how do you feel re homosexuality?

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  • Xander

    And chi, regarding the whole 'safety' thing.

    You DO realize that gay men can be a 'couple' without actually ever having any kind of sex? It's not common, granted, certainly no more common than heterosexual couples that do the same.


    In ANY case.....

    Being homosexual is nothing at all about sex. It's about ATTRACTION. If two people *fall in love*, why do you feel the need to judge them based on which gender they are? Humans are more than just animals, that just pair up strictly to reproduce. We evolved out of that a LONG time ago - we pair up because we find another person we feel especially close to and want to share the moments of the rest of our lives with. And if some people find that easier to do with members of the opposite sex, great! If some find it easier to do with members of their own sex (for whatever reason), hey, that's fine, too! And, if some people are just looking for 'the one' and don't give a flying f*ck what their gender is, you know what, all the better for them!

  • ThiChi

    ""The point is that you can be personally outraged by homosexuality from some long-held wacky religious belief, you can think to yourself "Ooh, Ick!" all you want, you can even believe that it's unnatural and wrong and vile and evil. And then you can take a breath, calm down, and realize that it doesn't affect you in the least. That's the moment when you realize that you've finally gotten over your little self.""

    Who has made this claim? Can you read? Who is upset over this? Not me.

  • ThiChi

    "in that sex with a minor of any gender is wrong, or sex with animals, sex with dead people, etc)."

    RT: I agree, but who draws that line? There are countries that allow some of these activities that you and I agree are wrong. See my point? Where does it all stop? Court cases have been won on these very taboos based on I can’t help it defence.

    It’s a slippery slope, as you can see, some here use very poor tactics so as just to avoid this aspect. It was worth the hits to bring this out, though most will just fall back to sleep.....

    """But then to actually say science has proven anything would be a tremendous fallacy"""

    Hey, that was my point!!

  • RandomTask

    Well I told you where I draw that line, heck some would be so extreme as to only allow heterosexuals to have sex even in a marrage arrangement if it is for the purpose of procreation! So where does that slippery slope begin?

    The fact of the matter is we don't know and we can't dictate our morality to others, I am happy that society has drawn the line where they do as a general moral consensus, but if that were to change, as it could possibly in the future (look at groups like NAMBLA) I would be worried. But as of now I don't see much of a push in that direction.

  • Trauma_Hound

    ThiChi, it's funny, I have many gay friends, not one of them is HIV+, my best friends 21 year old hetrosexual daugher is HIV+, so who's more irresponsable. I think the gay community has made many inroads to sexual responsibility, beyond what the hetrosexual community is doing.

    LB, damn the visuals! :)


    Hey folks, it's always interesting to read a thread in regards to the topic of: homosexuality.

    One has to admit, despite the differentiating opinions, it certainly does create a debate.

    Lifestyle choice? (Rayzorblade scratches his head) .

    Unless one really and truly speaks from personal experience, then perhaps they know what they are talking about. To indicate the homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, first thing that comes to mind is the fundamentalist mindset heavily entrenched in bible rhetoric.

    If you haven't heard it before, well you'll hear it again, or probably already have.

    Living the Lie, is the way to go. Trust me, I know all about it. Let me fill you in on a thing or two.

    It is better to live a lie, regardless. I was encouraged to do so. How? Well as a young JW eager to please Jehovah, I did everything in my human power, as well as entrust Jehovah to help me with my decisions and find favour with him. I was encouraged to PRAY more; STUDY the bible more often; attend more meetings; go out in service more(I auxiliary pioneered plenty); seek the supervised association with the opposite sex.

    Yes...doing everything to the T - in regards to living the Christian lifestyle. I did not cave in to any homosexual activity. To help me out with this matter, I was encouraged to have a healthy platonic relationship with a JW sister. See...'this will cure you', so I was told.

    I got engaged to this sister. Great idea, eh? Well many Christians would agree, and have a parade as a result of my decision. But like most things that are against human nature, it was a recipe for disaster.

    I studied the Bible, inside-out, back to front for years and years on end. ANYTHING, including prayer, service, study (fill in the blanks) to suppress my feelings. It was a living hell. The engagement was in full force, and the days were ticking away to a wedding day.

    TORTURE...absolute torture.

    See, this is when I made a choice: to be heterosexual, and it didn't work, and failed so miserably that is was beyond shameful.

    Choice? puh-lease!

    Lifestyle? I am still uncertain as to what this means. I am my own person, and I am myself, and I like to think I am a benevolent human being, who has friends from all walks of life.

    Homosexual agenda. WHAT THE HELL is that?? Honestly, the only people I hear saying it are fundamentalist christians. For the life of me, I don't have a clue what it entails or means. Not sure if I want to either.

    My mother said something to me one time when I told her about myself. What she said knocked me over. It was sort of to the effect of this:

    '....Ray, you have to remember, straight people brought you into this world (my parents) and we are all individuals, regardless of our sexual orientation'.

    My Mom is no prophet let me tell you, and what she said was no epiphany, she gave birth to me, and raised me, not as a homosexual, but as her child, her son.

    The person who had the hardest time excepting it: myself.

    Society at large is not particular kind towards this subject. That's no surprise.

    But I can tell you this, you can argue the causes or and reasons as to why homosexuality exists, but all the grandstanding, all the proselizing and criticisms against it, will NEVER change the person who was born this way.

    If you think it is a chosen lifestyle, you've got more than rocks in your head.

    UNLESS...unless, YOU speak from experience (personal) regarding homosexuality, and you know what I mean by that, then you've completely lost me, as well as, other open-minded free thinkers on this planet.

    I did my time with the bible and god. I punched out my time card. Rayzorblade has left the building. Working for god was a lesson in futility and emptiness, and perpetual unfulfillment.

    That's the way I am. And NO...I don't wear women's clothes or speak with a lisp. Mouthy can attest to that.

    Best wishes to all, even to those who would condemn me.

    Kindest regards, Rayzorblade.

  • ThiChi


    Hey, like I said, to each its own. From a biological perspective, I would not place my penis in someone’s s**t hole. That is just me. As e-man put it, I would rather stick a needle in my eye first, or something to that effect.

    To deny that sex is not an important aspect in this type of relationship (at some point), then we part company. To deny that elicit behavior has consequences, then we part company.

    These are my current viewpoints. Religiously, there are some aspects I still respect, because I see merit and moral worth on many levels.

    Again, I don’t really care what others do as long as it does not affect me on any level. However, my skin crawls when the "I can’t help it" viewpoints chime in.

  • ThiChi

    Hey TH:

    Who said otherwise? Please don't tell Simon on me.....

  • Valis
    my skin crawls when the "I can’t help it" viewpoints chime in.

    eh perhaps because you don't have all the facts, just like everyone else, AND that you would shudder to think you could have been born into a simmilar viewpoint due to no fault of your own. I bet there was a time in your life when you wouldn't walk into another church without your skin crawling and why? because once again you didn't have all the facts...keep growing and maybe someday you will come to see things w/less of a miopic perspective.


    District Overbeer

  • starfish422

    (((HUGS RAY!!!))) You rock.

    ThiChi, you haven't answered my question about what affect this has on your life. Why so passionate about this? Everything you're saying about it can be applied to a consensual relationship between a hetero couple.

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