't allowed to show our wishes and concerns?!?!?!?!?!?!


    I think your suggestion was a very nice thing to do. This ONE is to show my feelings on the matter.


    I respect your rules and regulations and won't post anymore. I truely feel that it is everyones right to express there feelings and opions. This is America and we have the right to Freedom of speech!!

  • LuckyLucy
  • Angharad

    No one has said anywhere that people cannot express there feelings and opinions, and no one is restricting your free speech.

    Oops edited because I cant read

    BTW: I dont hate you either Email even though we disagree on this

  • Trauma_Hound

    I hope our troops come home safe too!

  • Valis
    nilfun, who thinks this board might be due for a love-in...

    eheh me too...SLOAN, get thee to my house Georgie Porgie says..."Let's Roll!"...eheheheh


    District Overbeer of the 'Loves Loving In" class

  • Pleasuredome

    thats a beautiful american flag you've got there T-H.

  • LB
  • Simon

    k, this is finished as people are obviously incapable of "not" insulting others

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