how do you feel re homosexuality?

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  • ApagaLaLuz

    Again, if you want to get in to dissecting words, the subject of this thread is " How do you feel about Homosexuality?" Not "Let me pursuade you to either agree or disagree with homosexuality," or "The homosexual debate."

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I don’t feel persuaded, then you loose!

    I didn't know it was our job to persuade you. I also was not aware this was a contest where someone can win or lose. It seems to me as if you were asking our opinions regarding an alternative lifestyle. If you want to stay with your stand regarding homosexuality, then good for you. I have little or no interest in debating homosexuality as "right" or "wrong". The people we are talking about are neither "right" nor "wrong", but they do have feelings and deserve to be acknowledged and respected for who and what they are rather than treated as if they are chips in a game. If you are not "persuaded" then that's about you and your issues, not about our debating skills.

  • MrMoe

    first tiem clicking on this thread didn't bother to read a single post either i don't see why it freaking matters. Who cares what other people do in the bedroom why is it being discussed in such length? Alas, another thread to toss on my hate list.

  • ThiChi


    With all due respect, you do go around and around a lot, IMHO. (Tactically, not a bad thing!) I gave my two cents as plainly as possible, without offence. I did not start out by stating that "YOU ARE" this and "YOU ARE" whatever. Please re read my first three posts to this topic.

    I did not say...stick a needle in my eye, or anything inflammatory. Claims were made, and I questioned the reasons supporting the claim (not the person, or agenda or IQ, only the reasons given. See the difference? But why do people get so mad when questing the reasons? Read the book!).

    At any rate, to your question: This comment was the result of a "side bar" topic that came along as a claim. I agree with Dr. Peck that we have built a culture of victims that feel they have no choice regarding the path they are on. A lot of problems, sexual and nonsexual in nature, can be rooted in the dely of gratification that Dr. Peck discusses.. That is the only claim I am making, as a side bar to the main topic that went to a "I can’t help it" attitude. I provided a poll taken twenty years ago that showed most Homosexuals believe it is a choice. Nowadays, most Homosexuals believe it is DNA related. What changed? Why? (The "genetic theory" regarding homosexuals has been around for about ninety years, so we cannot claim this is new information) The article provided some reasons why. Is there only one choice to any problem? If you say yes, then we part company. To offer only one or two choices when more can be considered, is to offer a false choice.

    Religiously, I make no claim as I have no proof that the Bible is correct just because the Bible says so. This would be a faith issue that the Bible is correct or authoritative.

    Hey, I only wanted you to get the book so as to have a buddy to bounce off terms and to see how people reason, It is really fun, and the book provides all the rules for spotting fallacies and why and what can be done to get to the point, or make your point. For this forum, it is a blast to use!

    I hope you still get it! If there is a $$ problem, then I will send it as a gift. It is that good in what you and I lke to do...debate! (Or, to put it another way, to explore every side of a matter in a civilized way and to "spot" smoke when it come along!)

  • ThiChi

    Sorry, I am not a fast typer...................................

  • ThiChi


    If you would read my first three posts, you would see I did just that. I have a right to defend myself, right? I will fight for your right to do so. I can reply when people ask questions, right? That is what I did.........You know have my reasons.

  • ThiChi

    Big Tex: you are misinformed or can’t read (or both?). I was asked questions related to my work as a debate judge. Come on! Now I know how Jesus felt when everyone was looking of any reason to stone him! Yes, if I can’t be persuaded in a debate, and I am the judge, you will loose. Sorry!

    It is everyone's "job" to spot and expose pointless, poor debating! That is how you obtain good debates....

  • Valis

    thichi...I have no problem with you or talking about the subjects off topic or not...I like a good debate or argument as much as anybody does. The book on debating I wouldn't mind having...I think I understand the Peck's concept of delayed gratification, I'm just not sure why it can't be achieved with a simple answer of "I am who I am"? We could look, on a case by case basis, at every homosexual on the planet, yet not find a conclusive answer no matter how hard we looked. Even history tells us that to the Greeks and the Romans the concept of homosexuality was one of a cultural nature...why did this change? Well except for the inception of judgemental Christian views, much younger and less tollerant than either of the cultures I just mentioned, Imight add.. So where do we go from there?


    District overbeer

  • ThiChi

    Mr. Moe:

    It shows that you did, in fact not read the posts or topic. Your loss. Who "hates" anybody? I have a Brother that is Gay and I love him to death! Your brush is too broad!

  • ThiChi


    Conceptually speaking, the "I am who I am" is a trap that no one should be in. Why limit yourself? Why label yourself?

    True, Culture has had many things, good and bad, does that make it right? No. The aspect of the Family unit and its breakdown that lead to the fall of the Roman Empire is well documented. Can we agree that this aspect is important to a sound society? Where do we go from here is a very good question......I don’t know!

    The Christian culture has also provided many positives too. Many of the great inventors and thinkers where a result or byproduct of this "teaching" or influence. This Country was mostly founded on Christian Judaic principals and precepts. So too the Magna Carta...........

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