If You Criticize A Person of Color Are You A Racist?

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  • nonjwspouse

    Actually, "the squad" has defined any critiscism of thier ideas as racist/sexist.

    Just two weeks ago a manager at the place where I am employed criticised a black man in the same way he criticises the white men in the warehouse for not doing the job they were asked to do. However, the black man called him a racist and white supremacist for doing so to him.

    The intolerance of criticisim is the problem here.

  • Humphry

    This subject reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy: "You might be a redneck if you":


  • minimus

    Nonjwspouse... that example nails it! It’s NOT BECAUSE of color. It’s because you are doing a lousy job. It’s a cop out to simply blame color and being picked on . Sometimes a white or even a black person might be doing a subpar job. It has nothing to do with race!!!

  • rickroll

    Only a moron would say so.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You can be fascinated with fire and seeing things burn but you wouldn't necessarily be an Arsonist until you actually set a building on fire.

    As far as being a Racist, it used to be that you had to actually say or do something harmful to a person of another race before you were considered to be a racist. Now (if you believe what you hear on the news) it seems that to some people, all you have to do is disagree with the point of view of someone of another race and you can be labeled a Racist. It also seems to me that this only applies to Caucasian people.

    Hopefully most people base their view of the world on their own actual experiences, rather than what they see on television.

    I used to work with a black woman who was American but changed her name to an African sounding name, wore nothing but African headdresses and clothing, was more African than actual African people and was constantly talking in the lunchroom about white oppression and racial issues. When I came back from Vacation in Australia she asked me in front of everyone, "Did you see any black people...do they allow black people to live there?" I couldn't believe it. Race was obviously heavy on her mind but because she is Black no one would ever consider her to be a racist.

    One day I asked her "You have a College degree, have a good job and a nice home and your kids are in college....has anyone ever tried to prevent you or anyone in your family from having such things?" She said "No".

    I said " Has anyone ever actually done anything mean to you or your family because of your race" Again she said No".

    I said " Ok....I just wondered cause it seems like you may have had some really bad experiences in the past".

    I never heard her talking about race issues again.

  • hoser

    When Trump says that no human being would want to live in Baltimore he is not being racist. White people live there too. He’s just calling them sub human.

  • Simon

    Conditions in Baltimore appear to be pretty appalling. Some of it is because some of the people there appear to be lazy bums who just throw garbage everywhere and have no pride or sense of responsibility for their environment. There also seems to be more focus on preventing proper policing happening than running the city - they have lost control of the streets and the decay that follows is an inevitable consequence. Who wants to look after somewhere they don't want to be?

    Now it might happen to be black neighbourhoods, or white neighbourhoods, I really don't know. Regardless of what it is, it isn't racist to point out that conditions are bad. If anything, it's more racist to deny them and hide the fact - pointing them out and focusing attention is what they need to improve.

    If you said those areas are how they are because the people are black then that could be racist, but that isn't what Trump said, it's what people imagine he said or what they'd like to hear him say.

    But yes, too often now people use their ethnicity or other minority status as a shield to deflect perfectly valid criticisms and it's deliberate - do it enough and cause a stink and eventually people "self censor" to avoid the fallout and accusations of racism, misogyny or whatever.

  • ShirleyW
    It’s a shame that many who charge others with racism are in fact the racists intolerant of any other view. That old Obama trick is getting pretty old.

    Hey Min, how about this, that just may reflect some folks also who post here:

    It’s a shame that many who charge others with racism are in fact the racists intolerant of any other view. That old Trump trick is getting pretty old.

    That is "fair game", isn't it.

  • Simon

    ShirleyW, you're like broken record. You image you have a point but you really don't. Trump isn't the one going round screaming "racist!" for any criticism, he's the one that's driving a stake through the tired tactic, one that the democrats use incessantly, in such a disingenuous way.

    So no, it's not "fair game". Constant bleating about racism is just tiring and boring at this point. It's been debunked.

  • peacefulpete

    Sure, everyone has seen plenty examples of PC gone amok, but the spirit of the movement is good and overdue. The problem is many of those complaining about political correctness are in fact racist or harbor some other harmful ideology. Most of us have little difficulty taking a second to weigh words before talking or tweeting. Striking the right balance is a difficult thing to do within a society of diverse opinions and experience. And it will be abused by some people just like anything else. Don't get too excited, we are all aware of that possibility. Anyone involved in public service is aware of the pitfalls involved and receive training regarding sensitivities. Therefore IMO if public figures are thumbing their nose at this new guidance are probably doing it deliberately to look tough or whatever, or do actually harbor unhealthy prejudices.

    nonjwspouse "Actually, "the squad" has defined any critiscism of thier ideas as racist/sexist"...

    Not sure where you heard that, I sure haven't. These 4 intelligent women have found themselves in the spotlight because they have been vocal about issues they are uniquely aware of. The right has basically created the grouping by targeting them collectively and they have responded with comradery with each other.

    I can't imagine being them. The hate, the lies, the insults. Recent chants and tweets reflect a form of racial prejudice called "perpetual foreigner" that resists immigrant legitimacy. Trump either feels that way or he is ignorant of the realities surrounding him.

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