Christmas Gift Exchange Gimme Gimme Wantme List

by scootergirl 155 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wild_Thing

    Well ... what can I say ...

    • My favorite color is purple
    • I decorate with fall colors
    • My outward appearance is that of a good girl, but I'm a little devil inside
    • I smoke pot, but hide it very well.
    • I love teddy bears, but only the really soft ones. (I have a big purple one!)
    • I hate to cook.
    • I love chocolate! (except dark -yuck!)
    • My favorite room frangrance is mulberry.
    • I love flowers, especially roses.
    • When I was a teenager, my favorite group was Guns 'n' Roses.
    • I pretty much like all music, except gospel.
    • I like to watch old cartoons.
    • I'll try anything once!
  • GentlyFeral

    Well, um. I once got a farewell present from workmates when I left a job. It was the custom. Everybody else got gifts when they quit: briefcases, chocolate, like that.

    Me, they gave forty bucks because they had no idea what to buy me. I was all into stuff they'd only heard of: tarot, klezmer music, vegan cooking...

    But I digress.

    1. If you know of a really cool ethnic music group -- how'bout a CD?
    2. I'm trying to teach myself French and have most of the books I need, but no time...yet. My biggest obstacle is I never hear people speaking French. A movie or CD with singing would help.
    3. I'm interested in the history of neo-paganism and witchcraft, but I don't need Spiral Dance or Drawing Down the Moon.
    4. I'm diabetic (not on insulin) so sugarless chocolate or low-carb bread mixes would be really cool. (I used to bake my own bread and would love to go back to it.)
    5. Ooh. Plain castile soap. I discovered it as a kid and really miss it.
    6. My favorite colors are dark, dark teal, purple, gray, bluish pinks from rose to fuschia, and silver. I like shiny stuff. I buy lots of rayon.
    7. I'm collecting blue rainbow moonstone, "ethnic/tribal" jewelry, amber, dichroic glass barrettes, and vintage carnival glass. I'm allatime shopping for this stuff at ebay and generally hit paydirt -- for less than $20, too.

    Holy snappers, that's a long list!

    If reading this post has worn you out, I won't sneer at a gift certificate from

    Do ya get the feeling I'm hard to shop for? Hah?


  • Solace

    Hi Scoot, Got your e-mail!

    This is so sweet, I just love you guys!

    Whoever gets my name, I would like you to cram yourself into a box and ship yourself to my house so I can give you a great big hug!

    Hmmm.... Ok, I'll cooperate so nobody has to struggle. Seriously, Im not fussy, anything would be perfect! I am a sucker for anything antique or vintage looking like picture frames, trinket boxes, mirrors etc.,

  • LyinEyes

    Ok, I want liposuction.

    Well, I do!!!!!

    I like: books, picture frames, dolls, angels, subscriptions to magazines( No WT or Awakes please, oh yeah they quit that anywayhehehe), those little hometown cookbooks, scented candles, throw pillows with cross stitch sayings on them, photo albums.

    I am thinking of getting a charm braclet and adding charms as the years go by to it. So, maybe, little inexpensive charms, that might represent something I love, like my kids, hubby, friends, horses, Jesus, just all the pretty little things in life. I can always find a meaning for any object. I have been wanting to do this, and pass it on to my kids. I would love to add things that they will remember me by. Like a football for my son,a paintbrush for my daughter, a peach for my little son, because he calls me Peach sometimes.

    If you sent me an old sock and it has some sentimental value to you, it would be loved by me.
    ( Hand me down gifts are the best , really) ok, maybe not an old sock, but you get the picture.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Damn Damn Damn Buggah Damn!!!

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  • caligirl

    Well, I have had my eyes on a Lexus RX300, and diamonds are a girls best friend, but I suppose that list needs to go in my husbands wallet!

    So, here goes with the more appropriate info that might actually give someone an idea..

    I collect cookbooks, and love to cook so cooking gadgets are always neat, I am into scrapbooking, love candles- not too strong or else I can't smell anything for days, love to read- could spend hours and hours in barnes & noble, love music (except country-bleecch), love christmas ornaments & decorations, voodoo doll of husband's ex wife, anything to do with vintage food/drink posters or prints, chocolate, I collect elephants-not live cuz they smell really bad-small little statues of elephants, favorite color(s)deep purple or red. Hopefully that will give enough ideas

    Thanks Scootergirl for putting this all together! This is going to be so much fun!

  • nilfun

    Scooter & Eyegirl, this is great....

    I love to read. I love to draw. Love anything that makes me laugh. My fav color is red.

    Really, I'll cherish anything given from the heart.

    nilfun, who can't wait to get a gift for YOU

  • eyegirl

    hmmmm......i suppose i should probably post on this thread too

    i collect shot glasses--any that are different, unique, or just from your area. a stainless drink shaker/strainer is something i want to get for the bar, too. i love yankee candle tarts.......sweet smells are ok, but sometimes a little strong. the holidays are still pretty new, i love christmas. still working on getting my tree filled out with ornaments. homemade gifts ROCK knowing someone put time and thought into something is so very special.

    i just can't wait--this is far too fun. it's already put me in the christmas spirit.....well this and my sister's Spritz cookies, heehee. i love ya teenie

  • Angharad

    My favourites colour green & blue

    I'm really interested in geology & climatology I'm studying it at the moment so maybe a book? Got quite a few on geology but none on climateology (God I sound boring lol)

    Candles & smelly stuff


    Any novel by Jonathan Kellerman (but not doctor death, read that one)

    I dont mind anything really it will just be nice to join in with this. Its the thought that counts

  • SYN

    Something that won't break when handled by the South African Postal Service, also known as "those guys who kick stuff around a lot". It would also help if it didn't require feeding, as things can sometimes take pretty long to reach here by mail

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