Do You Think President Trump Is Doing a Good Job?

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  • Steel

    Harley is just announcing they moving a factory to Europe to get around tariffs and the increased price of metal.

    The ship Building industry in America announced they will finished in about two years due to higher steel prices the rest of the world doesn't have to pay.

    China announced they will placing a 25 percent tariffs on US beef and pork for Trumps tariffs. Don't worry, there is l.4 billion mouths to feed.

    Fed rises interest rates and the Dow dropped 400 points. My mortgage payments get bigger and my pension just got smaller.

    At least I will get job in a Nike factory or a steel mill.

    One week in Trumps America.

  • FedUpJW

    Anyone who can protect the children must be good.

    It must be true, here is a picture of it.

  • Simon
    Comedians adore him. Endless material.

    They are not comedians. Comedians are meant to make people laugh. They just rant to get easy applause. Rather sad really and evidence of the bias in the media in that they are all the same politically.

  • Steel

    I just love reading the comments section on right wing news websites about the Chinese tariffs.

    " we need to limit the flow of foreign goods to prevent communism😂".

    " we can pay our farmers to grow crops they don't have to plant if the Chinese put tariffs on our agricultural products."

    " i don't care if a Chevy cruise costs twice as much as a Honda Civic , as long it's all made in America ".

    I literally feel like I am back in the Kingdom Hall.

    " it's more important we obey the slave than understand the bible."

    I really do see the attraction of ex Jehovah's witnesses members to Trump. Sadly I do.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Only a "crazy" person and a Narcissist would aspire to the Presidency.
    That's about as obvious a statement as I could write.
    The least crazy and the least Narcissistic among history's Presidents have been ineffective.
    Having said all the above, there are 3 things to consider, IMHO, about the election of Donald Trump.
    1. Bernie was deliberately undermined, cheated, and robbed of the Democratic nomination. This was because President Obama had cleaned out the finances of the party and left it bankrupt and that opened the way for Hillary Clinton's crew to completely take over the running of the Democrat organization in all her corrupt splendor.
    So, Bernie, though wildly popular and defeating Hillary over and over, got screwed.
    2. The Democrats had taken the blue-collar workers and minority voters totally for granted as far as their vote is concerned. Over a period of years, Democrat candidates were losing, losing, losing, over a 1,000 seats nationwide. (Hint: A TREND).
    3. Hillary disdained the intelligence and integrity of the blue-collar crowd just as Obama had done. "Basket of deplorables" and "They cling to their guns and God" are examples of that disdain.

    The ONLY thing that could make people vote for Trump was that Hillary was a KNOWN corrupt liar with decades of malfeasance on record working against her being at all sympathetic. She was treated as above the law by the F.B.I. and her contempt for abiding by the rules of handling secret documents astonished just about everybody.
    Trump was just as much a liar and a truly awful character--BUT--he had one big + working for him. He wasn't Hillary.
    He flipped the old saying, "The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't know."
    Voters held their noses and pulled the lever the way a losing gambler drops his last quarter in a slot machine and whispers a prayer to Fate.

    The Russia-colluded-with-Trump storyline is total bullshit.
    All the stories published have turned out to be scuttlebutt, rumor, lies, fake unnamed sources, and malarky.
    Rachel Maddow told Santa Claus stories to irate Liberals and pumped up her ratings--but--she has no evidence--only imagination to back up her purple prose.
    The Muller investigation has had to move heaven and earth to rack up face-saving points by turning to attorneys and businessmen who were naughty and squeezing their nuts until they shook nickels out of their pants pockets.
    They can't afford to issue a final report until AFTER mid-term elections because there's no "there" there and all the hysteria will undermine the Democrats "We are the Opposition" nonsense.

    Trump is no better or worse than many of the U.S. Presidents of the past.
    He made the elite furious because they pumped up his chances by featuring him with extraordinary free access to public attention during the candidacy period (they were thinking he was so awful he'd make Hillary more saleable.) The Dems helped elect him! They can't accept it was THEIR BAD JUDGMENT cheating Bernie and running the Clinton crime family.
    So, what do I think of Trump?
    He's a horrible embarrassment, but no worse than George Bush in that regard.
    His peculiar approach to policies might work simply because nobody else has tried them.
    America's political system was designed by the Founding Fathers for the explicit purpose of neutering a man like Trump.
    Most of the damage done so far has mostly been by the hysteria and bad Faith over-reactions of his opposers suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    His "fellow Republicans" pretty much hate his guts. He's destroyed the Republican Party. have the Democrats destroyed their party as well.

    If Bernie runs again (despite many efforts by Democrats to castrate him) he will probably lead a Social Justice victory landslide.
    If Democrats run Maxine Waters, Oprah, Hillary or the usual gang of idiots...well, Trump will be back for another 4 more years.

  • Steel

    I just read BMW and Boeing nixed plans to expand production in the US.

    If you can't use foreign made parts in the assembly process and you sell internationally without tariffs, there is really no point.

  • em1913

    You know who Trump reminds me of? There was another prominent figure on the American scene, oh, about eighty years ago -- a loud, arrogant, vulgar man who preached righteousness despite his dissolute personal habits and his lust for power and the trappings of wealth, who treated women with disdain except when he was trying to bed them, who surrounded himself with a cult of personality, and who cultivated in his followers a delusional, paranoid view of the world.

  • Steel

    I think all that really matters is our market driven pensions and savings plans are going down and our mortgages are going up.

    Pretty soon soon the dollar store will be the Five dollar store.

    All so I can get a job at a Nike factory. They will be flying off the shelves at 9000 dollars a pair.

    Sad Americans can't see though the bullpoop

  • RubaDub

    The reason many Americans like Trump is that they can relate. He’s real.

    Min ...

    Yes, he is real.

    A real asshole.

    Rub a Dub

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