how do you feel re homosexuality?

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  • joannadandy

    Gay people rule!! Much like straight people! Imagine that? PEOPLE ROCK! (regardless of who they are schtupping!)

    You know what the saddest part is, most of the time you'd never know someone was gay unless they told you. (don't buy those hollywood stereotypes) It's hard to discriminate against people you can't see. Thus the scariness of gay people to some heterosexuals. THEY ARE OUT THERE...GOOD GOD, SAVE US ALL!! Or something?

    Thi-Chi: Part of being a good debater is being able to summarize main points eloquently and succinctly. (You don't have to force your audience to read a book in order to make your point, cuz those would be LONG ASS DEBATES if you made everyone read what you offer as source material-if we want to check your information we can check any sources you quote) I have no idea what you are talking about most of the time in your posts, so if you could please for my benifit and some others, re-state what you're saying? I am cornfused. Are you saying being gay is ALWAYS a choice?

    I am particularly wondering about your "slippery slope" comments. Perhaps I misread (it's been a long day) but are you actually asking someone to prove your arguement is a "slippery slope"? Isn't that itself a fallacy?? (Not sure where you were going with that).

    So if you would...give us a good two minute rebuttle of what YOU BELIEVE about homosexuals...and go~ (yeah I am a speech coach and judge

  • rocketman

    When people target other people for ridicule and discrimination based on their sexual preference (or based on anything for that matter) that bothers me to no end.

  • kat_newmas

    have no "for or against" opinion.... think there are good ones and bad ones..... but just like everything else, I think it is like a Fag.... er FAD.... think alot of people just join the crowd.... it is the cool thing to do at the time.

    however, they tend to be very protective of "family"...... and just as judgemental of straights as straights are of them. like refering to women as "fish" and cutting the "hetty's" (hetrosexuals). One extreme to the other... they are either extremely loving and caring, or extremely attitudey and obnoxious.

    *** but I really dont like to Identify someone by who they choose to love. (however they are just as guilty as straight people..... everything has to be about gay this, or gay that.) I dont discuss what I do with my wife in bed, and I dont appreciate hearing what they do with.... their's.

    nevermind--- I am just too "middle of the road" on it.

  • Farkel

    I don't "feel" anything about it. People do it. They've been doing it for thousands of years.

    Let me ask you a question, "How do homosexual practices in their own privacy affect the quality of YOUR day-to-day life?"

    Second question, "If homosexual practices do not affect the quality of your own day-to-day life, and those practices do not hurt people, why should you care?"

    Third question, "if God had had the brains to make people NOT be homosexual then why did he make people who are? Why did he make animals who carry on the same practices, if he hates it so?" Was Adam and Eve's sin so eggregious that God was so pissed off he altered the genes of some of those innocent animals he made to make them QUEER? If God did this, why did God do this?

    Fourth point, "Who gives a shit?"

    Be specific.

    I'm NOT a homosexual, btw.


  • kat_newmas

    .. farkel .. if I could only say what's on my mind like that.... I would be rich man....

  • m0nk3y

    You know what pisses me off to no end about peoples references to homosexuality ? That they only talk about it as an act, somthing sexual, if people find it so disgusting then why do they focus on gay people having sex ?!? The last thing I want to think about is a str8 couple having sex. Talking about homosexual practices is like us (gay people) focusing on str8 people having sex and looking past their emotions and what makes them the inderviduals they are. Pretty sad really.

    My sexual partner is far more than just that. He deserves to be given proper credit as do I, we love and care for each other we have families just like everyone else, we feed the cat and dog and wipe our arses just like the rest of you. Life is messy and complicated and full of fun and wonder and love. I'm not missing out on the fun in this life because people can't get past what I do in bed (or wherever else) with my boyfriend.

    I think that the reason the word gay is used instead of homosexual is because 'homosexual' is an action, being gay is about my entire life. Being human is about my entire life.


  • Abaddon

    m0nk3y; it's about love, and that's what these damn discussions tend to miss out on, you're right.

    I suppose for me part of growing up as a non-Witness was having a friend who came out, and subsequently realising that I did not find the idea of her and her girlfriend together remotely sexy, or even something that occured to me any more than it would occur to me to visulise a male friend and his grildfriend togther.

    It was just people who loved each other, friends of mine. Nothing sexy about that. It's just NICE.

    Of course, two women together is, purely based on the maths of it, a very sexy idea still, but there's not much point me being there if they're gay, in'n't?

  • m0nk3y

    well the girls may not be entirly gay .. they may be bi which opens a completely different can of worms.

    I beleive I will start a thread about other drag queens .. see if there are any other X-ers out the besides myself


  • uriah

    My gran used to say that "It didn't matter what you did so long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses".

    This is true about everything. If you have made up your mind to do something, whether it is condemnded by man or bible, you will do it, just don't flaunt it in peoples faces, do it in private.

    No matter how much Gays scream that they are living an alternate lifestyle, it is not alternate. It is perverted . The natural course is for a man and a woman to have sex, for pleasure or procreation. That is a fact. Anything else is a perversion of that fact. Homosexuals may not like that fact and they are voiciferous in saying so. It does not change the fact though. To me and many people I know, so-called 'Gay Pride' marches are testament to the fact that they are not comfortable with their chosen practises - you don't see 'Straight Pride' marches do you? (or do you? i haven't seen one). To be honest seeing (as I have done) two men kissing like a man and a woman do is repulsive and makes me want to throw up. I cannot see how a man can fancy another blokes hairy bum rather than the curves of a woman. Homosexuals have always been with us and always will be, but that does not make it right anymore than killing someone is made right just because a lot of people do it. I don't care what homosexuals do in private, just don't tell me about it or do it in public so that I don't have to see perverted acts and don't try to make me feel pressured to accepet it by calling it an alternative lifestyle. It is not. It is a pervesion. Deal with it, but not in public. Please.

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