VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    And one more thimg. Until the Mexican authorities crack down (which I cannot see happening in the foreeable future) on these illegal workshops and cartels and stop handimg over the arms our Government entities give them, those illegal weapons will comtinue to flow across our loose borders.
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    Thanks for that information about the illegal gun manufacturing activities in the Mexican city of Warez (Juarez ?)

    None of it, though, comes as any surprise. Even with an ordinary "jobbing" centre lathe, fabrication of a firearm is not a difficult exercise. However, any halfway decent light engineering works is going to also have such machine tools as Numerical Control (CNC) and/or Turret Lathes - not to mention Milling Machines - with which it would be possible to almost mass produce illegal guns.

    Furthermore, in many Third World countries (including the one I lived in for 17 years), it is not at all difficult to get the authorities to turn a blind eye to such activities.

    Glock, Remington and Winchester, eat your heart out!


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "Do you believe the the rampage shooting we have seen over the last two decades amount to more deaths than all other non rampage shootings in America?"

    There have probably been a few hundred deaths from rampage shootings throughout the past several decades. While I don't have any figures to back it up I believe that deaths from non-rampage shootings are much more numerous. There are thousands of firearms related deaths in the US every year. I think that rampage shooting number into the 100+ range.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    Yes I love Krav Magra because of how simple and efficient it is. No fancy Bruce Lee shit. Just bare-bones common sense fighting that even frail,old ladies can use to great effect. Imwas an insteuctor for many years after I first learned the basics during an exchange program with the IDF.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    have you been to Peshawar?

  • Fisherman

    bare-bones common sense fighting

    JWS do not fight or carry guns for protection. But if they did fight, the safest method is at a distance.

  • Simon
    So, leave the likes of Glock, Winchester, Remington, Stirling etc. out of it (At the same time, stop castigating all firearm owners, such as myself, too!).
    These reputable manufacturers are by no means the only source of firearms.
    Sorry, Simon, but your claim does not stand, after all!

    Except the news isn't that people are shot with AK47's etc... they are shot with brand name guns. Where are they from? The fact is that most of the weapons used in crimes are not from across the border or from ISIS or wherever. They are firearms originally purchased legally.

    That is the deep, murderous hatred that Fox News and assorted conservative psychopath media have been inspiring for years and its effects won't be limited to random individual murders.

    I agree, they are now the ugly party of xenophobic idiots trying to rip the country apart. Fortunately, they are dying out. Idiot white man's days are numbered in the US.

    The current Trump popularity is a symptom of the death throes of the Republican party. The party that though Palin was VP material. Unelectable clowns.

    Do you believe the the rampage shooting we have seen over the last two decades amount to more deaths than all other non rampage shootings in America?

    Rampage shootings make the news. The sad thing is so many people are shot and killed and unless it's a black man by a white cop, no one will hear about it. They are symptomatic and a headline gauge of the main problem though.

    I caught a fact on the news today but only half heard it. It was something like "more Americans have been shot and killed by firearms at home than all US deaths in all the wars fraught since 1968" (so Vietnam in there).

  • Simon

    BTW: has no one factored in that guns are not a great defensive weapon?

    Sure, they are great if you have people on senty duty or 5 armed guards around you. But for personal protection, they are not that great. If you have seen the demonstrations from recent police shootings showing how fast an attacker can reach an armed officer, you realize that they are not the cozy security blanket people make out. Even well trained officers with weapons at the ready are challenged by someone running at them.

    Guns are an attacking weapon. They are perfect for picking people off, for being the aggressor.

    If you are truly concerned that you may be shot, wear a bullet proof vest. It has a far better chance of saving your life that the gun shoved up your arse.

  • Fisherman
    Guns like drugs are distributed because the government allows it. They put on a show, but if they wanted to put a stop it, they would.
  • Fisherman

    Besides for sports, etc., The two reasons for owning a gun is to commit crimes and for protection. How can a person feel safe in their home without a firearm in case some nut breaks in in this day and age. Criminal paradise when citizens are unarmed. When a person wants to commit a crime with a gun, he will find an illegal one if they are outlawed.

    Problem is that risk of injury with guns in every house is greater than the chance of an occasional intruder. Same goes for carrying legal guns. More deaths if everyone had a legal gun. The risk is greater because there are more guns. Safer for law enforcement when everyone they encounter with a gun is a criminal. No problem to kill someone with a gun because they are criminal for having a gun to begin with.

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