Super Bowl Predictions

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  • xenawarrior

    WT- sure, I'll check on it. But you know....... The Pack would be sandbagging :)

    Will all the Dallas Cowboys be released from jail in time for regular season??


  • tdogg

    Just finished watching my Raiders beat the 49ers and yes I know its preseason but it is always a pleasure seeing the red and gold get pounded with their own ex-players, and Oakland does seem to have a lot of those....can you send us Terrel Owens next please.

  • tdogg

    Looks so good in silver and black

  • WildTurkey
  • WildTurkey

    Faulk, Harison, Manning, Dungy.....Indy Colts

  • WildTurkey

    LOL XW, yeah the Cowboys will be out of jail in time for the season, and they will be needing some new bitchs, you better hide you packers!!!

    Tdogg, I hope your boys can take care of Denver this year, they have a hard time with them.

    God I love the way you post Big Tex!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Jail time and drug suspensions. Let's see what we find:

    Terry Glenn -- Talented, but a bad guy AND a drug suspension that cost him millions from his signing bonus in New England;
    Brett Favre -- Great QB, but admitted Vicodin abuse led to the NFL requiring him to submit to monthly drug tests;
    Cletidus Hunt -- Backup DL coming off of drug suspension last year
    Najeh Davenport -- 2001 4th round pick who was charged with entering a dorm room in college and defecating in a laundry basket;

    These are only the ones I can do from memory. And I'm not even going to talk about Antonio Freeman's drug problems since he just signed with Philadelphia. And by the way, did anyone else notice that the Cowboys' drug problems vanished once Barry Switzer left?

    How about them Cowboys?

  • jelly

    see below:


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  • jelly

    Ahhhh football. As a lifelong Steelers fan I have to pick them to go all the way. They actually have a good shot this year; Jerome is in excellent shape and Kordel has been improving steadily at QB. In fact if Kordel improves much more he will become adequate and with the Steelers defense and run orientated offense thats all you need from your QB. With that being said I also realize the patriots are VASTLY underrated. Last year they beat the Steelers (at home) the raiders and the rams, that accomplishment alone should garner some respect. Also the off season has only helped them. So while I am picking the Steelers the team they are going to have to beat are the pats.

    BTW: The cowboys and 49s are both heading towards a .500 season.


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