VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • flipper

    ORPHAN CROW- I see your point about " mental illness " but I think it's splitting hairs over terminology. I truly believe in the physical world that there are physical illnesses that one cannot be healed from- what makes us think that there aren't MENTAL illnesses that one cannot be healed from ? The word " illness " doesn't imply that an " illness is totally curable- or treatable-" as MANY physical illnesses on this planet are NOT treatable. Why would some forms of mental illness be any different ?

    Your comment " psychopaths are not sick- their condition is normal to them " . Yeah, the governing body think they sit on the right hand of Christ too- and it may seem "normal " to them - but to most sane people on the planet - they are considered nut jobs. I feel that yes the Virginia shooter ( had he not committed suicide ) should have been held accountable for his actions as well as Ted Bundy was. YES they knew what they were doing in a violent manner- but they were OFF, SICK, or DEMENTED in their heads- opposite of a normal, sane, functioning human being . No matter WHO commits a crime I believe there should be some form of accountability whether the person is " mentally ill ", " twisted ", " sociopathic ", or " psychopathic " - there needs to be accountability. If a person is " mentally ill " and can't control or know what they did- then that is why there are psychiatric institutions run by some prisons to keep them in in certain states.

    People who commit murder or violent crimes can be totally mentally insane- yet appear normal and deceive the general public- and THAT is the point I was attempting to make in my post on page 19

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The only thimg I can say I really have experience in life about after serving almost my entire adult life in the military as an instructor and as aweapons platform adviser in the private sector, is weapons and tactics. Having watched that first person perspective I can say with almost certainty, whether the reporter had been armed or someone nearby the odds of preventing this tragedy would have been very slim indeed, unless he had walked the entire way to their position with his firearm exposed. Even so, he was in such close proximity to the victims had a fourth party been armed he would have done well to hesitate on taking a shot. Even an accurate head shot seldom stops in the cranial cavity and would likely have passed through and possibly hit one of the three victims. Even body shots with semi-jacketted hollow points are still capable of post-penetration. Poor folks were doomed the moment that loser showed up with his firearm in hand.
  • rebel8

    Felons can't get guns. Period.

    They can't legally possess guns.

    They absolutely can get guns though--easily. In my state, people can sell each other guns on Craigslist, in their garages, or anywhere else. They are not required to do any background check whatsoever. It's up to the felon to not buy the gun, not the other way around.

    FFLs require a background check, but they are not the only way guns are legally sold.

    Here, no license is required to purchase a gun, and business owners cannot even stop you from packing heat unless they go through extra hoops to accommodate you by providing a gun locker and posting special signs.

  • Simon

    Newsflash: all illegal weapons start out as legal.

    Either dishonest or careless owners make them available to felons.

    Tell us again how responsible the responsible gun owners are ...

  • freemindfade
    Not true Simon. Do you have any idea how many illegal black market manufacturered guns cross the southern border? Not registered. Not legal. These probably account for many more deaths that are not happening in these theatrical mass shooting and on the inner citt streets.
  • rebel8

    Mentally ill people cannot help their actions or often even realize them.

    True in some cases at certain junctures when symptoms are at their worst.

    As a behavioral health clinician, I had a patient confess murder and another violent crime to me. I asked him why he didn't kill the 2nd victim and he said he stopped because he knew it was wrong. This was a person who was very obviously mentally ill by anyone's observation--always acting and dressing bizarre. I talked to him about turning himself in to the police. He agreed he should be locked up and acknowledged his acts were wrong.

    That is my most "not cognizant" example of a patient-criminal. My others had a greater awareness of their wrongs and ability to stop them.

    There is a saying in AA that is good. "You are not responsible for your disease, but you are responsible for your recovery."

    True, the difficulty with mental illness is getting the person to be aware of the problem and accept help. This is true of most humans who need to change something big about themselves--we don't like change or admitting something's wrong.

    This guy reportedly had persecutory delusions and command hallucinations, indicative of the most serious level of illness. He refused help--not unusual. It's unfortunate no one forced him to get help before he became violent.

  • Fisherman
    I think that when someone gets angry, it affects their thinking. I think that like never before, there are a lot of angry people in the US for a lot of different reasons. Religion, and conscience and values and stuff like that served as a soberer and restrainer of people, but not anymore. I think that eventually, "all hell is going to break loose". There is going to be chaos in the streets and a violent uprising of people in general. I think that it is people's sense of justice ( they feel that they are being outraged, ) that gets them angry. Given, you cannot please everybody and there is always going be some nut lashing out feeling that everybody is against him. Maybe everybody is going crazy, but I see a lot of angry people wanting to get back.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Not true Simon. Do you have any idea how many illegal black market manufacturered guns cross the southern border? Not registered. Not legal."

    As a pro-gun person I must ask you what proof do you have that there is a large number of firearms being fabricated across the Mexican (?) border making it's way to the US.

    "These probably account for many more deaths that are not happening in these theatrical mass shooting and on the inner citt streets."

    How can you come to that conclusion without hard figures on the numbers of firearms smuggled into the US compared to firearms that are made there?

  • GrreatTeacher

    You can be mentally ill and still be criminally responsible.

    James Holmes of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was schizophrenic. But, he was found to be criminally responsible, I believe because he showed elaborate planning.

    The mental health definition of mentally ill and the criminal justice definition are different.

    There's no way Vester Flanagan would have gotten off by reason of insanity.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    all illegal weapons start out as legal.

    In this country, not the case. Most of the illegal weapons in circulation were smuggled in, rather than stolen.

    It's got a lot more to do with inadequate "Border Security" than a lack of responsibility on the part of legal firearms owners.


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