Do You Think President Trump Is Doing a Good Job?

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  • Finkelstein

    On a scale of 10 , he's doing about a 3 .

    When I was recently in New York I took in his performance in a Broadway play, which was surprisingly pretty good.

  • minimus

    He’s a lot sharper than many here would admit.

  • ShirleyW
    He’s a lot sharper than many here would admit.

    That's funny Minimus, very funny, if you believe that I can see how you got suckered in by the JWs, they don't think for themselves and are not of sound mind either.

  • silentbuddha

    Hey blacks your males are super predators and my husband is going to make laws to target your dads and sons. Don't worry though, he plays saxophone and I carry around hot sauce so vote for us anyway.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Trumpers: “Hey, my 401K is doing GREAT!!”

    That’s the problem, they can’t see beyond their noses. Or...they simply don’t WANT to see that far.

    Bottom line...these tax cuts are a temporary “feel-good” sugar rush. Meanwhile, the deficit is soaring out of control, and any economic stabilizers will be dried up by the next recession. This, combined with big-government, Ralph Nader style protectionism and tariffs on imports, against economic & strategic ALLIES!?! What we’re seeing is NOT conservatism. Fiscal conservatism implies limited government, disciplined SPENDING, and not dictating who trades with who. Think of all the Boeing 737s and 787s sold to overseas airlines...soon coming to a screeching halt. You like your Bimmer? Good luck affording parts for it when it goes in the shop.

    All the Republicans I voted for since the 1980s were for strong defense, trade with Allies and standing up to tyrannical dictators, NOT slapping them on the back and saying how great they are. You sure as f*ck wouldn’t have caught Reagan saluting a godammed North Korean General, while telling Japan and Western Europe to piss off. Hell, why did we do the Marshall Plan?

    You Trumptards are all being played, just like the “PIMI” J-dubs out there (you know the ones).

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @ShirleyW - please look at the youtube video I posted on page 3.

    Which one would you say was sound of mind, the 35yo BLM guy or the 16yo Trump supporter?

    Thank goodness for social media. I can go on youtube and find tons of videos that show just how lame and retarded SJWs, anti-Trump protesters and other 'activists' actually are.

    I've seen video after video of independent reporters asking anti-Trump protesters what they're protesting about. Some don't answer, some say he's racist/sexist and trot out the usual 'Mexico wall' or 'grabbing them by the pussy' nonsense. And why is talk of pussy grabbing something to protest, but not BJs in the White House?

    Yes, there are some idiots who think Trump is wonderful no matter what he does. Every president has some cult-like followers.

    The vast majority of people who want to engage in rational debate are people on the centre-right and liberals who have woke up to the liberal-left.

  • minimus

    Shirley, I’m sure I can say the same about you being an exjw🤔.... great response!

  • Steel

    I live in a Canadian border town and most of life the Canadian dollar has been running at about. 75 US or it takes 1.25 to buy an American dollar. Everything in the US was about 25 percent cheaper but my purchasing power was limited by exchanging Canadian dollars. It was a wash.

    Everything in the US now basically costs the same price as it does in Canada.. There is no point even looking at buying from the U.S. anymore

    I really wish Americans knew how bad the long term results of Trump will be. He is a populist like Hugo Chavez expect he gets to screw up the entire world, not just one country.

  • out4good4

    Nice Post Sugar Shane.

    You'll be able to set your clock to the fact that when there is a democratic administration back in charge, the republican bandwagonners here will be back to the same old we're for family values-non-deficit spending-small government-don't take our guns talking points.

    Hopefully, by then, we'll still have clean land to live on, clean air to breath, and clean water to drink.

  • LV101

    minimum -- Some low remarks going on but considering they've only one political view it makes sense. Doesn't matter how corrupt. These ex brainwashed JWs who followed their cult views can't take facts or flip the station.

    Different perspectives -- sad.

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