If she doesn't comply an orange jumpsuit is in her future

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  • Viviane
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    This might be useful in arguing the case against Kim Davis.
  • Simon

    Great graphic Viviane

    It is perverse that she is claiming she is being persecuted for actually *not* being allowed to persecute and discriminate against others.

    She is a million miles away from MLK ... but then most of her support buddies with their "you will burn" signs are a million miles away from the teachings of Jesus that they profess to follow.

    They are ugly, hypocritical people. Huckerbee is of course fully supporting them. Let's hope it's the Duggar kiss of death.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "She is a million miles away from MLK...'

    Polar frigging opposites.

    I highly doubt anyone's conspiring to assassinate her, for one.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I highly doubt anyone's conspiring to assassinate her, for one.

    I personally wouldn't waste a 37 cent bullet on that oxygen thief. I wish her sentence involved being forced to work for gay rights.

  • DJS

    A sign seen outside Ashland Ky where Ms. Davis resides. Ashland, which sits on the Ohio, River just across from Ohio and W VA (the only state completely within the Appalachian region), is 95% white, under-educated when compared to the rest of the US, blue collar, coal-mining, bible thumping fundies. If you took a map of the Appalachian region and used a ruler to find the smack dab right in the middle of it, you would be about 10 miles from Ashland. They can't even spell in the armpit of Appalachia.

    Sorry, I've been watching too many episodes of "True Blood." But really, is it even possible to watch too much True Blood?

  • Viviane
    I'm watching True Blood right now while booking travel.
  • DJS

    True Blood has The best opening song/video EVER - "I want to do bad things to you."

    No, really. I do.

  • Fisherman




    Above are some links to news articles about the topic on this thread. Below are some excerpts that I found interesting from these articles. My comments are in blue

    ""Civil rights are civil rights and they are not subject to belief," said Yates, who had been denied a license five times previously."

    "April Miller and Karen Roberts, the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit that landed Davis behind bars, got their license around midday. Miller emerged in the bright sunshine holding her license above her head while Roberts let out a joyous whoop as supporters cheered."

    "Rowan County attorney said the licenses were valid. U.S. District Judge David Bunning said he did not know if the licenses were valid but ordered them issued anyway."

    ".she will not authorize any of her employees to issue licenses in her absence."

    Seems that she is still in power and the licenses that were issued could be valid because of the power she invested in her deputies.

    "But Bunning said couples will have to decide whether to take that risk on their own."

    No risk if they just went to another county (HINT HINT) This judge seems very impartial to me

    "Casey Davis in Casey County and Kay Schwartz in Whitley County — also had stopped issuing marriage licenses but have not had lawsuits filed against them."

    And THE LAW has not forced them to comply. HINT HINT

    "Kim Davis has been resisting suggestions that her deputies issue the licenses because her name appears on the certificates"

    " ..or her deputies must issue the licenses but stayed his order until this past Monday as she filed an appeal with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati."

    Seems that it ain't over yet, not only because of any of her appeals but also because of the issues relating to her case. JW would not have pushed to punish.

    She also says that "to issue a marriage license which conflicts with God's definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience."

    Davis also it's is not "a gay or lesbian issue," but rather a "matter of religious liberty, which is protected under the First Amendment."

    Attorneys for the two gay couples who originally sued in the case have asked U.S. District Judge David Bunning to hold Davis in contempt. They want Davis punished only with fees, not jail time.

    How sweet.

    Two gay couples have asked a federal judge to punish a Kentucky clerk who has refused to issue them marriage licenses by fining her, but not sending her to jail.

    ..............hearing for the gay couples to present evidence...........

    Instead of going to another county to get the license, they went out of their way to to go through legal proceedings to get Davis punished.

    Ermold said: "We're not leaving until we have a license."

    Ermold shouted: "Tell her to come out and face the people she's discriminating against."

    As it was posted previously, all they had to do is go to another jurisdiction to get their license and this woman would not have been punished by the government. It was not the government that wanted her punished.

    The system is designed to keep elected officials in power, in-spite of what they choose to do (otherwise they really would not have power.)

    Maybe they are afraid to impeach her (pink slip for not doing her job) because doing so would violate Davis Civil rights.

    It seems to me, that hat homosexuals, having been murdered through out the world for their beliefs, and criminalized in the US [until their substantive due process was recognized as protected (their "fundie" rights) .] and hated, and loathed, would know how it feels to be punished.

    What I have read in the news articles on the net is not that government is going after Davis for not doing her job, but that gays went after her and demanded that she should be punished.

  • Autumnation4414

    I can't believe her lawyer mentioned MLK and this religious nut's name in the same sentence. Utterly sickening.

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