What is the most bizarre counsel you received as a JW, from a JW?

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  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    When my beautiful granddaughter was born, an elder thought he was giving cautionary advice. "Now you have everything you need to fall out of the truth."

    I said, What do you mean?

    "Well it's such a distraction for your daughter, taking care of a baby, and you'll be helping her so you'll miss meetings, and then it's easy to fall out of the truth."

    I was shocked and saddened, he was throwing cold water on all my happiness. I said, "I see lots of Witnesses having babies so evidently they find a way to keep going."

    But we did "fall" out of the "truth!" And when that girl turned 14 she stood up to her father and told him she wanted no part of his religion.

    Now she has one more year of high school and she's going to uni. She's a great musician and artist and gets almost straight A's. I'm so grateful to have had a part in her life, and so glad we're out of the stupid advice cult.

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