Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • Viviane
    The "c" on the rock really has no explanation, although it could just be random and not man made.
    And that's how I know you've not really looked into it. It absolutely has an explanation. Were I you, I would look it up :)
    There is an interesting Apollo 17 photo that shows a still packaged moon rover, and tracks, this is kinda odd.
    I've no knowledge of that and a cursory google search yielded nothing. Can you provide some info? I am genuinely curious.
    also the black and white feed, would they not have recorded color film (maybe not for the live feed, but for the record?)
    That's an assumption on your part, that something should have happened without looking into what happened and why.
    There are more people who get crazy over shadows and lighting, but i have no clue about this madness, so I'll leave that one alone.
    That's also easily explainable and another way I know that you've not really looked into this.
    Not to be rude, but your agnosticism seems to be literally "without knowledge", there is tons available if you look.
    Where is the color footage?
    Uh, here, along with dozens of other places. That literally tookme less than a minute to find.... http://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/around-the-web/rare-apollo-11-footage-remixed-and-in-hd/?no-ist
  • freemindfade

    Ok wait, let me start at the bottom here and work my way up, your link did provide what I asked for color footage. So I said the wrong thing let me rephrase for my error. Color footage of the moon landing and moonwalk. Unless I skipped over it somehow that was not in the footage, which sorta seems even more suspect since they have color footage of everything BUT the moon walk. No?

    And also the scorched launchpad was freaking awesome! I could sit and watch that for a while and Im not even a pyro. bad ass.

    yes I am too lazy to care about the shadows you are correct lol.

    Not sure how but we need someone with more interest than me to check the authenticity of this photo

    WARNING IRRATIONAL STATEMENT 3....2.....1.....And the "C"in my mind is unexplained, there are pics where it is there and pics where it isn't my irrational gut feeling tells me NASA has a propensity for altering pics... i have no solid basis for this. :)

  • freemindfade

    No need to apologize for rudeness to me either. I don't take it thay way. I expect you to keep me sharp Chica. You can bust my [email protected] all you like. I won't get butt hurt.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't believe the moon landing was a hoax. Aside from all the evidence proving that man really did land on the moon is this one little common sense practicality aspect that is lost on the conspiracy theorists: It would actually have been easier to land men on the moon than to successfully fake landing them on the moon. Faking the moon landing with so many people involved and keeping it quiet would be a much more daunting feat than actually landing people on the moon.

    The Mark: NASA could have faked the manned part of the mission. In other words, send a spacecraft to orbit the moon a few times and come back. It would be difficult for Russia to really know if these were manned or not, especially once in the vicinity of the moon. So Russia knows that a spacecraft was sent to the moon but wouldn't be in a position to disprove if there was actually someone there or if they had landed.

    Why would NASA go through the trouble of sending a space craft all the way to the moon to orbit it to fake a moon landing? If they would go so far then why wouldn't they just put the men on the moon and be done with it? I mean, you make it sound like NASA had the obsessive psychotic goal of duping everyone just for the satisfaction of it, by not putting men on the moon while convincing everyone that they did - even at the cost of going through all the work and expense of sending actual spacecraft to the actual moon, which in itself proves that they were well within the capability of putting men on the moon in the first place! Is that reasonable? By way of illustration, it's like saying a man faked getting shot in his bullet proof vest by boring a hole in his vest, shooting a round in a barrel of water, retrieving the slug and positioning it into the hole he bored in his bullet proof vest - when it would have been a lot easier to just shoot the vest! Come on!!!

  • TD

    So I was fooled by the witnesses. What can I learn from that? Not to accept things at face value but to seek out opinion and different view points.

    I mean this kindly, so please don't take it the wrong way.

    You state that you were fooled by the JW's. Don't stop at that point. Keep going. What was the nature of the deception?

    The JW's are one of the biggest conspiracy cults on the face of the planet.

    The entire religion is predicated on the notion that a tiny, select group of individuals know the, "Truth" while the vast majority of humanity is hoodwinked and led by Satan whether they realize it or not. Enlightening others about this grand conspiracy is arguably the very reason for the JW door to door ministry.

    Exposure to that way of thinking for any length of time is a mind 'effing, because it permeates your every waking thought. That is not something easily cast aside. You are going to be vulnerable for years to come. Some people never get over it.

    If this topic is truly of interest, you might enjoy visiting an observatory with a laser ranging facility.

  • sir82

    The JW's are one of the biggest conspiracy cults on the face of the planet.

    This is why I love this site. I read things that I've never even considered, but that make enormous sense.

    And of course this helps explain why so many JWs are into "alternative" medicine, avoid GMOs and aspartame, etc. - also results of a conspiracy-theory molded mind.

  • DJS


    When astronomers from around the world want a precise measurement, they bounce lasers off of 1 of 3 retroreflectors left on the moon by Apollos 11, 14 and 15. They're exactly where NASA says they should be. Mythbusters demonstrates this before your very eyes.

    This type of data should shut the brain dead theorists up, but it won't. And sir82, spot on.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    T.D thank you for the comment. I assure you I started this thread because the subject is of interest to me. I do not claim to be an expert on each thread I start, ( if I were I probably wouldn't start the thread in the first place) I will continue to use this board as a discussion forum in which I will enjoy cross pollinating ideas with both experts and those like myself interested in the subject, in the hope that I acquire a broader knowledge on the subject matter.

    Viviane. Thank you for your question. I do not intend to be be shot down like cannon fodder by your reply, and so will do some real research before I reply. I will however reply and look forward to your response.

    I must say I didn't expect this thread to become so long, and thank you everyone for the posts serious and humorous which having just now leafed through I can not help but suspect man did in fact land on the moon.

    The Rebel.

    p.s thank you to the kind poster who gave my posts so many green thumbs up, I appreciated this as a new poster on the site

  • Listener

    The Rebel, welcome to the forum and for your willingness to discuss a topic that tends to really stir some posters up. The topic has been discussed before and received a similar reaction.

    When deciding to open a discussion, you can always do a search if you want to get some insight into the types of comments that can be expected.

  • freemindfade

    Sorry guys I fell behind, I was doing... stuff

    ok let me catch up...

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