VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • Simon

    Are the gun manufacturers illegally selling them? If so, shut them down. If not, my claim stands.

    Assuming Glock or whoever is a legal and reputable company (right up there with Philip Morris) then there is a problem with the supply chain or the consumers.

    Illegal gun owners don't get them from a different factory.

  • Simon

    Mentally irresponsible is when someone kills and doesn't realize they have done wrong. Literally, they could sit next to the body wondering what all the fuss is.

    All the legal attempts at claiming it usually fail because their client planned or ran or tried to cover things up. I.e. they KNEW they were doing wrong.

    This guy knew. He wasn't mental. He was a fucktardigan.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Sorry Simon but I have to disagree. Mexico is riddled with arms fabrication workshops. Imhave,personally visited two in Warez. One had 12 and the other seventeen imcredibly skilled artizans capable of producing almost exact copies of some of the most prized handguns like the SiG P222 as an example. They functioned beautifully although the quality comtrol is sketchy at best and sub-par materails are used so I wouldn't expect the lifespan (particularly the barrel) to last more than a couple humdred rounds and I sure wouldn't be tempted to try any "hot"loads. Each workshop was producing roughly a 80 firearms a month. It would have cost me $300 for the P222 copy. Since I was not searched on my return to the States I could easily have brought in several had I have wanted to risk it (I was not in Warez for that pupose, I was there on personal security detail for an electronic goods businessman who feared for he and his partner's life). But these firearms are flooding across the borders in the hundreds every year. Then their is the issue with our Government entities supplying American made assault weapons to the Mexican authorities who in turn pass them onto the Cartels - particularly the Los Zetas -in exchange for protection and favors, which of course also end up crossing into the US and used against our law enforcement personnel (the USBP officers murdered by Los Zetas using those very assault rifles). I have seen some of the handguns seized by law enforcement and there is no doubt they were products of those workshops. Of course a comsiderable number of illegal weapons have been procured through theft, often due to poor owner responsibility. I do believe the law is way to lax on irresponsible gun ownership, almost pathetic. Criminal negligence doesn't even come close to describing the nature of this crime. Even a zip gun is a firearm and they're made with rudimentary items found at a Home Depot and thug high school kids love building them, how can you term those as starting off as legal? But to state that all firearms started off as legal firearms is pure ignorance.
  • Fisherman

    You can be mentally ill and still be criminally responsible.

    In a lot of countries, it depends on how much money you can pay and what friends you have. In the US, it depends on how much money you have to pay for your defense, if you belong to a religious group with political ties, if it is a high profile case, who the victim is, and other factors. It is not about whether it is a fact that you are mentally sick, it has to be shown that you do not know right from wrong or did not know right from wrong when committing the crime. A big issue I have been reading about in the news is how many crazy people are thrown in jail with everybody else.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "I think that like never before, there are a lot of angry people in the US for a lot of different reasons...Maybe everybody is going crazy, but I see a lot of angry people wanting to get back."

    I refer to it as Republican mass psychosis and it is a fire that the American right wing media has been stoking for decades. They are both psychotic and psychopathic in their lust for power.

    An example is the murder of two policemen that took place in Nevada. Jerad and Amanda Miller had previously gone to the Cliven Bundy ranch to join in the standoff with law officials. Bundy was the rancher that wanted a free lunch for his cows and refused to pay grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management.

    Some time after that stand off the Millers went to a pizzeria they killed two policemen, draped their bodies with a Gadsden flag (The yellow American revolutionary flag with a rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread on Me"), pinned a swastika on them and a note that read "The revolution has begun."

    That is the deep, murderous hatred that Fox News and assorted conservative psychopath media have been inspiring for years and its effects won't be limited to random individual murders.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Illegal gun owners don't get them from a different factory.

    You are assuming that all firearms can only come from "legal and reputable" companies".

    In actual fact, it is not too difficult to make a firearm:

    - all you need is a model-engineer's sized centre lathe (such as a Myford "Super 7", for example), some basic engineering materials, plus some rather basic metal working skills (such as I myself possessed by the time I was 12 months into my apprenticeship).

    I have seen this done first hand. Eleven years ago, while working at a site in Papua New Guinea, we had to sack several employees in our mechanical workshop, after we caught them doing just that (at the same time confiscating and destroying their handiworks). And .... I can bloody well assure you that they were doing was illegal! Had those weapons ever made it into criminal hands, they at no time ever would have been "legal" firearms.

    Furthermore, there are certain parts of the world where this is done quite openly. A notable example (but not a sole one) is the city of Peshawar, in Pakistan. In the bazaars of that city, gunsmiths will make you a perfectly functioning replica of just about any firearm you choose - from a Boer War style British issue long barrelled Lee-Enfield 0.303, to an AK47 Assault Rifle, and everything else in between. (More than a few such illegally made replica 0.303s have turned up in this country - with Peshawar being the most likely origin). The only time these weapons are ever going to become "legal" is if a licensed firearm owner takes an advantage of a "Firearms Amnesty" and gets the weapon legally registered. But they definitely never ever started out life as "legal" weapons.

    So, leave the likes of Glock, Winchester, Remington, Stirling etc. out of it (At the same time, stop castigating all firearm owners, such as myself, too!).

    These reputable manufacturers are by no means the only source of firearms.

    Sorry, Simon, but your claim does not stand, after all!


  • freemindfade

    Village idiot

    Do you believe the the rampage shooting we have seen over the last two decades amount to more deaths than all other non rampage shootings in America?

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Just to add some points that really piss me off about some firearm owner:

    1) Firearms are not "toys". If you refer to your firearm as a toy I want to crush your windpipe because it's assholes like you that hand an eight year old girl a submachine gun and expect her little muscles to control it, resulting in an instructor's death.

    2) If you do not own a certified gun safe in which you keep your weapon locked up when not in use, you have no business owning a firearm.

    3) How about you lose your fat beer gut, learn how to fight with your body ( I recommend Krav Maga) simce most of your issues with other human beings cannot be solved with your 12 inch barrel Colt Anaconda.

    4) Stop associating firearms with machismo. Your balls couldn't give a rat's ass what a bruiser you are with arsenal. Besides there's nothing manly about shooting guns when thousands of armed rebelss in Africa are under the age of 12.

    5) Firearms are tools. Treat them with respect and enploy them in their correct capacity.

    6) While hunting don't shoot at movement until you have a clear visual of the animal. And wear blaze orange except when hunting turkey. Its scientific fact that deer, elk, antelope, carribou and moose cannot see blaze orange. I have never in all my life witnessed more reckless and hazardous hunters as one is likely to find in New York. Why i isn't state law here to wear blaze is mind-boggling.

    7) do not consume alcohol while using firearms. Do that near me and I'll assume you are a threat to everyone's safety and I'll personally neutralize your threat with the butt of my rifle, and believe me I won't care about the legal consequences.

    8) Stop associating religion with firearms. Bullets couldn't care which god you worship.

    9) Because you own weapons and hand load your own ammo, it does not qualify as a combat expert, so stop prancimg aroumd at gun shows and NRA events kitted out like Croatian Rambos. You look sad, pathetic and I won't trust you near me with a weapon.

    10) Hollow,point ammo seldom post-penetrates leaving an exit hole themsize of a melon. It's a myth. Hollow,points are designed to expand and dump all their energy within the body so if there is an exit wound it is not football sized.

    11) stop associating yourself with anti-illegal alien hicks, all,it conveys is you would like to kill them all if you had your way.

    12) Stop saying "proud" gun owner. There is no achievement in owning a firearm. Either you own one or you don't, you sound like a complete moron.

    Keep these twelve points in mind and you'll at least not contribute to the "ignorant hick, inbred, overweight tubs of lard" image that's being painted by you.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Bungi Bill:

    Now you are an example of a well informed firearms owner. Good on ya mate!

  • freemindfade

    Krav magra (aka jew karate ((always sunny in Philadelphia reference)) is a good choice. The Israelis know a thing or two about conflict. It's a very efficient martial art.

    And those 12 points were excellent. I think the folks outside the US and even in places in the US see (from media and tv) the gun nuts. That's not everyone here as SSC has demonstrated.

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