If You Criticize A Person of Color Are You A Racist?

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  • Simon
    Not sure where you heard that, I sure haven't.

    Wow, how do you manage to block out all mention of them then?

    Seriously, they have compared border security to Nazis and anytime someone says "...woman of color" then the point they are making is about color, or else why say it?

    They make things about race. They make the charge. It's up to them to show compelling evidence or else retract and apologize and if they won't do either then they damn well deserve all the insults and name calling that come their way as a result.

    These 4 intelligent women have found themselves in the spotlight because they have been vocal about issues they are uniquely aware of. The right has basically created the grouping by targeting them collectively and they have responded with comradery with each other.

    "intelligent"? They are famous because they are stupid and outspokenly idiotic. The 64 trillion dollar "let's ban cows and make a train tunnel to Hawaii" level stupid is why they are ridiculed, and rightly so.

    But they claim racism because in their warped world, victimhood is a selling point ... and it's better than having people focus on the ideas and have to weight up if those ideas are in fact stupid. Because that's one they are always going to lose.

    These women are not victims.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Things have been ridiculous for years where I come from. At work we were being given training on not being prejudiced and not using discrimination.

    So we shown a video on a rude, presumptious deaf person being misunderstood by a receptionist who was an older woman. When it was found out how the older receptionist had misunderstood the request of the deaf person, she was given hell by her boss.

    At the end of this video the trainer asked us questions to ensure we had understood the message she wanted us to take away from this session. So I told her I had just seen an older receptionist experience age-ism and watched an intolerant deaf person act in a prejudiced manner.

    My answer upset the trainer every bit as much as when I told the elders they were contradicting the prophet Daniel. Ok, I wasn't called an apostate or disfellowshipped but it was close.

  • minimus

    The Squad is the best thing that has happened to Trump! They are so divisive that Trump looks like a very balanced man. These ladies are KILLING the Democratic Party. Any democratic leader that supports them is in reality hurting themselves. Just keep up the good work!👌👌

  • minimus

    In response to Shirley, if anyone sounds like a racist it’s you. I really think you believe everyone has it in for people of color. That chip on your shoulder will never make you see things in proper perspective. It’s too bad. It really is because I think you are a decent person. You just are so prejudiced against people who aren’t of color.

  • ShirleyW
    So no, it's not "fair game". Constant bleating about racism is just tiring and boring at this point. It's been debunked.

    So ALL I did was swap out one name for another, changed Obama to Trump and you say "that's not" fair game, just swapping out one name for another. But other folks, regardless of whom they like or don't like can state their reasons and it's fine they go on for paragraphs for their reasons why they do and don't like certain candidates or political figures, but ALL I did is swap out one name for another and that's not fair game.

    Didn't even change not one word of the sentence, just swapped out one name for another and you Minimus have a problem with me exchanging one name for another . . .

    So basically you're saying Minimus can say whatever about Obama, but if you don't like Trump keep your thoughts to your self on this site, because I just changed names in someones post.

  • minimus

    I wasn’t talking about Trump there. I was talking about Obama. Obama and his cohorts created a racial divide. He could have made race relations so much better. Instead he made people of color emboldened.

  • ShirleyW

    Min, as you can see from the post and as I stated, all I did was swap out one name for the other and you and Simon seem to have issues of me just trading one name for another which is all I did, as you can see from my post right? That's all I did, offered no rebuttal or anything, right ?

  • minimus

    So your point is exactly what?

  • peacefulpete

    minimus: Obama and his cohorts created a racial divide.... He could have made race relations so much better. Instead he made people of color emboldened.

    That might be about the best example of a sentence begging to be interpreted as racism I've seen in a while. People of color became emboldened? WTF You can't see it?

  • minimus

    As a biracial man and President, he could have eased tensions. He exacerbated things. He emboldened people of color to think it was acceptable to use the race card every time things didn’t go there way. He could have eased tension with police and minorities . He did just the opposite. He fanned the flames.

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