Governing Body Summoned For Jud Hearing

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  • IslandWoman

    Reprimand of Governing Body members must come from the inside. Bill Bowen is on the outside. Sorry, but this smells more like "side show" tactics, something to keep interest up after the march.


  • DJ


    One more question, please? Is there a current JW in 'good standing' who is also a LAMB? That would make a major difference, would it not? Dj

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    "ISLAND WOMAN," baloney. The membership can and will censure the Governing Body more and more as they become increasingly informed of why those on it are apostates, as "annointed" looking as cow dung given the five members alleged as pedophiles.

    Keep up the great work, Bill! Don't let the trolls and unseeing ones derail it!

  • TTBoy

    Hey Bill, It's Mark Jordan from Cleveland.

    Not sure if you can answer this you actually have elders in good standing who will be heading up this investigation and JC? It sounds like you have witnesses in good standing bringing these charges. or am I wrong on that one too?

    Keep us posted.


    edited to add: If you reached some concerned righeous elders and they try to get rid of the GB I think I would literaly soil my pants.

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  • nancee park
    nancee park

    P.S. As to who are or aren't on a committee, that's his business.

    If the committee is Caesar's sword, that's committee enough!

    If it's God above and his real spirit creature angels, that's enough too!

    Have at 'em, Bill!

  • ashitaka


    calling people who disagree with Bill's method 'trolls' is synonomous to JWs calling all of Bill's supporters 'apostates'.

    everybody needs to chill. we love silentlambs and kids who were molested. some of us just want to give an objective view and not Rah Rah! everything Bill does, just because we're afraid of people giving us s***.


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    And a lot of us will RAH-RAH because it's what's right and just let us do even so, eh.

    Let the WT in all its perverseness hang itself.

    It is being laid out all very clearly, logically, judicially, meticulously so that they cannot say they were not rightly informed, blah-blah and blah, when the Committee finally presses the green light on them and they start flying like sparks in the dark!

    Bill is not so dumb as to do what they want which is to tell all the who's and what's for their heavy toadies to step on.

    Educating the core body of JWs can and will be done as necessary. In this country and overseas at that.

    Bill is not going to head up an organizing group of Reform JWs but if Jehovah so wills then such will arise..... even haveeeeeeeee.


  • logansrun

    Dear Bill Bowen...I am not a JW, but I was once. I have no loyalty to the organization that has hurt me and given me much grief in my life. But I am loyal to truth, reason and compassion. Your letter to the GB left me feeling sad and angry. It was sophomoric, questionable and bitter. Do you have any idea what you are doing? You are giving credibility to what the WT says. You are acting in the exact manner that the WT has always said "apostates" act, i.e. with bitterness, cynicism and, I hate to say it, selfishness. Your outlandish claims remind me of some of the absurd ideas of CT Russell or JF Rutherford. To accuse Jaracz and other GB members of child abuse is simply ludicrous. Even if it were true (I am convinced it is not), don't you think there is a better way of handling the matter? What proof do you have of your claims? By making such outlandish statements you call into question your entire movement. You make yourself look like an angry novice out to provoke a fight. Worst of all, you hurt the very people you say you are trying to help. It pains me that you, and others, could stoop to such a low level of paranoia and unproffessionalism. JBP

  • hillary_step

    nancee park,

    Long on rhetoric - short on evidence.


  • ashitaka


    agree there.

    I think people are letting emotion and drama get the best of them.

    We hate molesters, too. I just think that a more calculated attack would serve Silentlambs better. This is a bit dishevled, too angry. We live in a lawyer's world, and anything can be used to attack credibility in a trial. This might be one of those documents the JW lawyers will use against the cause if Bill appears in a trail.


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