Super Bowl Predictions

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  • NeonMadman

    I can confidently predict with near-100% certainty that I won't be watching the Superbowl.

    Sorry, just not a football fan.

    But if the Red Sox ever get into the World Series again...

  • ITguy

    Raiders: To old, rookie coach they don't respect, all still whining over the correct call of a bad rule from last January.

    Steelers: Any team with Kordell Stewart as the starting QB AND Bill Cowher as coach will never go to the Super Bowl.

    Patriots: Only Super Bowl champion to be under the salary cap, the next and improve during the offseason. Still don't get any respect, especially from the two above teams that they beat in the playoffs.

    That being said, the current NFL trend is for a team to come out of nowhere to win it all. Last three champions Rams, Ravens, Patriots. Who's next, the Bengals?

  • closer2fine

    *quietly sneaking in to say*

    "The Houston Texans" - hey, it could happen.

    *quickly ducking out*

  • xenawarrior

    Wild- put the crack pipe down!!! The 49ers????????? LOLOLOLOL


  • ISP

    I'd like to see the 49ers do it. I don't think they have the defence. Their offence seems well balanced. The Rams will be expected to do it, as long as Kurt is at the controls.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Oh boy! Football!!!! Thanks Wild Turkey!

    Sorry but the Cowboys are going to do well to break .500. Best we can hope for is 9-7 and a wild card. But the hope for the future is Chad Hutchinson. Yeah, I know he looks stiff right now, but just wait. I was able to drive down to San Antonio and saw some of their practices and the difference between him and Carter is amazing. Carter throws a worse medicine ball than Danny White. He has trouble throwing the deep out, and I promise you that route will get him picked him during the season. Watch out for Antonio Bryant. Imagine Michael Irvin with speed. And this kid Gurorde (sp) is going to be an All-Pro in a couple of years. Hey, by the way, did you know that during the 1979 draft, the Cowboys were going to pick Joe Montana? Yep, he was the highest rated player left on their board when their pick came up in the 2nd round. But they decided against at the last minute because they had Danny White and they didn't want to trade him. AArrrggh!!!!

    Super Bowl pick: Green Bay and Pittsburgh with Green Bay the champs.

  • Elsewhere

    Here is my prediction:

    The score will be 27 to 6, the game will be between a team with an animal mascot and one with a human mascot. The team with the human mascot will win.

    [In a loud and booming voice]

    The great and allmightly Elsewhere hath spoken

    Place your bets!!!(I get 30% of anything you win betting on my advice)

  • outnfree

    Oh boy! Football!!!! Thanks


    Wild Turkey!

    I am SO not ready for football season to begin. Constant NOISE in the background on Saturday, Sunday, Sunday night, Monday night.... ARRGGGGHHH! (I live in Detroit -- enough said?!!!!???)

    And NOW, my son has gone out for the freshman football team. First game next Thursday afternoon. I canNOT believe I am a football mom -- LOL.

    You guys enjoy! This thread may come back to haunt all y'all in January!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sorry Out (really!). It sounds like you're surrounded. Actually you sound like my daughter. She HATES football and is more than a little ticked at me for trying to get my 6 year old son interested.

  • Beans


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