If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • Simon
    She's acting in terms of popular support which can manifest itself in the form of defiance against the law

    Many groups "defy the law". That isn't a measure of being "right" or not however much they try to claim parallels.

    The ones that defy the law because they want faster change seem to be the ones that end up in the right. They are the ones who convince the general populace that change is due and general opinion catches up with them. It's what happened with Civil Rights and now it's happened with Gay Rights.

    The people who defy the law and want to keep the status quo - the segregation, the white-christian dogma etc... are the ones who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future or forced marched with a national guard rifle in their back. They don't want anyone who isn't exactly like them getting on their bus, going to their school or being allowed to have the considerations and rights that they have.

    They can protest all they want, they always die out or shrink to become such a minority that they become just a minor curiosity and a punchline to a joke, never a serious force. Kim Davis et al are the KKK of their generation - in another 10 years they won't be able to fill a local town hall.

  • Fisherman
    I don't think she''ll do #1, couldn't take #2 and so #3 is inevitable.

    Forced to resign

  • Fisherman
    They can protest all they want, they always die out or shrink to become such a minority

    That has been the pattern and seems to be what is sequitur.



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  • Fisherman

    But just being there not doing her job obeying the Court being accomodated is defiance. Her accomodation is defiance.

    A public official who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution is mocking the Supreme Court with her "accomodation," refusing to do the job that she was elected to do, wanting her name removed from the documents. is defiance. Even not doing her job not interfering with her deputies violates her oath.

    How is she upholding the Constitution? How is she defending the Constitution? She is mocking the Supreme Court. I say that as an impartial arbitrator. I think the smart thing for her to do is just be there obeying the Court not doing her job laughing at the Supreme Court, inspiring others to be like her. Even, if she did, she would not last very long there not doing her job. That is what I think. What do I know.

  • kaik
    Fisherman, you are trolling. The law is very clear why she ended in jail. She went there for contempt of court. At that point it was irrelevant that she refused to issue license to four couples from which two were gay/lesbian. She was ordered by federal judge to do so, and she refused. She willingly disobeyed federal judge. There is little else explaining to do.
  • Fisherman

    Kaik. She is not wearing an orange jumpsuit. She has not complied with the Court Order (the judge let her out because her deputies are doing it) and the Court does not require her to do her job, and they will take her name and title from the certificate. How sweet. Why does't she just stay home and have them mail her paycheck there.?

    Take a break, Kaik.

  • Fisherman

    It is late, I know your job never ends but come on earlier, we can chat.


  • Viviane
    But just being there not doing her job obeying the Court being accomodated is defiance. Her accomodation is defiance

  • cantleave

    It seems other religitards are refusing to do their job ..............


    A Muslim flight attendant has filed a discrimination complaint against American airlineExpressJet after she says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers.

    Charee Stanley, who converted to Islam two years ago, says it is against her faith to drink, buy, serve or even carry alcohol, and that she just wants to be able to do her job with the airline while honouring her beliefs.

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