Is the WT SLOW-ly Changing the importance of the Door to Door preaching work to something more profitable?

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    It’s been a couple of weeks since a new C.O. was appointed to the circuit and I’m starting to hear tidbits of his talks.

    One brother told me that in one of his talks he asked the question;

    “If the GB decides that the door to door work should take a new turn, will you follow the direction by Jehovah’s appointed Channel?”

    He went on to explain;

    “It’s no surprise that JW.Org is having tremendous success. People are asking for Bible studies by the thousands, and no door to door work is involved.

    He went on to say that the “WT Carts” (I don’t think they call them that) are proving more effective than door to door work.

    So what can Jdub expect in the future?

    He said;

    “Perhaps volunteering in the construction work is a better option,

    And if you are not able to volunteer in construction work, then---

    You can help FINANCIALLY-$$$$, by supporting monetarily to Jehovah’s Organization.

    Couple of questions came to my mind.

    A. Are thousands of people really asking for Bible studies?

    B. Are The JW Carts more effective?

    C. Is construction and sale of Real Estate and Donations going to supersede the door to door work?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The years I was a JW, no one came up to me and ask for a bible study and

    this was before 1975.....

  • Diogenesister

    I've thought the whole shebang was moving this way for a while.

    My reasons: Wtbts fears bancruptcy and has pulled in marketing professionals (in fact professionals generally)who have told them they are wasting their manhours with unsuitable (ie shy etc)folk going d2d when their time/resources could be more profitably spent volunteering in other ways and, of course - big turn here- working & DONATING if you cant do owt else!!

    Also, going d2d pubs at risk of meeting folk like US who can easily show them proof that the WT is bs. At the carts (ususally)only interested/mad/desperate folk will approach.

    I think the anti cold calling climate does not help either. Just my two penny w'th !

  • wisdomfrombelow

    The door-to-door work is busy work. For decades it was emphasized as a way to make money. Print literature, have the publishers pay for the literature and then have them possible get back their financial overlay by the money received from the householder. As long as the publisher paid for the literature the Society got it's money, whether it was placed or not.

    Now they can no longer require a fee for the literature from the publishers so they are spending money to print it and not getting money back.They need to find a way to get money and keep the publishers busy. Carts definitely can keep a person busy but they can't have everyone do a cart. If they can get free labor from construction and give pioneer credit or make up a new term so the construction workers feel special, they will do that also.

    Door to door work might change to offering only tracts or highlighting the website where the householder can download the literature and that won't cost them much money. I don't see them getting something to replace door to door as what else can occupy so many people for so long?

  • Virgochik
    If so, this could cause the elderly to be frustrated and bewildered. My mom can't get the hang of her tablet and has been quite sour about it. I'm told she really enjoys"the ministry." If door knocking loses importance, she will really feel like she's not needed any more. Truth be told, she probably isn't, because she no longer has any money to advance the world wide jerks, I mean, work.
  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    A) Thousands (meaning as little as what 3,000) worldwide - Yes? Significant numbers compared with a) the worlds population or b) even the population of JWs? NO.

    B) They probably aren't any LESS effective since door to door is the biggest waste of time there could possibly be. I'll bet more literature is placed via the carts than on a typical weekday morning where no one is home. But is that an effective means of gaining converts, uh NOPE

    C) I think its really the only thing they care about.

    The real issue is that door to door work 1) keeps members busy, 2) allows for a shared miserable experience which helps galvanize an "us against the world" mentality and a persecution complex (if this wasn't Gods work than Satan wouldn't be trying so hard to stop us by making it difficult). and 3) provides a way to measure "spirituality" to determine if men qualify for leadership positions. Although you have some other touchstone (contributions!). There's no way that any JW thinks door to door is effective.

    That being said, I don't see them dropping anytime in my lifetime. It's one of the fundamental parts of being a JW and about the only thing the general population knows about them. It's a signature trait.

  • Tenacious

    The brothers and sisters would literally whack themselves if the GB asked them to. The mind control is that bad. Sad fact but true. Now, those that are partly awake would not do it and finally jerk back into reality.

    A - I wouldn't doubt that thousands of people are asking for studies but probably mostly from people in third world countries where they have internet cafes and are more religious and less educated. Either that or they are counting all of the studies since the inception of the website .

    B. Nope. I've seen the brothers and sisters using these and let me say that it's rare, unless in a heavily trafficked metropolitan area, they are working.

    C. Who knows. It may or it may not. When your dealing with a false prophet in power in reality ANYTHING is possible.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    Wtbts fears bancruptcy and has pulled in marketing professionals (in fact professionals generally)who have told them they are wasting their manhours with unsuitable (ie shy etc)folk going d2d when their time/resources could be more profitably spent volunteering in other ways

    I believe that is exactly what is happening. Marketing professionals are the ones directing the WT work----NOT GOD

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    If they stop the Door to door work comedians will not have any material to work with.
  • TheListener
    Imho it would be no different that when the bookstudy as a separate meeting night was cancelled. Most dubs were very happy that they had another free night. I know that a lot of families in my old hall do not have a regular family night study. If the dubs were relieved of the door to door work they'd be happy to comply.

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