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  • hillary_step

    I am a new to posting on this board though I have been actively reading your posts the past while and I thank some of you for the interesting viewpoints that you have verbalized and that I have enjoyed thinking on. I am still an active JW, in fact an elder of 20 years standing hence my need to limit information about my personal circumstances. I have served in a number of countries in Europe as a Pioneer and Elder over the past three decades. I realized many years ago, in fact in the mid/late 70’s, that what the WTS basically represented was just another extremist Christian philosophy, one of many around the planet. Like extremists in any situation, the WTS by definition will always feel the need to guard its borders by any means for the ‘good’ of their adherents. As long as we have a voice and are convinced about our own ‘truth’, then we are all open to behaving as extremists ourselves and frankly even some posters to this board are not exempt from the very motivation that seems to have driven the WTS since the 20’s. Any who feel the that GB are motivated by anything other than a total conviction that they are Christ’s right hand will never understand their mentality and subsequently their entrenched modus operandi. These men are very hardworking, deeply committed and totally convinced that they have the enormous responsibility of taking care of Christ’s interests upon the earth. This is not a viewpoint that can be reformed, as it is one that the very premise of an exclusive organisation is built upon. The WTS are unhappily caught on the barbed wire fence between Judaism and Christianity and are having great difficulty disentangling themselves from the theological turmoil that they have created. The ‘pattern of healthful words’ has become a turgid mantra that many seem to be finding harder to utter with each passing day, though it has to be said that most Witnesses are in my experience not terribly interested in doctrine.

    Extremism and conviction walk as dangerous companions in any facet of life, whether this be pro-religion or anti-religion, pro-WTS or anti-WTS and unfortunately it seems that the damage done to many of you by your experiences within the WTS has left with deep emotional issues and many others with challenging practical problems to contend with in life. This is very sad and my heart goes out to you all, I am sorry for what has happened to you. I am especially sorry for those who have had their love and affection for God and Christ blighted by their association with the WTS. Unhappily, I am quite sure that these experiences can be duplicated by many others caught within equally extremist philosophies, both political and religious throughout history. Thankfully many of you are young and will find your own road in life once some sort of closure is achieved, to the older ones, who strangely seem more philosophical about their experiences in the WTS, I salute your instincts to survive and polish the crown of your collective wisdom.

    I appreciate that it may puzzle most of you as to how I have been able to be part of and indeed support an arrangement for so long when I have been well aware of its theological and social flaws. As time passes I will try to explain this issue, so please bear with me. Needless to say, I have found in life that nothing is completely good nor completely bad. Some of the most wonderful good hearted people I have met have been JW’s and some of the most spiteful and deceitful that I have rubbed shoulders with have also graced this strange collective edifice. Is this experience any different from any other organization, religion, business, political party, neighborhood, indeed individual? I suspect not. Every man or woman is capable of everything and I feel that motives are absolutely everything in life. It is our true motives for which we will be judged and as an attempting Christian I wrestle with this issue daily as all of us, Christian or not should. Somehow, we must all find a way to leave this world a better place than we found it and we can address that aim wherever we choose to stake our claim. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Bless you all

    ‘Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted’

  • RedhorseWoman

    Welcome, Hillary. You have posted some excellent points. I, too, believe that there are many within the organization who are not only true believers, but who are also wonderful people in their own right. What angers me is that in order to retain friendships with those people, one must live in chains. The WTBTS allows no freedom to think, no freedom to "be". The only acceptable way of life is that which "they" determine. I was slowly suffocating, and I could no longer ignore the hypocrisy I saw. I had to make a choice, and I chose life. The organization that forced that type of choice upon me and others needs to be exposed for what it is.

  • Martini

    Hello Hillary,

    Welcome to the board. I agree with much of what you say although your situation coupled with waht you describe does indeed puzzles me. I suppose I personally will be suspect until it becomes more clear as to what your 'motives' are for posting here. Anyhoo what you said about the extremist belief shared by many individual JW's throughout this Century has to be the main reason why so many others have also believed, such as myself.I have been told often that I myself was an extremist, you know the "live in tents until the city with a true foundation was setup" mentality. At the turn of the millenium I became One disillusioned zealot. A few clinks on a keyboard, months of contemplation and voila NO MORE pipe dreaming, hello to reality. Yes I would describe the whole JW movement as fanatical... a complete losing sight of reality. Thank God the Internet will yet save countless individuals from the masters of illusion that is The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Again welcome and I look forward to your insights,
    Thank you,

  • Tina


    You said,"Is this experience different from any other organization,religion,political party business,neighborhood?'

    It sure is. The majority of other religions,businesses,political parties,etc. do not enforce medical policies that endanger and kill,as the wts does.
    They do not tear families apart with an emotional and psychological abusive shunning policy.
    Putting religion aside,the others do not claim to speak for god.
    Other religions create and administer charitable programs,which the wts does not.
    I dont see the extremism on this board as much as I see people speaking the cold hard truth about the wts and its policies.
    Nice attempt at excusogetics here.
    Those who have left and recovered from your cult do not see everything as extremist,or black and white. Actually thats how jw's see things,,,you're seeing things thru your wts mind filter'
    Of course many struggle,everyone is at a different phase of their leaving and recovery. If the wts didnt have such extremist policies,the emotional damage wouldnt be as great as it is for some....the responsibilty of this belongs on the shoulders of the wts and not the people who left.
    Just MO FWIW,Tina

  • COMF

    You're "Friend", aren't you.


  • Tina

    Hey Comf,
    Sure sounds like the same rationalizing,from F doesnt it? lol,T

  • Moxy

    welcome hillary. you seem to have a very fair and honest approach to things and that is a quality i respect. you also write very well, im sure that i would enjoy your talks. look forward to hearing more from you.


  • hillary_step


    No I am not 'FRIEND'

  • larc


    I am glad that you feel comfortable coming here and having dialogue this us. I agree with an earlier post. You are a good writer, and I am sure that I will enjoy what you have to say in the future.

  • COMF
    Needless to say, I have found in life that nothing is completely good nor completely bad.

    So you feel that serial rape-murder has its good points?


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