Do You Think President Trump Is Doing a Good Job?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The economy is great now, the stock market reaching new records. Yes, but remember George Bush legacy after eight years, the worst recession in decades, after presiding over a growing economy. What will Trump legacy will be at the end of eight years (assuming re-election)?. His tariff wars don't bode well. The economy started growing and kept growing through the entire Obama and Clinton presidencies. Let's see if Trump can match that.

    As much as I dislike big government, the numbers don't lie, the economy in recent times seems to do better under Democrats presidencies.

  • LV101

    I disagree re/economy and Dem presidencies. Congress forced ole Bill to reform welfare and balance the budget. The housing horror created by Jimmy Carter, worse president in American history, (triple digit inflation), caught up under Bush's administration. Economy was solid for most of Bush's terms. Obama - oh, gawd!

    Strongest economy thus far was under Reagan.

  • LV101

    Best economy thus far - under President Trump.

  • flipper

    No, Trump's an absolute failure as a president

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I've seen that clip already, so what's your point - well, you said or intimated that Trump supporters were not of sound mind.

    I've shown you a vid that features a relatively calm, rational young Trump supporter wipe the floor with a middle aged BLM supporter - and the BLM guy was clearly of unsound mind, coming across as a gibbering retard.

    Similar situations are repeated time and again on youtube - conservatives thinking clearly and logically vs SJWs hysterically screaming "haterz!"

  • DesirousOfChange

    "If someone white said that, does it not sound racist? OF course, I didn't know you were black, that certainly puts a different spin on your comment!"

    Now, isn't THAT racist?

    A black man can say it and it's OK. But if it had been a white man who said it............

  • Jehalapeno
    No, Trump's an absolute failure as a president. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    Absolute failure?

    Words have meanings, Flipper. Stop guzzling the absolutism kool-aid.

    Here are four things he succeeded at that I'm happy with.

    1: Tax-cut bill

    - I know how much leftists like you love taking people's money away from them, but Taxation is Theft, and letting me keep more of my own hard-earned money has improved my family life for the better. You probably haven't experienced the benefits of this bill, though, because you live in tax-happy California.

    2. Revoked the Individual Mandate of the ACA

    - I pay for health insurance for my family because it's what I should do. However, I don't want the federal government by law requiring me to pay a private company money. It sets a bad precedent for control of individual finances.

    3. The Economy

    - Consumer confidence at 17-year high, more than 2 million jobs created, mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7-year high, unemployment rate at 17-year low, signed the Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act, investment in America's economy from major businesses (FoxConn, Toyota, Ford and others)

    4. First President in office to publicly say he would support legislation for the decriminalization of Marijuana.

    - I'm 100% on his side for this, although I eventually want it legalized for recreational use.


    Now, whether you like these things he's done or not, you can't say he's an "absolute failure" as these things were part of the platform he was elected on. He's been successful in making headway on his agenda.

    Now, if your measure of success is "does everything I want and does nothing I disagree with", then there's no helping you.

    There are things Trump has done that I disagree with. I don't like his Twitter personality (although it is entertaining to see people get so triggered by it). Though I think we need to be tough on trade, I don't like him negotiating tariffs in the public eye. That approach should only be a last resort. I want him to be tougher on Human Rights issues with our allies and enemies. The most I've seen him do is condemn Syria and Iran. He needs to also condemn Saudi Arabia and China.


    I don't have Trump Derangement Syndrome...I don't have Social Media (deleted all my accounts) so I don't get worked up through a feedback loop of an echo chamber. I call Trump out when I feel he's wrong (Syria Strikes).

    I would love to vote for a more classically liberal candidate in 2020, however the only front-runners the Democrats seem to be promoting are far-left idealogues that promote Marxist ideology.

    If my choices are between Trump and a far-left Marxist like Kamala Harris, I'm voting for Trump again. At least he's in favor of the individual over the collective.

  • ShirleyW

    LoveUniHateExams - Tat's a clip with two people have a conversation about him. TWO people. What does that have to do with all the millions of misguided, unsound people who voted for him?

  • minimus

    Doc, your comment about racism is exactly what I was thinking of. 👍👍

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Its not Trump that disturbs me. I knew he was going to be a clown show. It's the people who CONTINUE to SUPPORT him that is most unsettling. We are losing our humanity in this country by the day. This is no longer about differences in political views (conservative vs liberal), ideologies, sensibilities or culture. Continued support of this administration suggests a fundamental disconnect with your own humanity and a gross lack of cultural understanding and sensitivity to the world around us. I look at anyone who supports Trumps with a side-eye. Chances are you are NOT a person of color. If Obama did even a fraction of what this train wreck of an administration has done, he would have been impeached and his administration run out of Washington. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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