Super Bowl Predictions

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  • hannibal

    Please God be any team but the packers!



  • Solace


  • Solace

    November 4

    Green Bay Squashed Miami

    24 - 10

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  • Reborn2002

    Guess who has the best record in football? .

    The 7-1 Green Bay Packers!!!

    With the greatest quarterback of his era (and arguably all-time).. who can stand against them?

    They smash the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots IN New England.

    They spank the alleged powerhouse Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

    It will be fun to see how the remainder of the season plays out.

    ChEEsEhEAd 4 LiFE

  • TresHappy

    With the Cowboys' current record, they will be lucky to match last year's record of 5-11. The bright thing is that they won't lose this weekend, especially since it's their bi week!

  • ashitaka


  • NameWithheld

    Where are all those fish lovers hiding after last nights complete embarrasement? Looks like Farve with a bum knee can still hurt the fishy boys. Doesn't help that the fish have a QB whose rating was hovering in the mid-20's for most of the game.

    At least the pack pulled Farve out in the forth quarter and allowed the fish to score 10 points so that they wouldn't feel TOO bad about themselves

    Hmmm? 7-1? Anyone still want to talk smack?

  • dubla


    fish lover here...........

    well, i personally dont consider losing at the packers on a cold monday night (all the ingredients that make the pack pretty much unstoppable) an "embarrasment". considering we were playing with our second (and even third) string qb, and a new starting reciever for the second straight game, id call that game pretty predictable, even though i talked my fair share of smack to all kinds of pack fans around here beforehand. you talk the smack, but you still know the odds are stacked against you.....and the odds were certainly favoring the pack last night. not to take anything away from favre....hes a great qb, always has been....and the packers have a great team, but on a neutral field with fiedler playing, id still give the nod to the fish. but, having said that, home field advantage is part of the game, so no sense crying about it. i would add though, that theyd better keep it going, because unless the packers have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, my nfc vote is going elswhere. favre chokes away from his friendly confines (how many interceptions last year against the rams....wasnt that a record or something?)......but if they do get it throughout, i think theyll waltz in. id love a rematch.


  • Salud



    Green Bay and Farve would still have to get through Tampa Bay, Sapp, Rice and Co. I would'nt be making any Super Bowl plans yet.

  • Salud

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