Christmas Gift Exchange Gimme Gimme Wantme List

by scootergirl 155 Replies latest jw friends

  • Celia

    I like blue, furry little men...

    I love birds, chickens, ducks, quails, owls, chicks of all kinds...

    I don't have enough french books...

    I am looking for two heart shaped cookie cutters = one normal size, one very small...

    I love Eminem...

    I have always wanted a tape of these monastic songs, can't think of the name right now, you know these monks singing together... Chants, yes Chants...

    I am a gardener, so anything related, books, tools, seeds...

    I really want a Harry Potter action figure, or of his owl...

    Anything from your region...........

    And, a tape of piano music by Farkel...

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  • Celia

    ...sorry, posted twice ! ...

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  • TruckerGB

    Well,I havnt a clue of what this is all about,but it looks fun,can I exchange my XV750 for a panhead,or my old sofa for a dishwasher,

    Yours hopefully,and probily about to get slaughtered,


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  • Searchin50

    Well here goes if i must.I i'm sure this will be lots of fun !!!!

    I love nail polish------ light colors

    I collect music boxes-------- any kind

    Also hat pins------

    Anything at all would be great--------

    Books Books more Books------------

    Any will do except, porno-------------------

  • Dawn

    Scootergirl - I got your e-mail and sent you my forum name - sorry about that.

    I think this will be great fun!

    So you want a list of things we like hu? Here goes:

    • bath beeds, bubble bath, anything like that. I love unwinding in a bubble bath at the end of the day with a glass of wine. I'm 36 (will be 37 in a few weeks) with 2 kids so I really NEED that wine and bath at the end of the day
    • scented lotions
    • Tom Clancy novels
    • I like to cook so any type of cooking gadgets are always fun
    • Pens - when I use them at work it's a nice reminder of the person who gave it to me.
    • That's about all I can think of

    Edited by - Dawn on 23 October 2002 19:25:56 to add "DAMN I LOOK LIKE A BORING PERSON BY THIS LIST!!" Oh well.........I'm really not boring.......most of the time.........

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  • mouthy

    Well I thought I posted it but it didnt show up???? Wrong thread I guess I said I like smelly stuff ( no old socks) I also like Crossword books. I also have lots of EXJWstestimonies if any one would like 5 for Christmas....... No! oh pity!!!

  • pettygrudger

    This was harder than I thought, but here goes:

    *Either of Ray Franz's books as I have neither (what kind of an apostate am I???!!!!)

    *Internet for Dummies book

    *Book on Karma Sutra (hubby would LOVE that!!!)

    *Nice bottle of Merlot

    *Case of Budweiser

    *Christmas Ornaments (icicles)

    *Computer wrist rest

    *Mouse pads

    *New mouse

    *Anything one thinks a pent up full time working mom w/2 kids & too much stress would need (leaving much to the imagination

    And scooter, after the names have been given out, is there anyway we can get the list of names to do christmas cards for the ones we didn't get? That would be nice to (if individuals want to participate).

  • scootergirl

    Mouthy.......your list showed up on the "official sign up" thread........but thanks, gramma, for posting it here!

    Pettygrudger......I have had someone else ask me about getting addresses for xmas cards. I personally don't mind, but I can't give out people's addresses w/out their permission. What I would suggest is to email them (complete list of participants on this thread) and ask them for their address. I hope you understand.

  • VeniceIT

    I'm pretty easy to please.

    I really geting into new age type stuff, incense and candles and what not.

    Also this will be my first year really celebrating any holidays soo.....................


  • Perry

    I guess that a new pair of flip flops and one of those fancy back scratchers will do me fine. But, if some wants to do an Armani sport jacket, 42 long fits perfect. hehehe.


    I like the outdoors, anything of a classical nature (greek/roman), and art of all kinds. I have a penchant for ancient coins and old maps. I actually have a silver coin that was in circulation around the time of Philip of Macedonia - father to Alexander the Great.

    Geez, I didn't know I was such a geek until I wrote this down.

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