VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • steve2
    It is tasteless to somehow make a link between his JW connection and what he did which is plainly inexcusable. Why not rail against a secular society that makes the beating of arms a universal right?
  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    Well, after the machete JW attacker at the airport, and the elder who killed his own family before that, and all the THOUSANDS of sex abuse cases out there, all combined with the fact that the JWs are a fraction of the size of bigger mainstream denominations/religions....I don't see how there CAN NOT be some correlation between these incidents, and the ultra-high control cult that is the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    But yeah...there are plenty of nut jobs of every stripe. And easy access to guns in the US doesn't exactly help.

  • WingCommander

    Owning firearms IS a right. If not for arms, we'd still be bowing down to the Queen of England. No thanks!

    Guns aren't the problem; nutcases obtaining them thru theft is the problem.

    Only a very, very small minutia of people kill other people with firearms in this county. More people are killed in automobiles by drunk drivers. The news media's constant portrayal of "gun nuts" 24/7 is what is causing the hysteria and copy-cat effect.

    Israel and Switzerland (high ratio of gun ownership) ? You don't have these problems. It's also social problems and race baiting going on. I love to target shoot (I don't even hunt), and I'm not giving up my firearms because of thugs bein' thugs and ruining it for everyone else.

    Being raised a JW probably most definitely messed with this guy's head. It's a freakin' CULT! What, you think he got all "normal"? Ummm......NO.

  • freemindfade


    I have done an interview like this before and I can tell you that you do have tunnel vision from the nerves, I thought the same thing then I remembered doing one myself and I would not have noticed much.


    I don't think its tasteless. This board is about Jehovah's Witnesses after all. There may be no direct connection as to why he did this, but i think you are being a little self righteous on multiple levels. Come back down here with the rest of us. Its very interesting when you think of the physiological implications of being raised in or around a CULT, and when someone flips out.

    I have to agree with wingcommander, this country has a serious mental health shortfall, and also a lot of zealots. Let me tell you from a full on criminal perspective that if you want to get a gun you WILL get one, legal or not. Its a pointless discussion. make things illegal all you do is create a market, and someone is going to get rich off supply and demand.

    Guns aren't the problem; nutcases obtaining them thru theft is the problem.
  • cappytan
    And, of course, this thread had nothing to do with gun rights until someone opposed to those rights decided to bring it up.
  • Dumplin
    Watching news events like this with my dad when I was still a JW, and asking him how he felt about this world, he would say :"bad things happen". This was a man who survived over 3 years of bloody battles fighting from N. Africa up thru Europe into Germany during WW2. So I suppose he knew what he was talking about. Murder is a common denominator in human history. Not much you can do about it. It's horrible the misery they leave behind.
  • WingCommander

    Honestly, I don't want to talk guns vs. no-guns. This man could have had a Samurai sword and walked up and decapitated / stabbed these people, as oblivious as they seemed to be.

    He was nuts. He was also probably paranoid (everyone out to get him, keep him down, etc). This is a common trait of high-control groups and Cults - PARANOIA and the "Us vs. Them" mentality that they shove down your throats from the cradle to the grave. He may have thought these people had demons in them and were trying to hold him back in life......persecuted by white demons, etc and in his disgruntled mental state, up and killed them.

    And like one poster stated above, all of these cases of murder by JW's is really high. Is it any wonder? Cult members (and ex-members) tend to be depressed, anxious, paranoid, schizos, angry, suffering from PTSD, etc, etc.

  • brandnew
    Like Ice Cube sang......" IT WAS A GOOD DAY" ..till i heard about depressing...all bad.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    He was cornered on a highway by law enforcement, when he then ate his own barrel. (suicide).

    I read that he shot himself and is in a critical condition. Hopefully his self-inflicted injuries will prove fatal.

  • cappytan
    I read that he shot himself and is in a critical condition. Hopefully his self-inflicted injuries will prove fatal.

    Hopefully they EVENTUALLY prove fatal...but not yet. He doesn't deserve it that easy.

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