Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • bohm

    Well you know for sure that:

    • Man send up a rocket big enough to go to the moon.
    • There are a number of items indicating we went to the moon, including a lot of photos/video
    • There has been many pictures taken of the lander

    At this point, what evidence would convince you?

    Try this for a starter. Take the best sci-fi movie from around 1970 and look at the special effects. Are they convincing? At the very least you have to allow for some amazing technological developments in special effects, whereas the moon landing was entirely possible using known technology (if you can get enough mass off the earth getting it to the gravitationally weaker moon is not much more difficult, and we can agree the rocket did go off earth).

  • bohm
    BU2B: Try to find the best evidence of a photograph which is claimed to be a hoax and then see what the counter-arguments are. I thought some of the arguments regarding photos were thought-provoking but for the most part they rely on optics working a bit differently when you do not have an atmosphere.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Six manned landings and numerous unmanned landings, along with telescopes that can see things left on the moon. Twelve astronauts supposedly walked the moon and brought back rocks.

    It's too much to fake the six landings, too many people involved to keep a secret, too huge a risk to fake the rock, too difficult to put up six American flags by later unmanned craft so that they can be seen. (True, Apollo 11's flag fell down, allegedly from takeoff rocket exhaust, but it is still there.)

    As much as 28% of the Russian public believes the landings were faked, but that's a pride thing. The Soviet government would actively have proved such a faking if they believed in it, they had the expertise in how difficult it was because they failed to get there.

    If you want to believe the very first moon landing was faked to win a Space Race, that is one thing. You could believe the technology was there, but not quite ready in 1969. You could claim the second landing (or another) put the evidence for the first landing there. But that just buys you a little time past 1969 and still leaves quite a handful of people to keep quiet and a Soviet government to trick. Remember that the Soviets may not have gotten a human being to the moon, but they had already sent hardware to the moon and into orbit and tracked the American missions.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    The Soviet Union was in fierce competition with the US and beat America early in the race. I don't recall at any time the Soviet Union claiming the landing was fake.

    With most conspiracy theories I've read they all have one common problem. The sheer amount of people it would take to be involved in the theory. To fake the moon landing would involved thousands of people. All the astronauts, people at NASA, movie directors, prop handlers, ect.. it would be impossible to keep a secret.

  • Caedes

    I suppose I would count as an expert in engineering and to a lesser degree in physics and I have not seen a single piece of believable 'evidence' that the moon landings were faked.

  • DJS


    Ditto. The Soviets were monitoring every step of the lunar trips, because they were trying to do the same thing. But we are wasting our time. When the conspiracy theorists arrive, rational thought - and the IQ level of the site - take a nosedive. There isn't any possible way that so many people could be complicit in such a cover-up over such a long period of time, involving multiple agencies, countries and individuals.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    We all have brains and critical thinking skills. Use them in everything. Question everything - good points.

    Even when the landings appeared on TV a large percentage of Americans thought it was fishy - so? According to Kyle in South Park, a quarter of Americans are retarded

    The USA and the USSR were engaged in a space race at the time. How loudly did the Soviets question the 1969 moon landing? Is it likely that America could fake a moon landing that the finest Soviet scientists would accept as authentic?

  • CalebInFloroda

    There is a significant difference between critical thinking and the psychological factors involved in those who embrace conspiracy theories.

    When we embrace theories like the moon landing being false or that 9/11 was an inside job, we are displaying high levels of distrust and low agreeableness of and for authority.

    This can be a temporary response to leaving a religion or cult behind, especially when the subject does so due to suffering abuse. It is generally part of the healing process, often typically normal, and will likely diffuse itself with time. Rarely do people get stuck in these periods of distrust, and if they do it is usually a sign of a more significant problem, such as mental illness. Until this the subject will not reconcile certain facts of reality until they can feel safe, remaining antagonistic up to the time healing occurs.

    It is best not to argue with someone in this stage of transition because part of what is happening is important to their emotional growth. They are learning that they can reject significant things in life without the punishment promised by religious authority.

    The conspiracy also helps them deal with displaced projected anger that has nowhere else to go. And the reason such people cannot be reasoned with is usually that they cannot process further in-depth information at the time. A healthy form of compartmentalization sometimes shuts off our higher reasoning functions in order to place us in "survival mode." Until we can can learn to be safe without repercussions for our convictions (something cults and certain religions tell us we cannot be), we have to take tiny mental steps, confirming for ourselves that we won't be punished for independent thinking.

    But it can be scientifically demonstrated that the landing was real, and nations still send probes there and take pictures regularly sending them back to earth up to this day. And as mentioned before, you can do things like bounce light off reflectors placed there during the landings and even see the actual landing sites with proper instruments.

  • BU2B

    Any reason why the flag was blowing as if there was wind? I don't care too much about the moon landings one way or he other as it does not affect me but what I do not like is the blanket criticism and condemnation of "conspiracy theorists". Not all conspiracy theories are created equal. Hollow earth? Flat earth? Can this be lumped in with the gulf of Tonkin being faked to get the U.S. Into the Vietnam war? Some things that were ridiculed as looney "conspiracy theories" have been proven years later. You can't just say I believe in them all or, they all are not true. Take each issue on its own merit and examine it with critical thinking.

    Why do some complain when JWs name call and smear us, "apostate" "agent of satan" being like Korah, evil slave etc, and then do the same to others.. Tin foil hat wearer, nutter, kook, crazies, etc. even if you are correct that the media, history books, politicians, CIA, big business has never collaborated and or lied about something to the detriment of the common person, why name call? Why insult?

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Caleb very good points. I kept my response short because it is a waste of time arguing with conspiracy theorist.

    I too live in Florida around Tampa area.

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