If You Criticize A Person of Color Are You A Racist?

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  • minimus

    It’s not unusual for a racist to cry out that people are showing racial bias toward them . It’s an old trick.

  • LV101

    This ^^^^^^^^^ Minimus. You're exactly right.

  • out4good4
    As a biracial man and President, he could have eased tensions.

    ....by doing what that would've been acceptable to the right?

    The man was savaged from day one by the right even when he had an idea that aligned with theirs and relentlessly harassed by the current occupant of the WH over something as simple as a birth certificate and school transcripts (the same transcipts which by coincidence the current WH genius gets a pass by not sharing).

    Pray tell......what, if anything, could this man have done that would have been acceptable to the right?

    [sarcasm on] besides going back to Kenya [/sarcasm off]

  • minimus

    Obama CLEARLY aligned himself with radicals well before he ever became President. His associates were anti white people like the good Jeremiah Wright I believe was his name. The Reverend. He was never going to get s pass for that. Instead of always taking sides against police, he could have been a powerful peace maker. Instead HE stoked racial bias and gave his approval to demonstrators who were anti police and law

  • Simon

    Just a reminder to everyone - if you post propaganda that has been debunked, don't be surprised if your post is removed.

    Think of it as preparation for 2020 ... we're not going to be a publishing house for fake news. This is a discussion forum, not CNN.

  • minimus


  • barry

    Sorry I didn't know the term "coloured people " was offensive. The problem acceptable terms change all the time. Here in Australia the aboriginal people preferred Coloured over black in fact at one time it was racist to call a black sheep black.

  • barry

    Thought a bit of comedy might lighten up this conversation about Indians learning to speak Australian for work at a call centrehttps://youtu.be/DHQRZXM-4xIJust

  • minimus

    Barry ... interesting perspective. We have to be so careful!

  • Humphry
    If you criticize a person of color are you a racist?

    Not in every case obviously.

    Example: You tell a person of color they were being rude, or harsh for something they said or done doesn't make that you a racist even if your skin is not the same color. Criticizing some one of a different color does not automatically put some in the category of a racists.

    Now with regards our Prez telling different members of congress to go back to the country they came from or parents or grandparents came from, I think that type of criticism shows shades of racism. I'm pretty sure Trump is a racist because His dad was one he even marched in a KKK protest and by his comments to others calling women fat and ugly, grabbing them by the pussy, telling House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Md. that his district in Baltimore rat infested mess where no human being would want to live, gotta admit sounds racist to me.

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