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  • beroea

    You said you like me lives in Europe and love the mountains and a climbing. Do you sometimes come to the “mekka” Chamonix ou Mont Blanc in France to climb? If you do serious climbing does it gives you a metal boost and sometimes an even a religious experience and feeling? Why do you climb if you do?

  • BurnTheShips

    The Hillary_Step of 4/13/01:

    Extremism and conviction walk as dangerous companions in any facet of life, whether this be pro-religion or anti-religion, pro-WTS or anti-WTS and unfortunately it seems that the damage done to many of you by your experiences within the WTS has left with deep emotional issues and many others with challenging practical problems to contend with in life. This is very sad and my heart goes out to you all, I am sorry for what has happened to you.

    The Hillary_Step of 12/31/2007

    On the contrary, I am serving the needs of the online community by identifying the pretentious little phoney in action. As to information trading, well, I do give important posts some time as my history evidences, but trivial pronouncements by a confused religionist will certainly not attract much attention from me except for boring "little barbs". :)

    We have come a long way now, haven't we.

    Full circle.


  • startingover

    I'm glad I caught this thread this last day of 07. These old threads get buried real quick, and somehow I forget to access the old threads of posters I admire. I will have to take the time to look back in time more pften.

  • Odrade

    He may have come a long way (if you say so *shrug.*) I don't know about the "we" thing you claim though.


    HS..That is the first time I have read this thread my friend..Wow!!..That brings back some memories about how Tuff this place used to be..LOL!!..How times change.....It`s the New year Bud!..FireworksFireworksNew Year 2New Year 2FireworksFireworks.....My best to you and the Mrs!...........Clint Eastwood...OUTLAW

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Well, I know I certainly got a kick out of reading Hillary's very first thread! Your knack for raising the ire of the irrational mind was in place and highly entertaining, even back then. It seems the angry feminists of 2001 have turned into the angry delusional religionists of 2007.

    The circle of crap is complete! Happy New Year Hillary!


  • John Doe
    John Doe


    Forgive me if bumping an old thread violates forum etiquette--I do not keep up on such matters.

    Having read some of your recent posts, I thought I would check and see what your background is here. I see that you were an elder for 20 years at the time of this thread, but you saw the problems with the organization at the same time. You also suggested that you would explain more fully later.

    Are you still an elder? Did you ever explain why you chose to be an official in a religion which you did not believe in? I have not looked through all of your threads, being numerous as they are, so I thought I would post my question here.


    John Doe..The answers you are looking for are in this thread.............................HS..Bud,I still get a laugh from this thread....Farkel thought you were a Troll..LOL!!.....Wasn`t Tina a firecracker?!..I wonder what she`s up to?............Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • slimboyfat

    Wow I never read this before!

    Hillary Step a Christian?

    Clearly HS's manner of expression and clarity of thought got off to a good start, and just gets better. At the same time it is somewhat reassuring to see how someone so apparently firm in present convictions has evolved over the while. My respect for you increases Hillary Step.

    Someone suggested it might be bad form to resurrect this thread as if HS might be embarrassed. I hope not.

    In my own post history the nonsense came thick and fast from the get go and endures to the present - and thankfully is not so scrutinised.

  • hillary_step


    Are you still an elder?

    No. I got out many years ago. I am now one of 'yer standard XJW athiests.

    Did you ever explain why you chose to be an official in a religion which you did not believe in? I have not looked through all of your threads, being numerous as they are, so I thought I would post my question here.

    Yes, I explained in great detail in numerous other posts. I am certainly not going to spend time rewriting what I did then, but it is all a matter of public record. Despite its more combatitve and vigorous environment, which would these days have the 'cuddly club' weeping uncontrollably, the Board was imo a much more interesting place then. It was informative, challenging and entertaining. It is no secret that I believe that if the chat utility was cracked open again on the forum most of the tittle-tattle and rubbish posts would disappear overnight. The forum to easily used as a chat facility. Your recent posts are a very good example of this John.

    My online personna, honed by years of excellent debate has changed a little. My real life personna has alas has seen no changes.


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