What is the most bizarre counsel you received as a JW, from a JW?

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  • SoJo16
    Not to question the brother's off the cuff comments regarding the text reading at the field service meeting. She was an elder's wife but couldn't have children, which somehow gave her license to criticize me endlessly. She did take me out once to show me how her office cleaning night job was done. So I could pioneer and support myself and hate my life, yay! One of the truly sad individuals I grew up around.
  • Lieu
    Seriously? Ankle bracelets on women?
    Sounds like a dipshlt named Prouton. From the ASSembly platform he went on a rant about sisters wearing ankle bracelets concluding with this bit of asswiperery, "Whenever I see a sister with an ankle bracelet my first thought is 'tinkle, tinkle, here comes Jezebel!
    Lol!!! So he considers them Queenly, royal, yes? Jezebel was a Queen (albeit an evil one), not a prostitute. Now Rahab, King David's great gramps & Christ's ancestress, was a prostitute. Maybe he meant to say Rahab.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    not to go to the pub in the middle of the meeting if your bored

    That reminds me, I once went to the pub with a mate in the middle of a quick build. Came back two hours later after being on the double vodka-and-cokes.

    I accepted the counsel and, looking back, I guess I was a bit out of order.

  • JustMe2

    My older brother who is a prudish die-hard JW and his just-as-prudish JW wife got bent way out of shape because, while at a gathering at a couple's house, I made a comment about their dog's nipples. You would've thought that I said the F-word. I asked, "What's wrong?". My brother responded, "You said 'nipple'".
    I asked him, "Since when is nipple a bad word?". He and his wife covered their ears and made sounds to drown out the word 'nipple'. "Argh! NO! You said it again. Stop saying 'nipple'!".

    By the way, how do I highlight text that I'm pasting? Thanks!
  • brandnew

    As i am currently df,d ....a lady "sister" who never goes to the meetings , feels she needs to tell me to wear a tie. ☺ The bitch got what she deserved as she was escorted into THE ROOM 😈.

  • Funchback


    Great pic!!! LOL

  • notjustyet

    After fading for a couple of years I get a call from a brother asking me if the following rumor was true "We heard that you and your boys are watching pornography together, is it true?"

    My response,...

    "It certainly is not true!!!! You people think that a person has to have some insidious vice to be the reason to leave the organization. You don't think that there is a valid reason to leave. You think that everyone that leaves is into SEX, DRUGS or ROCK AND ROLL if they leave!!"

    I go on to ask "Live action is not considered porn,.. right?"


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