VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • cappytan
    It all seems a bit like being in a American cult...

    wow. Ugh I'm with FMF. No amount of facts or reasoning matter for the anti crowd.

  • wozza
    And Walmart is taking semi auto weapons off the shelves - wow -got to start somewhere I suppose
  • ssn587
    High control group dubs, wondering if he had influence from Islam another high control group? Tragic for the victims and their families. Also gun owners will again be ostracized. Blame the culprit not the tool.
  • whathehadas

    As soon as I heard the news this morning, I knew what arguments would be brought up on this board. The same crap every time. This is not a case of mental health or gun control. The guy was angry, he knew who he wanted to kill, and he killed THEM. How is he no different than the gangsta who goes out and shoots people? This shooter, from what we know, had no mental history. He was disgruntled and had a vendetta. I'm tired of mental health being thrown around these cases. There are people who really need help of course, but some are driven by emotion and can act out their feelings. He knew what he was doing by filming it and using social media. The violent culture and media in America are to blame the most. We got to look at the whole picture and not focus on one area

  • Simon
    Again America is huge 320 million people. Don't let the scale scew the facts

    You know what "per capita" means, right?

    No amount of facts or reasoning matter for the anti crowd.

    We welcome facts and reasoning because both are on our side.

    The only argument for guns is blind adherence to an outdated ideology.

    He was disgruntled and had a vendetta. I'm tired of mental health being thrown around these cases

    I agree completely. This is NOT mental illness. The mentally ill are unfairly stigmatized by having morons given their label to excuse putting them in other boxes for politically correct reasons. The mentally ill are rarely dangerous.

    He was not mad - he put a lot of effort and planning into his murder spree. He was an obsessive racist jerk who appeared to WANT to be a victim in order to sue people and ended up believing his own twisted rhetoric.

    He was not mentally ill, he was just an ugly person who got a gun.

    If the definition of "mentally ill" is 'doing evil things' then it excuses the nazis and every other mass shooter or serial killer. They are not mentally ill, they are evil and loathsome excuses for human beings.

  • rebel8

    He had so many issues with coworkers over the years at many jobs, making false accusations that they were out to get him and calling him names. @ one point, his employer directed him to seek medical attention or he would be terminated. Once, he was fired and had to be removed from the premises by the police.

    He claimed Jehovah told him to do it.

    Yes, it could be just anger issues. But...there is a legitimate suspicion that this was a mental health issue. Consider this: paranoia (everyone is making racist comments about him), command hallucinations (Jehovah speaking to him), delusions of grandeur (saying those other mass murderers are "his boys"), bizarre behavior at work (former employers state this) and aggression characteristic of several common mental illnesses. It's well within the realm of possibility.

    Now we will probably never know for sure, since we can't have him diagnosed now.

  • rebel8

    why is it ok to kill someone who is mentally stable but not someone who is mentally ill?

    Who is saying it is?

  • wozza

    Is it then, that people live in such a dangerous environment in America (or anywhere else with so many guns available) that they feel the need to protect themselves with weapons ?

    There are unstable people here too, but I'm glad we restrict who gets guns in my country to limit these type of events. Just trying to understand what goes on over there and the thinking ,

  • whathehadas
    Everybody has a mental issue of some sort, if we claim paranoia, anxiety, etc are symptoms for being that. If this is true, EVERYBODY needs mental help. Life has up and downs and can affect people in different ways. I'm not a medical expert but I think some behavior is tied up more in a person emotional state. If a person is too angry or too sad, they can do some crazy things. Sure you can correlate emotions with mental health but is it true in every case like this? A thug, who's mad at society and mad about his life, goes out and kills some people. Is he mentally ill?
  • Tenacious

    Okay, this has gone from WTF to Oh *hit!

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