What is the most bizarre counsel you received as a JW, from a JW?

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  • Vidiot

    God, sometimes I'm astonished that the sheer number of dipshits in the WT hierarchy still hasn't caused it to collapse, yet.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Seriously? Ankle bracelets on women?

    Sounds like a dipshlt named Prouton. From the ASSembly platform he went on a rant about sisters wearing ankle bracelets concluding with this bit of asswiperery, "Whenever I see a sister with an ankle bracelet my first thought is 'tinkle, tinkle, here comes Jezebel!'"

  • ToesUp
    Reading through these makes me laugh but are sad. It just confirms even more why we no longer participate in this cult!
  • StarTrekAngel

    I think sister had her info mixed up. I read that somewhere in the 70's that was supposed to be a sign you were a swinger. Nowadays they are sold at any kind of jewelry store. This was a gift I gave my wife and she wore it for quite a few years. Until sister came about and saw it. She has not worn it since. I did the research in the WT library and I could only find two references. One said that they were worn by Jewish women with bells on them. Jewish women were supposed to walk in a way that kept the bells from making noise. In this way, they were being careful not to call too much attention with their walking style. It was a way to keep women from being noticed. If the bell made the noise, well, then you as a woman were not being careful and I am assuming any man could scold you for it. The other reference mentioned the collection of war spoil being brought to Jehovah as an offering and it specifically mentions anklet bracelets.

    My conclusion is that if anything, it was an archaic way to have women show modesty in their path (not that I agree but if I may put it in contrast with the comment from sister) and not the contrary. I read somewhere else that the custom could have been used with the opposite purpose. In other words, if a woman walked by you making noise, then you knew you could follow her to the fun. At the same time, if you are a believer, I doubt you would accept that God allowed the adorn of a prostitute to be offered to him. To be honest, I have to count the number of men that approached my wife for sexual services due to the anklet.... 0

  • LexIsFree


    I figured you were from my area when you mentioned Bro. Conti. I was in the Spanish circuit but had many friends in the English congregations and had heard of Conti. He was a character.

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  • flipper

    I was told I could NOT wear white socks to the meeting- or I'd be disqualified from carrying microphones .

    Also I was told by a P.O. elder that if my methamphetamine addicted (then wife ) didn't want my JW teenage daughters to come visit at our house- then I should visit my daughters at a park at a neutral location to accommodate my then druggie wife. Nice shepherds, eh ? Incredible

  • flipper
    Oh yeah ! One more thing I forgot. In my mid 20's a hard ass elder , a older former circuit overseer had selected me to do a part on the assembly about pioneering and I had just started growing a moustache then- about 1984. So this ex-C.O. tells me, " I want to use you for this part but you need to shave your moustache as it does not look good, it looks dirty because it's new. " So dumb me- I shaved it for the part. That's when I gave a damn what they thought. As I entered my late 20's pushing 30 - I cared less and less
  • LongHairGal

    Hi Flipper:

    These posts are hilarious and I can relate to many of them. I can laugh now because I'm out of there, but back in the day they made me angry.

    Who can tolerate this petty garbage and extreme judgmentalism??...It is truly harassment and like somebody said, death by a thousand cuts.

    Oftentimes, these criticisms came when you were feeling good about yourself. Then, out of the blue, some idiot taps you on the shoulder or you get a stupid phone call.

    I was counseled (criticized) for having a slit in my skirt; using slang/profanity; working full-time, etc. Being told by somebody who was a notorious user that "I didn't give of myself". They also had issues about anybody giving too intelligent answers at the book study. There are probably more but these are the ones that stand out.

    Oh, the poster who related the experience of the young couple who had a wedding invitation returned because they were "too young" brought back a memory. There were two weddings I knew of where certain individuals boycotted the weddings either because of "uneven yoking" or a person having been previously reproved. You can't make this stuff up.

    I can't even imagine myself tolerating this now!

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    This is my iPad now

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