Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The Rebel ( Q ) " can you present any evidence man landed on the moon?"

    Viviane ( A ) " yep, I can show evidence. What's your point?

    Now the irony.

    freemanfade " Moonlanding agnostic over here. something happened in 1969 involving the moon. I'am just not sure what"

    Viviane ( Q ) "what evidence have you looked at?

    If I were to answer on " freemanfade's" behalf :-

    ( A )" Yep, I can show the evidence.Whats your point?

    ......oh the irony, but I must say it's great to know that Viv has some fascinating information which can prove that man landed on the moon, and I must apologise for the sneaky, unprincipled way I asked her to reveal it, which was by way of a direct question.

    The Rebel.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Why do people think just because man hasn't been back to the moon in 40+ years, it must never of happened? That is faulty logic. After the Apollo missions NASA went to reusable shuttles that were incapable of reaching the moon. It is also very very expensive to reach the moon and the ROI is nill. Who is going to spend 150 billion dollars to collect rocks that we already possess? This is why American government is providing incentives to commercial companies to enter the space program. Unless we establish a colony on the moon there is no reason to return.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well shortly after the " moon landing" American Airlines announced they were planning on future commercial trips to the moon. I believe more recently Richard Branson had similar ideas.

    The Rebel.

  • freemindfade
    @adjusted no no. The aliens said "don't come back @$$holes"-Neil Armstrong
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well I can put this matter to bed once and for all simply purchase my " Moon Binoculars"

    With their amazing precision lense, they are perfect for viewing the " American Flag" on the moon, If you are not a moon buff, they are also ideal for spies, voyeurs and perverts.

    Fantastic value- and if you are not fully satisfied please send them back within 14 days, I won't be the least bit hurt ( as long as I can keep YOUR money)

    The Rebel.

  • Razziel


    The aliens said "don't come back @$$holes". So I punched 'em in the face. -Neil Armstrong

  • punkofnice

    Ah...don't worry about that...worry about the Mars Crab. Ahaaaaa..they tried to deny it....but it's a facehugger comin' to get us.

    Image result for mars crab

    I am of course joking....

  • DJS
    Prologos: There you are. We have been expecting you. There is no need to hide; there is a veritable feeding frenzy of theorists right now. Come on in, the water's fine. Theorists only bite rationals and empiricists, so you're safe: "Perhaps they retired on the hush money NASA had to pay after the successful fake?"
  • kepler

    What a topic.

    No, I did not participate directly in Apollo 11, but I participated in spaceflight.

    As to proof of Apollo landings, what can I offer?

    I watched the last flight (Apollo 17) from the closest point to the launch pad as a guest. My instructor in college had received tickets for our class for teaching the same course In celestial mechanics to the astronaut corps, including those on board and who preceded them (the next time I would get nearly that close was the second launch of Shuttle Endeavour). It was a dark and (admittedly) moonless night where you could clearly see the Pleiades and the launch had a false start. After a hold it went up so thunderously I held my ears and struggled not to close my eyes. I watched the Saturn first stage yellow flame fade in brilliance to a yellow star and then watched the two subsequent LOX hydrogen stages burn a steamy white. Practically, the whole insertion into orbit was visible. I have seen and talked to two of the crewmembers subsequently. One of them I was introduced to during a conference on planetary science. A number of us were looking at an exhibit depicting the Lunar Rover used on his flight when he happened to walk up behind us. Beside being an Apollo astronaut, Harrison Schmitt was a geologist.

    As time went by I met and worked with other astronauts in day to day work. A few times I had a microphone passed on to me as the next speaker, including from one of the Apollo 11 crew. Aldrin and Collins were not as reclusive as Armstrong.

    Following Apollo 17 ( within a year or so), I worked with people who participated in the moon missions while we were working to design and develop Space Shuttle engineering models. Some of this work for was derivative: adapting Apollo guidance, navigation and control algorithms to model the Space Shuttle's flight. Legacy operations for the big coverup, I guess.

    I watched the continuous live coverage of the moonwalks. Apollo 11 was obviously grainy, but Apollo 15 definitely was not. The initial flight and landing as cinema did not compare very well with the contemporary 2001 A Space Odyssey, but later Apollos such as 15 gave the film a run for its money. And if they were films, the features went on for days - not hours. Does anyone remember press conferences in flight where the astronauts floated around the cabin as they fielded questions? A few weeks after the Apollo 15 crew was done they ended up as guests at the engineering school I attended for the football homecoming. A number of the Apollo astronauts lived in my neighborhood when I lived in Houston. They also wrote memoirs about their training and flight...

    As was pointed out, the sites of the moon landings can be seen from lunar orbiters. Upper stages of the Saturn V that supported the flights, some of them have escaped earth's gravity but return in periodic orbits to be observed by astronomers, not long mistaken for near earth asteroids since they have a reflectance typical of titanium oxide ( white paint).

    Yes, I suppose there are significant gaps in my personal proof of lunar landings. I wasn't walking behind the Apollo 11 astronauts, though a number of my neighbors and colleagues did so from mission control stations that were long in use for other space flights.

    As to whether there is any equivalence in believing this to accepting the JW belief system, I cannot say. I never believed the JW system. It just intruded into my life within the last decade. It forced me to examine things I never bothered with before - and I have shared my observations on this forum.

    As to whether I have ever been fooled by belief systems that were not true, the answer is "yes", of course. But most of them have been easier to shuck off. Probably there are some more that I am as yet unaware of. Fortunately, most of these things start out as mysteriously not well explained and that there is so much more to be understood.

    On the other hand, when I consider the science fiction that I read as a child or adolescent: about space travel, about planets around other stars, about the nature of the moon's other side, the surface of Mars, the moons of the outer planets and the asteroids ( especially Ceres), I have lived in an age of exploration that has not done so badly about giving shape to those dreamscapes. ... I am thankful to God for that.

  • punkofnice
    The more I read this thread is the more I suspect a bit of an 'april fool' scenario.

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