Do You Think President Trump Is Doing a Good Job?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Trump is the worst possible president...except for all the others...and I predict he will be reelected.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The Tweeter in Chief is obviously doing a "good job" for somebody. He's putting on quite an interesting show in the process. Some are of the opinion that The Trumpster is doing precisely what his multi-million dollar campaign donors have required of him, however, it is probably way too soon to know whether he's working for the common folk in a big way. It appears that Trump has bought into the Corporation U.S. dream of controlling the whole world in all aspects. Most would argue that his efforts to unmask the "Swamp of Deep State actors" has been a positive move but that his ramping up of sanctions and starting the trade war with China and Europe could be disastrous. We may be heading for a very bumpy ride later this year and next.

  • Bad_Wolf

    To be specific I think the wagons are circling Trump and he knows it.

    They have been since he was on campaign. Hasn't stopped him or those not blinded by media lies.

    He is doing more than any president I can remember. I like most of what he is doing. The only things I do not like, 1. didn't prosecute hillary like he said he would. 2. increasing military budget, etc, with everything else we are getting cuts on.

    I'm glad he is being more strict on border and illegal immigration and not letting USA get trashed like Europe. Hoping the left/demos current strategies to get him out on the fake kid separation stuff doesn't work.

  • Not_Culty
  • LV101

    Bad Wolf -- I hear you about Ole Hil! I don't think he's had time to deal with Horror Hil as she's been dealing with him along with her corrupt system. As far as I know he doesn't have authority to prosecute her without the DOJ -- he could apply pressure on the Attorney General and as we know our DOJ isn't exactly about justice! Let's hope the country endures this liberal horror story.

  • blownaway

    He seems to be sticking to what he said he would do. I voted for him with reservation. Hillary is a liar and opportunist. She is for women rights until it gets in her way and bill uses a woman for a humidor then she has to take the girl down. She did the same to the other women bill rapped or used. From Benghazi to the email scandal she has proven she only cares about he own power. About the only big thing I don't agree with the right on is health care. We need a national single payer system. Obama was a Muslim sympathizer, I don't know that I believe he was one but he did sympathize with them. He ran around apologizing for the USA. The USA has done more good for the world over the 20th century than most other countries combined. I will be voting for Trump should he decide to run in 20

  • WTWizard

    Maybe he is doing a lousy job. But would KILLary have been any better? Just another case of jumping out of the Dump frying pan into the KILLary fire. And I wonder how many people would be in the gulags with KILLary, or if the whole nation (and Canada) would have been a full communist country with forced RFID chips for all under KILLary.

    Of course, such a statement would offend George Scumbag Soros. That piece of puke wanted KILLary in office to start World War III and to impose global communism.

  • justme

    yes, i think he is doing a pretty good job getting things done,but he does come up with some funny stuff like the newest, a "space force" he wants as a 6th military branch--maybe Darth Vader will fund it...

  • Wasanelder Once
  • startingover

    Yes. He's doing what I expected and more. I wish all the obstructionists would get out of the way.

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