What is the most bizarre counsel you received as a JW, from a JW?

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Here is what I was recently told by a few "hardcore/heavy" JWs: "Do not express those comments any longer. Leave it in Jehovah's hands. There are many things and situations we do not understand. This is why the Bible says that his ways are not our ways".


  • LongHairGal

    I'm glad this thread about "counsel" was resurrected.

    In reading all the new posts as well as the old ones (mine included), I am just struck by the insanity of it all. In the Jehovah's Witness religion, every idiot there feels they have the right to "counsel" somebody. Which means, when translated into English, they can give unsolicited remarks and their 2 cents worth about anything pertaining to a person.

    This includes any aspect of a person's appearance; their actions and what they say (no colorful words); a person's home or vehicle; their occupation; their education; how intelligently they speak (don't want to stumble any illiterates there); what they eat (I was told I shouldn't eat Devil Dogs); their friends and who they should or should not be seen with; their recreation which includes vacation and what movies they see; how they should react or behave around so-called worldly people (including relatives) whether at work or other occasions, etc.

    Maybe I left a few things out but you all get the picture. These are not just "rules" from the religion..These are views of meddling and jealous individuals who will end up making your life miserable if you don't act on or follow their unwanted advice.

  • Tallon
    ... These are not just "rules" from the religion. These are views of meddling and jealous individuals who will end up making your life miserable if you don't act on or follow their unwanted advice ...

    Spot on LHG. Like many others, I too was on the receiving end of some other people's unwanted 'advice' - more like unfounded criticism. To my shame I kept quiet and sucked it up for far too long.

  • EverApostate

    I was advised by an elder in India not to practice yoga, because Yoga trains us to clear our mind and if our mind is empty seven demons may come and occupy it (Mathew 12:43). Looking back, this cultist advise amuses me greatly now.

  • HereIgo

    I have enjoyed reading this thread. I was counseled against hunting, as any meat I need could be bought in the store (although fishing was totally acceptable and could also be bought in a store . I was counseled against not wearing dress shoes that are not brown or black, giving talks while wearing a non-white shirt. I was also told by an older brother that the rims on my car were too dirty and Jah's servants must be clean. Unclean servants may not make it into the new system. Mind you I lived in Arizona in the dusty, dirty desert! Cant make this stuff up lol

  • zeb

    not quite council but told that when the end came all the clergy would pretend to be farmers.. go figure?

  • millie210

    Anyone remember mood rings back in the 70s?

    All of us teenagers were told that if we wore them to the meeting for field service we would not be allowed to go unless we took them off first.

    An elders wife wore one but she was weird and got mad easily so no one dared take hers away.

    Proof right there that it is better to be prone to anger and NOT to cultivate the fruitage of the spirit - unless you want your mood ring confiscated.

  • wannaexit

    Shouldn't watch Puff the magic dragon because it had the word magic in it.

  • hoser

    Puff the magic dragon was bad because it is about cannibas which is bad unless it is prescribed by a doctor then it is still bad if you are jw.

  • tepidpoultry

    Regarding Puff the Magic Dragon, synthetic Opiates such as Vicaden and Oxycodone are the ONLY acceptable Pharmaceuticals and the preferred choice of brothers everywhere and use thereof will not affect your service priveliges, apart from that, Rutherford clearly established alchoholism as the recreational activity of choice,


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