Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • Viviane
    I am off to bed now, but may I offer my warmest condolences to anybody that reads these 17 pages. Personally i think my time would have been better spent mixed up with some immoral woman, but then again we all know what that can lead to:

    Yep, I can show evidence. What's your point?

  • cappytan
    Wow, that's an utterly douchy jackass thing to say.

    Viv: granted, it was really only the last half of the last sentence that contained any jackassery.

    But I only feel that way because I'm sensitive to the subject of suicide. If I had never experienced anything first hand related to suicide, it may not have bothered me as much as it did.

  • Viviane
    Viv: granted, it was really only the last half of the last sentence that contained any jackassery.

    It's only the last bit of the fall that kills you, too.

  • Crazyguy
    I was told man went to the moon because we were about out of cheese and yes they did make it there ,how else would we know about Transformers. Come on people get with it.
  • LisaRose

    My father believed the moon landing was a hoax, but I sort of understood that because when he was born (1917) automobiles, telephones and radio had only recently been invented. I thought that a moon landing probably just seemed too far out of the realm of possibility for him to wrap his head around. It's one of those things that some people just intuitively feel is not possible, like that crazy notion that we evolved from lower life forms, lol.

    It just makes no sense to me that thousands of NASA workers all conspired to fake the landing and that not one of them blabbed about it in almost fifty years. That would mean that every person who ever worked for NASA was both extremely dishonest and yet fiercly loyal to them. Not. One. Person. I find the odds of that to be so unlikely as to be unbelievable.

    Do people who believe that also think all space flights are faked? There have been so many, with so much evidence. Was the Challenger disaster faked? We're all those eye witnesses in on the conspiracy? If everything was faked, why fake something that made them look bad and required them to kill several innocent people?

    The lunar reconnaissance orbiter has taken many high resolution photos of the moon, showing the flags that have been left there. Was that faked too?

    But it all doesn't matter, because no matter how illogical it is or how much evidence there is to prove the moon landing, some people are determined believe it's a hoax and nothing I or anyone else says will make any difference to them.

    Some people still believe the earth is flat too.

  • Mrstewartismyhero
  • freemindfade
    Moonlanding agnostic over here. Something happened in 1969 involving the moon. I'm just not sure what ....
  • prologos
    adjusted knowledge6 hours ago

    But I must inform you're all wrong.

    The moon doesn't actually exist.

    That was the topic of the Einstein/Bohr debate when Albert asked " Do you really believe the Moon only exists when somebody is looking at it?" or words to that effect.

    Perhaps some lurker might read this debased Moon "debate", and actually smile. because there are at least 2 elders, both retired engineers, worked with Werner von Braun and the other was an electrical engineer involved with NASA on the television transmissions from the moon. Now would 2 witness elders make this up? Both were respected members of the retirement community in the space coast area. Perhaps they retired on the hush money Nasa had to pay after the successful fake?

  • Viviane
    Moonlanding agnostic over here. Something happened in 1969 involving the moon. I'm just not sure what

    What evidence have you looked at?

  • freemindfade

    @Viv I have looked at how lazy I am to dig any further than some sweet you tube videos. This evidence of my laziness is overwhelming and conclusive. I have photographic evidence even :l

    I like listening to Neil degrade Tyson and Joe Rogan debate it. Because NGT sounds to logical and sane. But Joe is funny. It's a tough one.

    I do think we made it to the moon we were just told to not come back anymore by the moon people ... que x-files music

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